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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.

Backers Survey

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

Dear backers, 

It's been nearly two years since we first began this journey... WAY TOO LONG!!  You've been the best backers and will have the best product because of your patients and support.

Production is moving along nicely!  We may be able to ship products out earlier that projected... we'll keep you posted.

For those backers who stuck with us, here's a link to your survey:

Some of you ordered multiple bags/accessories, and may need to contact us directly to verify your order.  If you're not sure what you pledged, check your Kickstarter backer history.

Lastly, if you are still interested in ordering a GoPlug Bag at a discounted price, check us out here.

Thanks for all your support!!!
Josh and the GoPlug Team

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    1. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Devon, by the summer's end/beginning of autumn is our shipping timeline. And no nuisance at all and THANK YOU so much!

      Julio check the other KS page for the latest update which I posted two days ago.

      Kalla, thank you! Thoughtful and helpful of you!


    2. Kaila Nemoto on

      @Devon Cajuste, check out the IGG campaign. It shows the timeline and other information you might find helpful.

    3. Julio Fabio Chagas on

      Hi there, any news ?

    4. Devon Cajuste on

      This may be a stupid question, but I didn't realize my email hadn't been working for over a year with kickstarter. Ive read some of the updates, but when are we looking to receive the final product? I've backed this since the original backing 2 years ago and still haven't received anything (emails etc...) Sorry for the nuisance. Thank you.

    5. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Kalia, you and me both :) 1. The compartments in the core bag are adjustable and removable.
      and 2. It is absolutely possible and personally I love the core bag best, but there's a $50 price difference because that one is much more complicated to produce. Just pledge an extra $50 on our IGG campaign and you'll indicate what you want on the survey when the campaign ends.

      Thank you and I hope that helps!


    6. Kaila Nemoto on

      I'm so excited for these bags to finally come to life! I ordered a messenger bag/computer bag bundle with the original campaign. I ordered the computer bag as a weekend travel bag, but the new design makes it too small for that purpose (also, my laptop doesn't work anymore). With that being said, I have two questions:

      1) Are the small compartments in the core bag removable?
      2) Is it be possible to switch the computer bag to a core bag?

      I already filled out my survey, but I also included a brief note in the "other" section under the "What products did you order?" question. Thank you and congrats on completing the project!

    7. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      It depends on which package you pledge for. The power bank is now our primary focus, since that's the rockstar of every campaign. The bags of course, are of beautiful quality and thoughtful design but backers can get those a la carte and purchase/pledge for things separately. Check out all of the options to the right on our new campaign page at Indiegogo.


    8. Daren Han on

      Does the camera core bag have the charger? I understand that the computer backpack does not include the power bank charger.

    9. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Stuart Bird -- Yes, the barrel port adapters come with the power bank!

    10. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Martial M.-- you can see the differences here under "power bank options":

    11. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Frank Kelly-- THANK YOU for your support, again!!! Here's a link to the IGG solar:…

    12. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @John Sanford-- If we were unsure about your pledges, our team will reach out and verify with you before we ship.

    13. Daren Han on

      Just completed my survey.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stuart Bird on

      On the indiegogo project it shows barrel port adapters with the battery pack. Are these included with our bags or is there an additional charge for these also?

    15. Martial M.

      So, remind me about the battery difference (apart from the 220V model having more ports ?)

    16. Frank Kelly

      Josh I forgot to tell you that I stuck with Yor project from the beginning and also backing you on indego.

    17. Frank Kelly

      Josh I just submitted my survey and list the link to order the solar panel and extra battery. Can you please send me the link again Thanks.

    18. John Sanford on

      "Some of you ordered multiple bags/accessories, and may need to contact us directly to verify your order. If you're not sure what you pledged, check your Kickstarter backer history."

      Do we only need to directly contact you if our bundle order (mine was for the backpack / carry-on) was not apart of the Survey options available?

    19. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Stuart Bird and Ridzuan Ashim-- Use this link to get the solar panel:…

    20. Ridzuan Ashim on

      @Josh Thanks! So if I understand correctly, on IGG I'll just have to make a $100 contribution for the solar panel right? (Since there's no perk set for that)

    21. Missing avatar

      Stuart Bird on

      I tried to get the new cable pack secret perk on the new campaign. With my information filled out completely, and correctly the submit payment button is still grey an non functional. And also it won't let me adjust the price to reflect a solar panel add on. Please let me know if it's down or if it's just smater than I am. Thanks.

    22. Brian Searl on

      I sent in my survey, but I just want to drop a note to make sure it is correct since I was one of the original backers who stuck with you. We were originally supposed to be pledged for the backpack and messenger set along with an extra better and solar panel that were stretch goals.

      Please confirm that you received our survey and that the details above are correct.


    23. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Umar Toor-- the Jumper Cables and cigarette cable charger were never offered in the original campaign. I think you're referring to the "Swag Pack" USB Cables... and yes they were a stretch goal that was successfully achieved.

    24. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Travis Sitzlar -- you can see the two color options side-by-side here:

      Just scroll down and you'll see the backpacks under the section heading "Two Color Options"

    25. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Ridzuan Ashim-- Yes, each bag comes with a Smart Power Bank. Additionally each power bank will come with the docking station.

      If you'd like to order a solar panel or cable accessory kit, you'll need to do that from the IGG campaign.

    26. Umar Toor on

      Will the original backers from this compaign receive the cable kit? I believe it was an "achieved" stretch goal in this campaign

    27. Travis Sitzlar on

      In addition to Ridzuan's questions, is there anyplace that clearly illustrates the difference between the two different grey colors? Looking at your campaign, it isn't clear what is what and which color is which.

    28. Ridzuan Ashim on

      This is great news! 2 questions.

      1. If I've previously backed the messenger and backpack, each bag will come with the GoPlug Smart Power Bank right?
      2. On the Indiegogo page, how do I get just the Magnetic Docking Station and Solar Panels?