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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
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Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

WOW, we did it!!!  The sling bag is now available.  If you want one of these bags, nows the time to get one. Just like the other bags, we are offering Early Bird Specials.  If you want to switch your pledge, feel free to adjust your pledge as well. 

Many of want more than one bag.  I'd like to create an incentive for all the different combinations; however, I'm not going to do this.  Instead, I'm gonna try something-- if you want a specific bag combination, select a reward with the bag you want, make the pledge, then add the cost of each additional bag you want to the pledge.  If you are an International backer, add the shipping cost as well.  Send me a private message with the bag/battery combination you want.  Lets see if this works!

NEW STRETCH GOAL ADDED-- I've added a USB cable kit (micro USB, Mini USB, 30 Pin), aka swag pack.  If we hit the next stretch goal, each bag will come with a Swag Pack.

Lastly, connect with us on twitter ( and Facebook (  Tweet about how you plan to use your GoPlug bag using #GoPlugBags-- each day I will giveaway one Swag Pack to a GoPlug Backer.

 Thanks again for all your support!!


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    1. Marlena Harris

      @Josh Cross @Mohammed Issa - As someone with an obsolete apple product and no current ones, I would be interested in keeping the 30pin in the Swag Pack if we get to that stretch goal (which we probably will), so would it be possible for us to make a choice as to which of the two cables we want?

      If it's not, I understand that yes, the 30pin is becoming less common in use, so if it's not possible to give a choice then, much as I prefer the 30pin, the lightning cable makes more sense as part of the Swag Pack.

      I just wanted to remind you that there may be fewer people out here who use the 30pin cable, but we do still exist.

      I would like to add my congrats to @Mohammed's. I have no idea what a sling bag is, even after looking at pictures of it, but I gather people are excited about it, so I'm glad you made the goal. I'm debating whether to stick with the backpack or go with the messenger bag. I have an awesome messenger back that I got from another project, which is probably why I will stick with the backpack, but I would like to know more about the insides of the backpack.

    2. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Mohammed, Thanks for the response!
      You're right about the 30pin. More than likely I will include a lightning USB cable in the Swag Pack.

    3. Mohammed Issa on

      Congrats on the new goal acheivement!
      one suggestion, the 30pin is becoming more obsolete and the lightning is what most people use nowadays. my suggestion: replace the 30pin with a lightning (iphone 5 and up) usb cable.