GoPlug - Powering Mobility

by Josh Cross

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    1. Jeff Sturgeon on

      Awesome Job Josh. I debated several times to get a refund, but something inside me told me to stick this one out. I am glad I stuck with you and rode this one out. I have seen countless campaigns fall apart and money lost and you did not do that. You fought and fought and won. I will be a supporter in the future and will buy only from you for this type of product. I received notice my package is en route to me and I should have it tomorrow or Wednesday. I am excited to see what the wait was all about!

      Thanks again Josh, you did this right and you have a customer now for life in me.

    2. Scott Good on

      I know you said the Android app is in the works, but is there any info on when we can expect to see it available?

    3. Daren Han on

      Hi Josh,

      I cannot download and install the developer app. It says download and install fail.

      Why not deploy the app on the TestFlight platform ?


    4. Kenryk Abraham Chacko on

      Hey Josh, I sent two emails and two pms regarding my order, just to check if it's coming but I haven't received any replies at all, so I'm not sure what to do now.

    5. Jeremy Halvorsen

      To use testflight and send out for external testers (not internal, which is 100 people I think) you need to submit the app for approval by apple anyway, so it probably wouldn't have worked without them testing with the box.

    6. Daren Han on

      Finally got it installed on my iphone. It requires 10.2 firmware update then the app can install on iphone.

    7. Missing avatar

      Miles Grimes on

      Can anyone help out with getting the thing paired? Does the battery have to be 50% charged or something, because I am having no luck.

    8. Lynne Stiller on

      Got my bags the other day. As I type, I am charging my android phone. I am looking forward to the upcoming app.

    9. Jeremy Halvorsen

      Has anyone had any luck getting the app to work? I can get it to load, I can get it to pair, but then when it's trying to connect to the goplug it never does. It just sits there at "Connecting to *name*" and never gets past that for me. I've sent an email to support, so we'll see what comes of it, but curious if anyone else is having the same issue.

    10. Umar Toor on

      Jeremy, I was informed that the little BT button (yes it is a button) has to be pressed and kept pressed until the light is lit. You will then see the pairing in the app complete.