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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
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Clarifications-- additional questions

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

There were a few questions that came in after yesterdays announcement.  Hope this will clarify things if you're still on the fence about receiving a refund or staying with us...

QUESTION: Will you send another update here when you get ready for your relaunch? I received a refund but still want to support your next product.  I don’t want to miss an opportunity to get an early bird! 

REPLY: Absolutely!  We'll continue some communication here.

QUESTION: I backed a battery, not the bag. Will you still be offering these selections in the relaunch? 

REPLY: No. You will be receiving a full refund. 

QUESTION: How are the refunds going to be made? Are they going to happen via Kickstarter? I've paid with a credit card that I'm not currently using anymore, so that's why I'm wondering. I still haven't made up my mind.

REPLY: The quickest, most simple way is PayPal. If you require a different method than PayPal, please indicate; however, allow us more than two weeks to process your refund if it’s not through PayPal.

QUESTION: If you go with option two and they keep the money, the bag might be different and the pricing, for instance what if they have early bird offers on the new campaign which is cheaper than what we are telling them to keep hold off in option 2. I'm happy to take a punt and let them keep the cash but I'd expect my backpack price to be the cheapest in the new campaign. 

REPLY: We’re 99 percent certain the bags will cost more when we relaunch than they did from this campaign.

QUESTION: If I take a refund on the original pledge amount, do I still get to pledge the same amount at a later date when the product is relaunched on a new campaign or will I end up paying more?

REPLY: No. The only way to receive the bags at your current pledge amount is to take option 2. The reward price on relaunch will depend on the BOM (build of materials). We won’t know that price until sampling is nearly finished.

QUESTION: I am curious about the status of the carry on bag in this relaunch. 

REPLY: When all the details are finalized with this bag, you will be notified. We expect the sample to be finished in December.

COMMENT: Lastly i would maybe seek some support from people who have dealt with this kind of manufacturing before and or a startup incubator because i think it's a great idea and i am surprised it has not been replicated since. 

REPLY: Great suggestion. This has happened.

QUESTION: Josh, [I] would like to know a couple of things before I decide to stay or go on this project. With this new company and venture are you just doing the Backpack and Messenger bags or are you working on the Carry-On and Computer-Trolley bags as well? 

REPLY: The production ready samples we hope are finished when we relaunch are: Carry-on, Computer Backpack, Messenger, Camera backpack. The computer trolley is not in our phase one strategy.

QUESTION: Are the camera bag versions still going to be delayed or developed at the same time with the other bags? REPLY: We’ll only launch the bags that are production ready. We’re hopeful the camera bag will be ready for the relaunch.

QUESTION: would I be able to switch my selection of a backpack to a messenger bag in the relaunch? 


COMMENT: Take your time, do the best job possible, and let me know when you launch the next campaign, I might want to pledge for yet another one. 

REPLY: Thanks!

QUESTION: What I am not understanding here is the one campaign for each product. Does that mean you will only make one bag at a time? And what if we stick with you but we ordered two different bags? Does that mean we wait through two different campaigns? 

REPLY: We’re planning to launch each product at or near the same time. If you pledged for two different bags, those products will be relaunched in separate campaigns.

QUESTION: I am willing to stay with the project but I need some sort of guarantee that if you can't deliver the product, for whatever reason, I can still get my money back. 

REPLY: Please take the refund if you’re still on the fence. The last thing we want is to cause you stress and anxiety. We’re doing our best to fulfill everything we promised to do!

QUESTION: Is this email enough to request the refund, or do I need to do anything else? 

REPLY: Please re-read the previous update. You’ll need to provide information in the survey on how you’d like us to proceed with your refund.

QUESTION: Since you are launching a new campaign, one for each product, how will that work for those that pledged for combo bags? Ex: I pledged for a Messenger and Carry-on. 

REPLY: If you stick with us, we will hold your money and ship you the product(s) when they’re finished. Fill out the survey with accurate information— that will help us track and organize your order when everything is ready.

QUESTION: ”Staying on" as a backer, I would assume that I wouldn't repledge any money on the new campaigns. That said, how would I ensure to get my bags when the campaign ends? 

REPLY: Correct, unless you see another cool product in the relaunch, you will not need to make another pledge if you’d like to continue with us. When you fill out the survey, give us all your information so we can ship the bag(s) when they’re finished.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David J Bradley on

      I requested cancellation but have received no refund as of yet. The credit card used for used for the order was cancelled and I don't use paypal.
      Please send me a check:
      David J Bradley
      1551 Twisted Oak Dr.
      Reston, VA 20194


    2. Ricardo Javkin on

      I choose for a Debit card deposit, I havent been contacted. Should I keep waiting? or is it better to change my refund option to a paypal one?

    3. Josh Cross 4-time creator on

      @ Mike "MikeScott8" Hamilton--
      We're still working to refund those who took option one. You may recall reading in the update, it may take up to two weeks from the date the update was posted (See below). If you're refunded hasn't been posted by then, let me know.

      Option 1: Full Refund For those who want a refund, thanks for your unwavering support. You have been amazingly patient as we’ve sought to bring this product to market. Because we held your money for so long, we feel you’re entitled to interest for the time we had your money (and no, it’s not retroactive for backers who were refunded before this announcement). We believe the ethical thing to do is give you a 2.5% interest rate, about the same as the U.S Treasury Department. Expect to receive a refund within two weeks from today.

    4. Mike "MikeScott8" Hamilton

      I submitted my survey and still waiting for the refund.

    5. Alban Leong on

      I've submitted the survey the day it was sent and yesterday I got the notification from PayPal that an eCheck payment has been sent. I'd like to here thank Josh again for making an honest attempt to refund but to also incl a % of interest? That's a nice gesture and I wish you all the best! I look forward to seeing a GoPlug back on the retail market!

    6. Jonathan Reich on

      How long before we see refunds to PayPal?

    7. Missing avatar

      Fiyaz Mughal on

      This product is way over schedule and it is getting frustrating - clearly we have been sold a red herring in terms of when the article would be ready. Not on

    8. Missing avatar

      Orlando Boyd on

      These kinds of start-up scenarios are not peculiar to your project, I've backed a couple others and their finished products were delivered with a very reasonable degree of quality. Do what you got to do.

    9. Kaila Nemoto on

      I didn't receive an email regarding the survey, but it was available to take once I logged into Kickstarter. I'm sticking with it to the end--I'm curious to see what product we'll end up with after all this.

    10. Marc Koenecke on

      It's a shame, I hope you do fulfill your goals for this bag. The survey comes out tomorrow(US), right?