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A wintry mix of home recordings released during the winter of 2015 in New England. Read more

Providence, RI Music
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A wintry mix of home recordings released during the winter of 2015 in New England.

Providence, RI Music
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This past winter, those of us in New England had to find inventive ways to keep our sanity, and one method I used was to post on facebook asking if there was a song anyone wanted to hear me play. This led to me posting a bunch of old recordings -- many of them from back before I really considered myself a real songwriter -- along with a few new ones.  After a few weeks of this, my record label, 75orLess Records, sent me a note asking if I wanted to put out a CD with some of these songs on it ... and here we are!

The resulting CD will be called 'Cabin Fever'.  It's an odd mix of covers, demos, and weird ideas, recorded live or at home.  Listening to these songs make me smile, and I hope you enjoy them too.

I'm putting together this CD much more quickly than I have my past CDs, and this is likewise a quick and dirty kickstarter campaign, basically set up to allow people to preorder the album.  We're only going to make fifty of these, so it's quite possible that, after this Kickstarter, the CD will be sold out before we've even printed a single copy of it.  That's an exciting idea to me!

The recordings will be remixed and mastered by the good folks at Machines with Magnets, so, even if you've heard these recordings before, you'll be getting better sounding versions of them.

My fundraising goal is $500, which will cover about 2/3 of the costs, including mixing and mastering, licensing fees for the covers, and manufacturing costs.

If you missed getting my last CD, 'Time To Break Up The Band', the 'Band Fever' option will get you a copy of that, plus this new 5 song CD.

What's on the album?

The tracks are:

The Ringtone Option

For my last Kickstarter campaign, I offered to record ringtones for people, which one person took me up on.  Recording it ended up being one of the most fun things I did all year! This is what it sounded like:

I'm offering this reward again for this campaign. Since I don't have any studio time, this will be a home recording, just me, whatever instruments I have around, and whatever GarageBand tricks I can muster.  With that said, I will try to make your ringtone as awesome as I can!

Risks and challenges

The songs are already recorded (though I might try to re-record one or two), 75orLess has already agreed to manufactor the CDs, and the mixing and mastering is already scheduled, so this should be pretty straightforward.

If some unforeseen disaster did occur that prevented the CD from being made, then I should be able to refund everyone's money.

So I'm trying to think of what could go wrong here, but, really, I think this is a pretty safe one.

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