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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
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Relaunch-- T-minus 12 hours

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

Relaunch will be happening in a little less than about 12 hour.

For those of you wondering how you'll receive updates, we will be making all of the updates PUBLIC.  If for some reason we do a private update, we will email you directly.


Also, if you stuck with us and didn't ask for a refund, no further action is necessary to get your pledged reward.  We have your information and will send your reward as we finish producing the products.  

If you'd like to add any additional item to your original pledge, you can do so on the new KS page that will be launched Saturday, March 12th at 8am PST.  We will add this to your original reward and ship everything together.

Lastly, we just returned from the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas where we debuted GoPlugs new power bank and bags-- there was a lot of buzz.  People/companies were impressed by the tech and power of the product!!!  

Thanks for all your support!  Hope to see you tomorrow morning at 8am!!

Josh and the GoPlug Team

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    1. Scott Good on

      You are correct, your response did not satisfy my inquire. Although, the answer is not what I was looking for, you have been kind enough to answer my question to the best that you could when you could have just left it hanging in the air. I commend you on your honesty.
      I still look forward to seeing this product finished as much as I know you want it finished.
      I hope that other questions that have been asked by me, as well as others, can be answered with more Specifics.

    2. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Scott Good-- My response will not satisfy your inquiries, and that's OK. Many business decisions are dependent on outside (uncontrollable) circumstances. For example, tooling date for the bags can be expedited (an has already begun) as compared to the electronics factory. Exacts dates cannot be given-- we're moving forward and that's whats important! Regarding your hypothetical question about "if the 2016 campaign did not hit the required goal"-- we've proven to be ethical and honest when working with our backers (even if there's some level of skepticism and mistrust because of missing deadlines and cancelling the project). If we shipped the product we originally campaigned to build, there probably would've been a massive recall. We're taking this serious.

    3. Scott Good on

      Most likely won't get these answered, but here they are:
      What date is tooling planned to start?
      What date is Manufacturing planned to start?
      What date is Shipping for the 2014 backers planned to start?
      I know this question might hit a sour note, but:
      IF The 2016 Campaign did not hit the required goal, What was the plan for the 2014 backers?
      thanks in advance for taking the time to read this, I hope I'm wrong and get all the questions answered.

    4. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      Jeff, not if you weren't refunded. If you stayed with us through the last campaign, you're golden.


    5. Jeff Sturgeon on

      So ... Do I have to re pledge or what?

    6. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      David, it's a Kickstarter limitation. We're still exploring if there's an easy way.
      Scott, Josh will get back to you on those deets.


    7. Missing avatar

      David Snider on

      'Stand by you' backer here, can't wish you luck on new project as I'm not a backer there:( Can we get access?

    8. Scott Good on

      With all the changes to designs, timelines and reward bonuses I've lost track of exactly what will be recieved when this project ships.
      Are there still lights inside the bag?
      Why are the power bank USB ports not QC2.0 capable?
      Is the dock included?
      Are the jumper cables included?
      I saw 500 life cycles in the new campaign details, is that correct? From what I have read about Li-MNC is 1000-2000 life cycles.

    9. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @Corey-- Pacific Standard Time

    10. Corey

      What time zone 8am?

    11. Ravi on

      waiting for the relaunch...
      Good luck Josh