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Side scrolling space-shooter action on a mobile device! Customize your ship and explore the sketch universe.
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Leo Dasso

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Just returned from the Los Angeles Games Conference in Hollywood.  

It was great to see so many other devs, hear the concerns of the industry, and I actually met a lot of the successful kickstarter dudes there.

Photos from the event

I was on the panel with the creators of Chuck's ChallengeYogventures, and Wasteland 2!  These guys are each their own kind of genius.

In other news, new artwork attached!  This guy is getting animated this week.  He is the judge- scrutinizing every new idea that comes from the spring of imagination, seeing if it is practical and useful.  If it is, he will initiate the idea sprite into training.  However if the idea is too radical, frivolous, or just plain useless, he casts it into the sky-high pile of rejects.

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