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Let's make a limited edition "It's Such a Beautiful Day" / "World of Tomorrow" Blu-ray !
Let's make a limited edition "It's Such a Beautiful Day" / "World of Tomorrow" Blu-ray !
Let's make a limited edition "It's Such a Beautiful Day" / "World of Tomorrow" Blu-ray !
4,478 backers pledged $215,512 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. don hertzfeldt Creator on

      Hi folks - all packages were shipped almost a year ago now, so for anyone still waiting (?!), something obviously went wrong with the delivery. Please send us a direct message and we'll track your shipment and figure out what happened.

    2. Hasnah Najla

      Still waiting!!

    3. Mandy Sham on

      Hi—I don't believe that I ever received anything!

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan Wong on

      Unfortunately, I have not yet received anything :(

    5. EH on

      Update: received mine yesterday! Guess you just gotta be patient fellas.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Barnard on

      Not received my reward in the UK. Any other UK backers received anything?

    7. EH on

      Toronto Canada here, I backed this in July 2015 and still haven't got anything in the mail! Did something go wrong?? I'll wait as long as it takes! Love your work Don!

    8. Joes on

      Anyone else in Belgium or Benelux area still waiting for a package? Still haven't received mine.

    9. Missing avatar

      Allen Ruiz on

      UPDATE: I received my package and have both the bluray and extra dvd.

      My grandma picked the mail that day and forgot that she held onto it since March. Lol.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Update: my package has come! Thanks Don�

    11. Missing avatar

      michelle frey on

      It's been 6 weeks and I still haven't received my blu... I'm in Canada.

    12. Eden Politte on

      Hi! It's been over a month and I still haven't received my blu-ray... Is it time to get into a wet panic yet?

    13. Shaun Lecathelinais on

      Follow-up to my post from April 24th: I received the package last week! Just had to be patient. I was a bit sad not to have any goodies, but that's probably because of silly international shipping costs.

    14. Ernesto Monasterio on

      Still nothing here in Argentina... Should I start wet panicking already?

    15. Missing avatar

      MetaDarkeus on

      If backers from UK haven't even gotten theirs, I wonder how long it'll take for me to get mine. Being on the other side of the world and all.

    16. Missing avatar

      Iman on

      After apparently spending a month and a half in transit, I finally received my copy :) Can't wait to give it a spin over the long weekend.

    17. Matt Keay on

      STILL not received mine. (UK) Getting a bit concerned.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lewington on

      Another Canadian here still waiting. Although I see here I'm not the only one, so I won't start panicking just yet.

    19. Shaun Lecathelinais on

      Still nothing here in France. I've checked and haven't found any tracking info.

    20. Billy Burkert on

      Still nothing here in US. Was there tracking info sent out or anything?

    21. Missing avatar

      James Hennessy on

      Finally got mine in Ireland yesterday.

    22. Missing avatar

      Allen Ruiz on

      US here. Still eagerly waiting. I'll give it till the end of the month before I lose all hope.

    23. Missing avatar

      Iman on

      Haven't seemed to have received anything here (in London) either. I'll give it another week before going into full panic mode.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      anyone in england still waiting? I've been putting off watching his works again til I get the blu-ray :(

    25. Jackson Falconer-Rosenberg on

      Still waiting for mine in Toronto... Patiently but eagerly...

    26. Chris Martin on

      Wondering if anyone in Canada has received their package? Still waiting on mine.

    27. Alex Brunk on

      Is anyone else discovering that "The Meaning of Life" is in two-channel mono? (This is particularly disappointing in comparison to the surround mix on the "Volume 1" DVD.)

    28. Missing avatar

      Matt Anderson on

      Still waiting on mine, too. I live in the US, so I didn't think shipping would take so long.

    29. Missing avatar

      James Hennessy on

      Has anyone else not received their blu-ray yet? Starting to worry that I'm not going to get one.

    30. Kerem Barlak on

      Received my pledge in Istanbul,Turkey as of today. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Jackson Coley on

      Received my Blu Ray and art print today. Blu ray is in great condition, will probably watch it tonight :D Sadly the art print arrived damaged, not too sure what I can do about that :( Did this happen to anybody else?

    32. Missing avatar

      Karl Koch on

      Watched my bluray last night, looks absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for doing this, I'm going to rewatch the hell of it.

    33. James Fluker on

      Bluray is great, very professional and satisfying job done. Congrats to Don and everyone involved, very glad I could be a part of this. Also got a bonus DVD that I may leave sealed.

