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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
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Shipping-- Final Push

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)


Josh has received threats, personal phone calls, and many accusations about shady business practices. Expressing dissatisfaction is welcomed and acceptable; however, those backers making harmful threats is crossing the line. We’ve been ethical, honest, and transparent from day one—

Just a reminder; Crowd funding is a platform where backers take calculated risks on projects and creators (creators often have no prior creation experience), in hopes of receiving a reward. As many of you know, not all projects succeed. Those that do succeed often deliver past their “estimated” timeline. Additionally, uncontrollable factors can sometimes delay delivery (as was the case with a few of you). We’ve tried our best to remedy the situation with the international fulfillment center and have decided to suspend shipping with them immediately. 
Currently, Josh has our internal US team packaging the remaining rewards for immediately delivery. The majority of these rewards will be shipped using USPS. We’ll provide you with tracking numbers in the next 24-48 hours (probably sooner).

Backers who did not receive accessories (i.e. solar panel, cable kit) will have those shipped out right away (tracking number will be provided).

APP The iOS app is currently on the app store. Please delete the developer version and reinstall the app from the iOS store. You will also need to go into your Bluetooth settings > tap the information icon next to GoPlug > Tap “Forget this device” before you can pair to your power bank again.

More information will be coming soon regarding the CORE backpack, Carry-on Case and Android app.

Hang tight— we’re almost to the finish line!



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    1. Kyle Haughey on

      I finally got mine, thank you very much josh and co for hanging in there and delivering on your kickstarter

    2. Missing avatar

      cheese on

      Emily, How to change the shipping address? As the shipping address i gave was for the period of nov, dec2016, jan2017, but after that i have moved. I had written before, but no response. Thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Keighley on

      I received mine. The powerbank is FAULTY!
      It doesn't allow a 3 pin plug to be fitted, the top pin hangs out. For some reason the top pin slot just isn't long enough. (For 3 pin plugs the top pin is longer) bit of a design error possibly or just faulty item. It only works as a USB powerbank. I have left it in a cupboard since getting it waiting on a response.
      @creator - i asked about 2 -3 weeks ago about the process to have it returned/replaced for a working product, I've had nil response from kickstarter or your website.
      Is it a common problem for all the powerbanks? Can anyone else tell me if a 3pin plug fully fits in the powerbank. Just so i know if it's an individual problem with mine or everyone's.

    4. Daren Han on

      Got a shipping notification today for the battery finally.. hope to receive news of the bags soon.

    5. Jeremy Halvorsen

      I backed this from the kickstarter before this one, and kept hanging in there, I don't know why, I've been burned by many kickstarters (I buy way too many) but just hung in there, and didn't ask for a refund, and I got my product a little while ago and it's fantastic. Good quality and he came through, I'm very impressed with Josh and the company following through. So no need for threats, the bags exist and are being sent out and you'll surprisingly be happy when you get them because they do live up to the hype.

    6. Matthew Levesque on

      got the backpack and powerbank but no cable kit or solar panel, also, what is the 12v on the docking station for, as i can clearly see its not for charging the bank itself

    7. Missing avatar

      Mr X on

      I have still not received anything, I have emailed twice, I have left messages on kickstarter, and no one has reached out to see what is happening, not to confirm an address, not to state when it will be shipped nothing.

      I have been nothing BUT polite, but when they won't respond to a basic question, after stating all bags (of my type) have been shipped a LONG time ago, its disgusting.

      I want my bag, and if it hasnt been shipped yet or it got shipped last week, last night or in 2 weeks, thats fine, I just want an answer.

    8. Charlie

      I'd certainly classify calling out individual backers in an update post as shady business practices, especially when it was either you or Josh who screwed up the refund in the first place, you know? Ethical, honest, and transparent, eh?

    9. Missing avatar

      Cheng-Hsing YANG on

      Yeah no, that's not good. I can get behind frustration and anger but to the point of seeking physical harm over a bag is slightly over the edge.

      I came very close of doubting if the European backers would ever receive their reward but I stand corrected today after seeing the shipping notice.

      Often I have had projects that failed to deliver on time, some not at all even and that is indeed part of the risk.

      As much as I hate it, this is not a shop, not even remotely close to one. But you are sometimes able to get products that doesn't exist anywhere else.

    10. Ryan Wallace on

      I just received mine, so they are coming people! it's happening! :) I got my messenger bag, power core, and the car cable kit I ordered separately. Hang in there, I'm sure Josh and Emily will set you right!

      Emily/Josh, I too am sad to hear of the negativity you're getting, that's uncalled for and unnecessary on any level.

      Is there any update on the Android App? Also, I was curious if there was a cable kit that I missed, I've got two short 4" adapters for the 12v and 19v ports, but I don't know how to connect those to a laptop or anything... Perhaps I should have ordered another cable set but forgot? I didn't see any cable kits on your website...

      Thanks again! It seems like a solid product!

    11. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      Ditto what's been said above. I received my bag and have been really impressed. Although the wait has been long, the product WAS delivered, which is more than I can say for some other projects I've backed.

      Thanks for your transparency and for pushing for a great product!

    12. Jeff Sturgeon on

      I received my bag along with my wife's and couldn't be happier. I was a disbeliever in Josh at one point, to be honest; however, he stuck through it all and made me one happy customer.

      Emily / Josh - I am saddened to hear of these issues and if you need folks to review or post positive things about the company and Josh as a person, please tell me how. Josh was up front and honest the entire process and deserves the good to silence the bad.