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GoPlug has redefined what a bag should be. Charge ALL of your devices, CAMERA BATTERIES, LAPTOPS, and more on the go.
983 backers pledged $184,052 to help bring this project to life.

Project Cancelled

Posted by Josh Cross (Creator)

This campaign is at a crossroads and we had to make a difficult decision. We will no longer proceed with this project— as of now, it’s cancelled.

Even though we’re canceling this campaign, we’ve come too far just to give up. Reasons for this move as well as a plan for moving forward are detailed below.

Tomorrow you will receive a survey with two options:

Option 1: Full Refund 

Option 2: Continue with GoPlug

Option 1: Full Refund For those who want a refund, thanks for your unwavering support. You have been amazingly patient as we’ve sought to bring this product to market. Because we held your money for so long, we feel you’re entitled to interest for the time we had your money (and no, it’s not retroactive for backers who were refunded before this announcement). We believe the ethical thing to do is give you a 2.5% interest rate, about the same as the U.S Treasury Department. Expect to receive a refund within two weeks from today.

Option 2: Continue with GoPlug 

For those who still believe in GoPlug and want a bag, here’s the plan: 

 We’re still moving forward; however, there will be about a 7 month delay. Changing factories will be necessary to ensure success (read below for more details). We’ve already pivoted directions and began work with a new factory. They are much more experienced than the factory we’ve been working with, and have done production on many other KS projects.

When ALL the details are ironed out, and when we have new production ready samples, we will launch new crowd funding campaigns, one for each product. Failure is not an option. We have an increased level of confidence with our current path.

Although this project is no longer active, we want to be ethical and offer you the product at the same pledge amount when it’s finally finished. If you continue with us, we will keep your pledge and ship you the bag(s) when completed. We will no longer respond to questions and/or maintain updates on this campaign. Instead, we’ll send personal updates directly to your email address, so please give that to us in the survey! We can be reached at

Here is the estimated timeline for the new direction: 

The reason we’re canceling the project: 

The GoPlug team has done everything possible so your bags would be shipped by December; however, the factory has been less than helpful to make this happen. In addition to their lackluster urgency, two significant problems were recently discovered with the electronics during production. After claiming to resolve the problem, more problems were exposed— they just couldn’t get it right! Rather than spend more time and money trusting the factory, we’ve made the difficult decision to halt production.

We are extremely disappointed and know our supporters will be as well. However, we would rather this be the cause of your unhappiness than an unsafe bag strapped to your back.

This is our best, most ethical solution to give you closure. We will do our best to answer any other questions/comments you may have.

Question: Why not just postpone delivery, again? 

Answer: Primarily, we can not continue to expect people to wait any longer. They should be entitled to take their pledge money and purchase something. Secondly, we can not wait for our overseas factory to produce a safe product after numerous failed attempts. It’s time to move on…

Question: When did you find out the electronics were bad? Didn’t you mention things were finalized and working in August? 

Answer: We literally found the new issue about one week ago. We were one day away from sending out the final survey and a positive update when we discovered the problem. Since then, we’ve had numerous conversations with the factory without satisfactory results. On the bright side, we had a back-up plan and factory already in place.

Question: If you relaunch, how will you ensure this won’t happen again? 

Answer: Our new factory has created a product very similar to ours. Failure is not an option with them!!! I’ve toured their facility and own many products they manufacture. We are confident that we are in good hands!

Question: How will the next campaign be different? 

Answer: Right now our focus is not in running a successful campaign, but rather, building a safe quality product. Josh has made a few (or a lot) of mistakes, and that’s something we need to learn from and move on.

Question: What happens if you don’t get funded when you relaunch? 

Answer: That’s a risk we’re willing to take. We’ve already invested a lot of time and money into R&D (not to mention materials, tooling and molding). When we relaunch, we won’t be asking for a whole lot, just enough to cover the new tooling cost as well as enough to reach our MOQ.

Question: Why do you think we can trust you after you’ve failed to deliver a product already? 

Answer: Success has rarely come without failure! We’ve gained experience and additional support over the past 18 months— that’s invaluable. We have an amazing team willing to make difficult decisions for the benefit of our supporters (you). It’s not just about making money! We hope the refunds (and interest) have demonstrated we’re not out to scam anyone.

Question: How hard can it be to build a bag? It’s not rocket science! 

Answer: Our thoughts exactly! That’s the same question we’ve been asking the factory in nearly every conversation.

Question: What about the promised prizes and giveaways for those people who tweeted and liked you on Facebook? 

Answer: We still have an obligation to gift the winners for their help. We’ll honor that reward when the product ships.

Question: Will the product be different, or is it going to look and function exactly as promoted in this campaign? 

Answer: We’ve had the benefit of using the bags and seeing what works and what doesn’t. There are some features (and weight) that will be drastically improved. More details will be sent as samples are finalized with our new factory.

Comment: When you relaunch, it would be nice to have someone from your team answer questions/comments daily. 

Reply: Great suggestion. That will happen!!!

Comment: You will never receive my support in a future campaign. 

Reply: We completely understand!

Comment: I hate you! 

Reply: Grandma, enough with the harassment. I’m sorry and will do better next time.

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    1. Alban Leong on

      Josh, I have been a firm believer and always will be. I would like to sincerely wish you all the best and thanks for not only giving back our initial backing amount but on top of that with interest??!?! That's got to be a first! I am still extremely interested in the product and will most likely buy retail when it's out! Good luck!

    2. Will on

      Thanks for the straight-shooting - I'll be staying on.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      I didn't get survey

    4. Tim Jorgensen on

      Good luck with the project! Hopefully you'll make it and I'll have a chance to buy it retail. But for now I'll take my leave.

