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A public spectacle essay. Multi-city letterpress poster installation—curated by project supporters.
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This past summer, my best friend and I found ourselves crying in public for various reasons and in various places (multiple sidewalks, a gas station, an auto parts stores, a concrete bench outside a law building). We made total spectacles of ourselves. 

People who cry in public force everyone to witness—it's completely embarrassing and also sort of awesome. We want our essay to perform this kind of spectacle. The kind where complete strangers are pulled into another person's intimate grief—just by sharing the public space. 

So! We're printing our essay over four 11 x 17 broadside posters and posting the edition of 350 (that's 1400 posters!) in multiple cities—hopefully yours! 

When you support the project, you'll not only be helping out with printing costs, material costs and shipping costs—you'll also become one of our project curators (or distributors). This means we'll send you the broadside essay. You'll choose 3 posters to display somewhere in public (on a top-secret designated day in November) and keep the fourth as a thank you prize. 

Help us out. It's going to be rad. 

Colophon: Acceptable Reasons to Cry in Public. Edition of 350. Will be printed at the Book Arts Studio in the J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah.

Risks and challenges

I print at a university studio, so I share very old printing presses with a lot of other people. To prepare for potential press-sharing obstacles, I've made sure I have plenty of days to print in the studio—allowing for extra days in case there is a delay.

Don't you worry—the posters will be printed and mailed to you.

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