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A public spectacle essay. Multi-city letterpress poster installation—curated by project supporters.
326 backers pledged $3,800 to help bring this project to life.

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New installation: "I Miss Everything About You"


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It begins!

Dear Curators,

Your exhibits so far have been amazing!

The twitter feed was an experiment, but we love how its making a real community out of this installation!

As are your accounts and documentation here. We'll continue posting your documentation over the next couple of weeks—we are delighted in the best way with your experiences. We really can't thank you enough for taking the time to write your stories and send the photographs. We want to go somewhere (in public) (or my apartment) and weep. It really is a dream come true. 


--a girl in SLC & her friend from Santa Barbara

p.s. If you haven't received your posters yet (especially our wonderful international backers), hold on—they are in the mail! 

Mailed in a snowstorm + Some final instructions :)

Okay! The posters are mailed! 

The exhibition is tomorrow! (Wednesday, November 14). Instructions came with your package, but let us know if you have any other questions.

If your package doesn't arrive by the 14th, post your broadsides when it arrives. 

In addition to the reasons we printed in the essay, we'll be posting other submitted reasons for crying in public on our twitter feed [] and on our website [].

Don't forget to send us the documentation of your part of the exhibit. Email us at with photographs, stories, videos, or blog links (if you post on your own site, we'll link from our blog). 

If you are sending photographs, it would be cool to have at least one photograph that represents your town or city. But that is extremely optional.

Each QR code links to a different letter. If you are like me and don't have a smart phone, we'll post a link to the letters on the blog tomorrow. Also, if the QR codes aren't reading on your phone, the distance matters as you scan it—so play around with it. 

Have fun! We can't wait to hear your stories! 

Thank you again so much for your support! 


a girl in SLC & her friend from Santa Barbara

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Ready to mail!

We'll be mailing the last envelopes today and tomorrow. If you haven't sent us your address yet, please respond to the kickstarter address survey (by tonight) so you'll get the envelopes in time for the exhibition. 

We've been packing and organizing and sorting for the past two days. My apartment is beautiful but tiny, and I don't have a table, so we've been creative with our packing locations (unfortunately, the U of U studio is not open at all hours of the day). 

There are already over a 100 envelopes in the mail system—winding their way across the United States of America and the world! Finland, Germany, Israel, Belgium, France, England, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Italy—thank you for making this an International exhibition! To our domestic backers—thank you for making this a small town exhibition, a big city exhibition, a national exhibition. We loved yelling out your cities and towns as we packed the envelopes!

                                            We can't wait to hear everyone's exhibition story.

More updates soon!

P.S. it's snowing hard here in SLC today. 


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Our plan of action

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