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A fully co-operative deckbuilding tactical dungeon crawler! Featuring creature crafting, treasure, magic, hero upgrades & miniatures!
A fully co-operative deckbuilding tactical dungeon crawler! Featuring creature crafting, treasure, magic, hero upgrades & miniatures!
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AUS/NZ people

Posted by Vas Obeyesekere (Creator)

I just got word that a pallet of games heading to Aetherworks got crushed during freight.

Obviously most of the games are still fine, but there was about 7-10 that are probably totally squashed though (I am awaiting the pictures to see for myself). Right now my options are to hold up the entire order, or to send the games out minus the ones mentioned that are unacceptable to send to a customer.  

I have decided to send the games out - with a note to my AUS and NZ backers:

If you want to for sure be in the first wave of orders that will start going out tomorrow, comment on this update as soon as you can! Even if you dont respond, most people will be on this list. Most of the AUS/NZ folks that comment on the previous updates were automatically put here just because I knew they were keenly waiting more than most.

If you dont respond to this, you might randomly be one of the ~7-10 or so people that will have to wait until I get my surplus orders and mail them direct to you. Again, I apologize and will obviously pay for all shipping, and expedite it.

Additionally, if you find that your order is not up to snuff in any way, contact me! We will make it right!

Sidenote - Aetherworks is incredible, and has nothing to do with the freight damages. They have been open and very informative regarding the damages and helping me create a plan to get games to all of you.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick G

      Vas happy with waiting and thanks for letting us know. Last time I had communication with a KS board game about ANZ I was told we were lucky to even get anything. How the rest of your freight comes and goes with no issue.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Childress

      I would like to get my game as soon as it can be sent. That being said I understand if it is not possible.

    3. Vas Obeyesekere Creator on

      Hi Patrick, right we get our surplus orders in (which arrive with the US orders), I will send the AUS shipments first thing. I will also expedite it so it should be fast.

    4. Missing avatar

      Patrick G

      Heya, would love to get it but i just started running a LBGS so have heaps to catch up on. Let me know what do you think the delay will be? I have a few customers wanting to check it out.

    5. Missing avatar


      I'd love to be on the earlier list if possible, but understand if that doesn't work out.

    6. nevakanezza on

      NZ backer here. Hope to get my game as soon as possible :)

    7. Iain Wallace on

      Excited Australian backer here. Looking forward to playing. Hope the games aren't too badly damaged and thanks for the update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brett Nelson

      Hi, I completely understand that things happen beyond your control and I am really looking forward to receiving your game but I am patient and am happy to wait a little longer if need be, I am happy to be put down as one of the 7 to 10 to receive it at a later date... Thank you for keeping us all up to date...

    9. Tahne Grobler on

      Would like to get mine sooner rather than later if possible

    10. Hohyss

      If it's possible, first wave for me ;) Thx

    11. Missing avatar

      kevin primm on

      would prefer to recieve the game sooner than later

    12. Missing avatar

      Duncan Leaf on

      It would be great to be in the first wave. Trying to get the game before PAX Philly. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Benoit Allard on

      Being in the first wave would be fantastic. Thanks!

    14. Marlo Ramirez on

      Did the container that got crushed only for AUS/NZ orders? Or were orders for other places affected?

    15. Vas Obeyesekere Creator on

      Also, to be clear - the US orders (or any other shipping lane beside AUS/NZ) were not effected by the AUS problem. Your games will all still arrive as per the timeline in the post.

    16. Jonathan McGrath

      Would love to be in the first wave.

    17. Vas Obeyesekere Creator on

      @ US folks willing to sacrifice their order date to help your Aussie friends out - it warms my heart! But know that delaying your orders wont effect theirs in any way. I will get the surplus orders when US people get theirs, so I will send out the AUS wave from my end. Still, that was really cool of you

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wiglesworth

      Being in the first wave would be fantastic. Thanks!

    19. Jesse Braxton

      Hey, y'all "shite" happens...totally understand if my game is worries...

    20. Missing avatar

      Seo Crosby

      Man that blows! Soorry to the few Aussie folks who are getting delayed. That bites guys! But thank you for the informative update. Bunk happens. It just totally blows.

    21. Stuart McIntyre on

      These things happen - I'm not affected as I'm not in that region but it looks like you're doing the best that could be done in the circumstances.

    22. Missing avatar


      Here's hoping you can keep me in the first wave. Thanks!

    23. Alexander Cetinski

      First wave please :)

    24. Sam Mento on

      Thanks for the open and honest communication!

    25. Windowslm on

      So sorry that happened! 😢

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex Weber

      I'd love to have the game in the first wave. Hope everything turns out ok!

    27. Cary Harrison

      Well, if US backers can take the delayed ones, you can add me to the list.

    28. Missing avatar

      Angela on

      So sad! Murphy's Law! 😢

    29. Missing avatar

      Rakesh Patel on

      Commenting to be in the first wave please.

    30. Laura Waldhier on

      Just want to tell you that I am happy to wait for mine so that others can get theirs now. You can add me to the wait list. (US backer)

    31. Missing avatar

      Lee-Shaun Saw on

      Please add me to the list

    32. Missing avatar

      Elford Stephens on

      Bad luck. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    33. Matt

      Being in the US, I assume there’s nothing I can do to help, but if delaying mine helps at all, feel free to delay it. Sorry this happened, but, unfortunately, accidents are a fact of life.

    34. Ian on

      Please and thank you

    35. Colin Degnan

      I would love to receive mine as well in the first wave!

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Edwards

      NZ backer here - keen to receive mine in the first wave :)

    37. Joseph McKercher on

      Sorry, just re-read and saw this was AUS/NZ, never mind, but if the same thing happens, I'm willing to postpone my shipment.

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel J. Rodriguez II

      I'm also a US Backer and would also gladly volunteer to wait if it helps out. I'm looking forward to the game, but my gaming group has plenty to keep us busy for the coming months. It wouldn't be a big deal for us to wait a little longer than everyone else.

    39. Simon

      I would love to receive mine

    40. Joseph McKercher on

      If someone who's game was crushed wants their game urgently, I'm willing to wait for the surplus order.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy Doherty

      Here's hoping my game hasn't been crushed!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Andry Santoso on

      Keen to get my hands on the game

    43. Missing avatar

      Victor Zanta on

      Thanks for the update. Keen to be first so we can make some videos in this game!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Peter Kerr

      Would love to be on the earlier delivery list if possible, but not the end of the world if not. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    45. Missing avatar

      Matt FITZSIMMONS on

      That's such sad news, mate. I'm keen as a bean to get my hands on the game. Hopefully the damage isn't as bad as first reports suggest.