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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

We have almost hit $100K!! That's amazing!  You know what would be even more amazing?  Hitting $100K in a week!  Helps us reach the $100K by tweeting and sharing this project with your friends.  Speaking of tweets, all those who tweeted about GoPlug (using #GoPlugbags) on June 4th are all going to earn an extra battery pack (23000mAh).  Each day I will select one (or more) winner(s) for a chance to win a swag pack.  Occasionally I will throw in different prizes to shake things up.  Maybe even a bag!  Follow us at, giveaways and other announcements will happen there.

Here are a couple videos of the bags.  When I arrive home next week (June 10th,11th or 12th), I will post videos of the interiors of the bags.

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This video is one from my earlier project... it's still applicable!

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Also, check out

Thank you for your support and believing in GoPlug bags.  


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    1. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      I'm a previous backer as well. It's nice to have incentives.

      I didn't realize there was such a promotion. I have a real job during the week so I missed the update.

      So do previous backers get some kind of a free gift then?

    2. Missing avatar

      Colin Chow on

      I don't twit. But I posted it on Google+.
      An extra battery for previous backers would be nice but I'd personally rather the money be spent on scaling the production. More affordable bags for everyone!

    3. Missing avatar

      Huang Chiu Huang

      I am agree with PJzuza because I am a previous backer (first 50 you can check it).I desire to know what kind of gift you promise to give.

    4. PJzuza

      Aw, damn that was really great opportunity but it is ok and I still tweet one for you(even I've kept following you in Twitter before 4th June and mostly I'll give a feedback after i've used a device first tho but for a good idea so I'll break my rule once) More over that, I'd like to know about a gift for previous backer that you have mention somewhere if I remember collectly. Can you tell us what gift you'd like to give us? Just curious tho

    5. Joe on

      Posted to the wrong update. How about a contest for us without tweeter accounts-then again I could be the only one.

    6. Karl Susman on

      @josh I tweeted about it even before the 4th! Hope that counts! :)

    7. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Dennis van der Pool-- thanks!

    8. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Chris L. No, sorry!

      Bob Jouy said it best. Take his advice!

    9. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Johnny, you read the post correctly. I reserve the right to give extra incentives to those who tweet. Just because its not stated doesn't mean I won't give away an extra battery. More reason for you to tweet...

    10. Dennis van der Pool on

      Indeed awesome bags! :-)

    11. KuoChinNi on

      Could you point out the tripod location in camera bag? And its detail dimension needed. Thanks!

    12. Bob Jouy on

      Awesome guys ! I totally love the way things are going.
      Hope you will be able to deliver the bags before the end of september.

      For all backers : Tweet because you like the project, not only to win anything, spreading the word can help GoPlug, this is how you have to think.

    13. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      If I tweet now will I get an extra battery pack?

    14. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      @Josh, only the people who tweeted on June 4th get the bonus battery? Correct me if I'm wrong. I read the post, but I don't remember it saying that people who tweet will be able to get an extra battery. It only said something about daily swag bag giveaways.

    15. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Yefei, international plug adapters are included with each bag. You will be covered!

    16. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Johnny, I mentioned the Tweet thing in one of my last posts. Sorry if you didn't see it. There's still plenty of time to tweet!

    17. Yefei Jiang on

      Can I change the input plug? I saw it has the American standard plug with three pins. Do u have the two pins one? Or have the European type or Chinese type?

    18. Missing avatar

      Johnny on

      I didn't know we could tweet and earn an extra battery pack :(