      Only weird thing was on my display on the BR on my ps4 was the main feature (ISABD) did not display the selected bars (the red arrows etc) when i was trying to pick it on the main menu like it was offscreen. Eventually figured it out and it's not a big deal. Video/sound quality was great.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ewo on

      I got the blu-ray, and it works fine, and I also got a bonus DVD. I made sure to double check the envelope, but I haven't gotten the film strips, at the very least not yet.

    35. Thaddeus on

      Have yet to receive manta ray; some sort of shiny discs arrived instead.
      Is this dangerous?

    36. Nathan Brager on

      My Blu-ray works just fine on an Xbox One.

    37. Missing avatar

      Brent Sallay on

      For the record, my disc plays fine on an Oppo and a Panasonic, but it's all glitchy on a Sony.

    38. Eric Mongrain on

      received my stuff today. 1 blu and 3 dvds, couldn't be happier

    39. Mike Shepherd on

      I received my lovely Blu, and somehow managed to score every DVD except the one I already owned (!!!) Yes, the menu is funky, but the content is beautiful and well worth the tinkering!

      I'll try updating my player's firmware as indicated below. Thanks, Don/Andrew/Bitter people!

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Wilkinson on

      My player struggles with the menu, so just try patience. Wait 30 seconds for the icon to appear, then press down, 15 second delay. It does work, its just slow. Once you've managed to select something its fine.

    41. David Barbara on

      I still haven't received mine either. My friend got his 2 weeks ago and he lives a block away from me. I was also one of the first backers. Is there any way to check my shipping status?

    42. Aaron West on

      Have all discs been mailed? I am patient, but most of my friends received theirs early last week, but still nothing this week. I'm just worried that something happened to my order and not sure how to check. If there are still going out, then no worries.

    43. don hertzfeldt Creator on

      Hi guys,

      We've heard from a couple people who are having issues navigating the main menu. All of the Blu-rays were created with the same disc image, which means it's not possible for any of them to be different. So unless your copy is visibly cracked or totally blank, it's going to be exactly the same Blu-ray that everyone else has.

      There seems to be an odd compatibility issue a few people are having with certain Blu-ray players. If you're having trouble navigating the menu, please first try updating your firmware or giving it a try on a different player. If you continue to have issues, please contact me directly with the make and model of your player.

      We cannot replace copies because, again, they are all the same, but we hope to get to the bottom of why some systems are having menu trouble.

      best wishes,

      bitter films

    44. Missing avatar

      Yakov Varganov on

      Got my two copies of the Blu-ray (Yey!) but experiencing the same issue accessing menu as the others. There is a significant lag when I am trying to navigate the menu causing incorrect items to open. On a close inspection the edge of my Blu-ray appears to be slightly warped. Is there an exchange program in place to get a replacement for defective discs? Sorry if it's been answered already. Thanks!

    45. Gabriel Horstmann on

      I'm having a similar issue with my friend's blu Ray player. I'll try it with the player at my apartment later tonight but it's a bummer seeing this happen.

    46. Boris Kraft on

      Dax Schaffer I have the same problem. What a bummer. This is the first time I have a problem with the navigation of a CD.

    47. Missing avatar

      Douglas Newman on

      This is the only Kickstarter I've ever backed but for me it was a no brainer as when it comes to Hertzfeldt, I am a true consumer whore. I own all the dvds and even have all the Spike & Mike's on VHS featuring Don's work. What I wanted to say is as I imagine there are others like me that were contributors here, I implore you to pass on any of your "surprise" gifts to worthy friends, family, lovers or acquaintances... to spread the Don so to speak and not just sell them on ebay or the like.

      Thank you Don and all of the Bitter Films crew for continuing the inspired work. I always look forward to whatever happens next!

    48. Dax Schaffer on

      I was very excited to get my BluRay and the bonus DVD was a lovely surprise. However, I cannot get past the title screen menu. No amount of button pressing highlights anything, pressing enter does nothing, and pressing play gets a no way it just sits there. I have a Toshiba player and everything is up to date with my firmware, anyone else having this issue? It also looks like the left side of the menu words is being cut off. I'm going to take my copy over to a friend's house to ensure that it's nothing wrong with my particular copy, but I'm thinking it may have been authored with some compatibility kinks.

    49. Missing avatar

      J. C. on

      Got my Blu-ray Disc back on Monday, watched it in a single evening and it's one of my most prized discs in my collection. This campaign has been the most exciting, enjoyable and downright fun crowdfunding campaign I've ever been in.

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