    5. Wilfredo Cruz on

      Thank you for your honesty for telling us and giving each backer the chance to either continue or ask for a refund. While it is disappointing for most of us, this setback and the resulting temporary cancellation of this project must had been devastating to you and your team especially you had already made plans to start sending the final survey for distribution of the rewards. Do not give up, learn from this fiasco and move on and finish the bag. As for me, I will take the refund and use that to fund another Kickstarter project. Good luck .

    6. Grant Baxter on

      Well it's obviously not the news I was hoping for...Josh, gotta respect your integrity in this. Put me down as in this for the long haul, still have faith and will wait for it to be done right, (i.e. no refund for me please). Hopefully better luck with the new factory. - Illegitimi non carborundum

    7. Johnny Singeorzan on

      I can't wait to see this product finish. I will definitely be staying with the campaign.

    8. Missing avatar


      To be very honest I am very disappointed with the cancellation . But I think you did the right thing. After all to make a high quality goods is the goal here. And .. Most importantly I know you are a good man, Josh- by providing us with the refund option. I backed your project before and I back you again this time. I want to get the best go-plug bags- not a refund. So -- don't give up!!!.

    9. Dimitrie Grigorescu

      I would have loved to see your product finished and actually have the bag i will take my refund and i am thinking about supporting your next campaign, i really appreciated the honesty behind your updates. Lastly i would maybe seek some support from people who have dealt with this kind of manufacturing before and or a startup incubator because i think it's a great idea and i am surprised it has not been replicated since.

    10. Paul Quick #BoycottKS

      Very impressed with everything and will be a backer of the new campaign. If anyone has negative to say, they can pack sand. Keep up the fight and success will come.

    11. M. Eichar on

      Like others, I've been impressed and pleased by your integrity and commitment through the whole campaign. It's clearly a difficult task.

      I will be among those requesting a refund, but it's because my needs have changed. I still believe in the project. Thank you, Josh, for all your hard work, and good luck with future developments.

    12. Warren on

      I will take my refund now. But when you do bring this project back online, I will consider buying this product.
      I did do my share of complaining, but this was/is still a great product out there.

    13. Jeremy Halvorsen

      I've respected how you've handled this whole campaign and delays, so I haven't had a problem waiting for these. I feel you've been quite transparent, and offering the refund goes a huge way, I'm staying, I can wait longer for these awesome bags because I trust that I'll actually get it, unlike way too many other kickstarters.

    14. Stuart Bell on

      Josh, would like to know a couple of things before I decide to stay or go on this project. With this new company and venture are you just doing the Backpack and Messenger bags or are you working on the Carry-On and Computer-Trolley bags as well?


    15. John Sanford on

      Well, you got my vote of confidence. Even after all this time, I'm still looking forward to getting one of these excellent products from you. So no refund+interest for me, I'm on board for the long haul.

    16. B_Watching on

      Sad to hear this.
      In the new timeline (7 months). Are the camera bag versions still going to be delayed or developed at the same time with the other bags?

    17. Kristina R on

      Wonderful apology and informational post, really delighted about the refund.

    18. Michael Lee

      Sad news Josh, but I understand. I am glad you are taking this route rather than having a backpack burst into flames while on my back :). I was with you for the first iteration, stayed with you for this one and am in for the long haul! I can wait for the best product possible. Count me in and let's get back at it.


    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chernyshev on

      Man, this is how you need to apologize for your mistakes. At least you are good at admitting them and giving solution to your failure situations. Even though I would love to support your project in the future I would like to get a refund, cause I can get the use of these money. Thanks a bunch.

    20. Frank Kelly

      I like the way you are proceeding with this project. Yes I am very disappointed ,however I will continue to back this project and the relaunch. I support your ethical way of conducting business. Let' go manufacture the best ProBag ever produce'

    21. PJzuza

      I've backed your project by hoping to receive the bagpack in return and plus. This money can help you to make your project be successful. Even it may take very very long time but hey. I can wait for a year or more... What I want to say is. No problem for me if I've to wait. Plus. Not every owner of the campaign is concerned about the Quality of their products but you do concerned so I still believe in you. And in Your promised (to build this bag in the great quality for us) and may your relaunch project goes well.

    22. Ravi on

      though, I am disappointed for not getting the bag this year, I really like the way Josh has been with us so far. He has done an excellent job, though he couldn't make it on time.
      I still believe on you, and I do support you..

      Josh, failure can happen anytime, but accepting failure and standing on the ethics makes you special, You win my heart, though the project is cancelled.

    23. Missing avatar

      Huang Chiu Huang

      Thanks to Josh.Thanks to your honest.Thanks for your refund with interest.All I WANT TO SAY IS "THANK YOU", "THANK YOU" AND "THANK YOU".

    24. Ken Linger on

      I've now had two projects cancel in a couple days. The other one basically said "We've collected $750,000 but burned through all the money. Sorry. Project canceled and no refunds. No more updates, either." This one is the exact opposite. While disappointing, you're offering refunds or the option to continue to wait for another year. Kudos on doing the right thing--seriously. I for one am willing to wait and wish you the best of luck with the relaunch.

    25. Eloisa Labao

      Transparency is a valuable currency in kickstarter. I'm supporting your efforts and will see this through with you. Still believing in you

    26. Stéphane Biguet on

      Outch... Still believing in you ! ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Abishek Aitha on

      Even though I'm disappointed that I don't get one of these bags, I got to say, that I'm very pleased with the response by Josh. To offer a refund with interest leaves little room for people to complain about. Thanks for all the hard work Josh, even if you couldn't get it done.