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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.

Weekly Update - Next Product Launch

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

Hello Backers— 
Its been a week since the GoPlug Computer Backpack campaign closed. Here's a quick update.

1) The electronics factory ordered all the metal to begin making the molds for the power bank. They’re also about ready to order the BOM (build of materials— Why is that a big deal? It’s a big deal because sampling and testing have gone extremely well and production is the next step.

2) The APP engineers still have work to do, but it’s expected they’ll be busy for a while. This, however, should not effect our delivery timeline.

3) I met with the bag factory 3 weeks ago during my last trip to China— they’re extremely excited to be part of this journey.

4) Our journey isn't over yet… we have more bags to build!

Because the electronics can integrate with our entire product line, we will be launching addition crowd funding campaigns as outlined below. We anticipate the same shipping schedule as the Computer Backpack, so if you’d like an additional bag or power bank, here’s your chance to get in early and save some money!!!

5) Kickstarter will not allow us to relaunch the other products in our catalogue until we deliver the Computer Backpack. You can see the conversation here.

For this reason we will be launching our remaining products on IndieGogo. Switching platforms is not an ideal solution, however, we have an obligation to deliver these products to many patient backers.

Since deciding to launch on IGG, I’ve had personal meetings with IGG staff as well as many email conversations from people at this company. I really like the care and dedication they’re giving GoPlug.

Product release Timeline

Messenger Bag Campaign

  • Crowd funding platform: IndieGogo 
  •  Anticipated Launch Date: May 3rd 
  •  Duration of campaign: 60 days 
  •  Goal amount: $20k

Everything Backpack Campaign (Formerly known as the Camera Backpack)

  • Crowd funding platform: IndieGogo 
  •  Anticipated Launch Date: June 6th 
  •  Duration of campaign: 60 Days 
  •  Goal amount: $20k

Carry-on luggage

  • Crowd funding platform: IndieGogo 
  •  Anticipated Launch Date: June 6th 
  •  Duration of Campaign: 60 Days 
  •  Goal amount: $50k 

Thanks for your belief in GoPlug-- we couldn't be happier with the products!

Josh and the GoPlug Team

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    1. Albert So on

      I originally backed the sling bag from the original project, but I don't see any plans of a sling bag design being made. What would be my options then?
      By the way, the new design looks great and the power bank looks amazing. Looks like I need to back some more of them.

    2. Daren Han on

      Looking forward to get the messenger bag and the camera backpack.. It has been a Long wait. Hope it is all worth it.

    3. John Sanford on

      Thanks for the update. Excited to get my hands on the final product(s) :-)

    4. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Vince-- Some backers stuck with us from the original project, they didn't take a refund and have been waiting nearly two years to receive their bags. IndieGoGo offers Fixed Funding in addition to Flexible Funding-- either way, we'll be delivering a product so there's not need to stress.
      Additionally, shipping cost will be reduced by combining bags for backers who pledged for different products.

    5. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @John and Jason-- No need to do anything. We have your info and will ship your bag(s) when production is finished.

      Thanks for your continued support!

    6. Vince on

      Can't you ship the GoPlug Computer Backpack 1st before relaunching another campaign? That way, I'll feel confidence that all your future campaign will go well. For Indiegogo, I'm not a huge fan of Flexible Funding, so that requires the backer to be 100% committed.

    7. John Sanford on

      +1 with Jason. As I backed the Carry-on luggage + Computer Backpack in the original campaign.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Scott on

      Excellent news. Is there anything that those of us from the original campaign who paid for one of the multiple bag packages have to do going forward due to the platform change?