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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.

Post-Shipping update

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

We wear many hats at GoPlug and occasionally are pulled from our designated tasks (like responding to your emails/comments) to assist where critical attention is needed.  Please forgive me— I’ll try to include a blanket response in this update to most of the inquiries we’ve received.  

In response to the most common question: “When will I get my bag”?  

All but 41 backers have received their reward(s).  The remaining rewards will be shipped out by the end of this week.  Apparently the fulfillment center saved the best for the last (just kidding).  Also, some international backer did not receive the cable kit or solar panel— those will be shipped separately.

For those backers claiming not to have received a refund— please verify before making a claim. The refund was posted November 13th, 2015.  Below are links verifying proof of a refund (PM's will be sent with the Transaction ID number):



Now, for those who are still skeptical about Josh, GoPlug, and our transparentness— Yes, the bags have evolved into a much better product than we originally promoted; and, yes, we missed the anticipated delivery date because of the improvements; however, we did not squander your money unlike other crowdfunding campaigns.  For those of you who have requested a refund, we honored that— and included interest nonetheless!  For backer who had issues with the power bank, replacements were sent.  

Crowdfunding offers creators, like Josh, a platform to bring their visions to life— this could not have happened without your support.  And we all thank you!!! More often times than not, deadlines are missed, funding runs dry, products are poorly built, and no one wins…  I can assure you Josh did not want to be in the category of failed campaigns and has worked tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your products exceed your expectations.  Additionally, Josh is traveling all over the world (literally) establishing partnerships so that GoPlug will be around for a long time.

Finally, we know improvements could’ve been made when choosing a fulfillment center and in the running of this and other campaigns.  We have made adjustments and will exceed your expectations as we proceed with future campaigns.  I also want to mention that although the communication could’ve been better, we delivered (with the exception of 41 backers who’s reward will be arriving soon) an amazingly beautiful bag and power bank.  First of it’s kind— again, this happened because of your support!!!

We have many more product ideas that will work great with your SMART power bank.  Rather than introducing them directly on our website for sell, we are planning to launch more crowdfunding campaigns in the future.  The next campaign will be for the carry-on case.  If you haven’t done so already, please sign-up for carry-on case notifications— you won’t want to miss this one!! CARRY ON CASE

Thanks for your support!

GoPlug Customer Support

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    1. Daren Han on

      Never get anything yet.. :(

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi, any tracking number, I did not get my bag yet as well. one of the first backers for the first project

    3. Michael Hedges on

      Hi Emily,
      I can only assume that I am one of the last ones to receive their Pledge Reward, is there any chance that you can confirm that mine has been sent or if there is a delay in delivery?
      I live in Australia and was also one of the 2014 backs and I am still eager to receive your product and put it to test of a touring roadie :D


    4. Remco Kamerman on

      Hi Josh,

      Hope all is well ... I'm a backer since September 2014.
      Could you let me know if i'm part of the last shipping out ?
      Looking forward having the final product in hand


    5. Chris on

      Are you going to be giving us shipping tracking numbers? I haven't received mine yet, so I'm just wondering if I'm one of the few that haven't been shipped.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Fernandes on

      Hi please let me know when we can expect to receive the bags or get a refund????????
      i am an international backer and know another in Australia who hasn't received anything yet!
      Worst customer service ever!

    7. CRZYCHEF on

      Is Australian backers the last 41? Will there be any form of tracking details of the consignment from the 3rd party fulfillment center you guys have tasked to ship out the bags? Please send out an "update email" to all backers whose consignments have not been sent out yet? Thanks

    8. Liu Zhixian on

      Hello there, I am an international backer and have yet to receive anything.
      Is it possible to to get any updates about the shipment ? thank you

    9. Missing avatar

      Khadijah eid

      Hi I did not got my bag or any confirmation email about the shipping? Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Stuart Bird on

      I am not an international backer, and I did not receive my cable packs. I sent an email the day I received my bags. Well over a month ago now and have still Ieven received an automated response, let alone an actual email in reply. So do the non international backers get their cable packs to?? If it's a yes, how long do I have to wait? If it's a no just say no. At least that would be an answer. Thank you.

    11. Ryan Wallace on

      Hmmm, I too seem to think I'm in the 41... How can we get info about our shipments? Thanks!


    12. Daniel Ford on

      Seems to be a few people who think they are in the 41.... I would also like to know. International backer, have had no response from the non-kickstarter email that you've asked us to email.

      Am I getting anything?

    13. CSS

      Hi team,

      Just wanted to know, if a campaign for the sling bag is still going to happen or, if I'll need to receive a refund... thanks

    14. Charlie

      No wonder. You sent it to the wrong PayPal account. And, I specifically mentioned the difference between my KS and PayPal account when I asked for a refund. Now that I know WHERE it is, I have confirmed I can access it. You could have emailed me at any point and clarified all that, too. So, still a snarky jackass.

    15. Andrey Yantsen on

      Hey guys! I'd like to check my status also :) Am I one of the 41? :)

    16. Austin Teague on

      I would like to echo some of the sentiments that were expressed in this update. Though the process and journey was very long, I commend Josh and the team for sticking with it and fulfilling on a promise. From experience with other Kickstarter campaigns, you are able to see the resoluteness (or lack of) from creators. I would definitely put GoPlug in the categories of real winners. Again, thank you for delivering a great product. I've been using it since it arrived!

    17. Kyle Haughey on

      Hi guys, could I verify if I'm one of the 41 from the fulfilment that have not received it yet, I want to make sure. If not is there anyway to track the shipment?