Create and prototype you board game with the Designer's Kit!

by WinGo Games

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This project is not live
This is only a draft that the creator has chosen to share
WinGo GamesBy WinGo Games
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WinGo GamesBy WinGo Games
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HK$ 0
pledged of HK$ 80,000pledged of HK$ 80,000 goal
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This project is not live
This is only a draft that the creator has chosen to share


Get your game production-ready with the new Designer's Kit!

It includes 467 high-quality parts!

That will help you create and prototype your board game like a professional!

And make your game production-ready!


The DK in a nutshell:

  • 1. DK is an “empty game”, complete with a large selection of game components with neutral surfaces, designed to help you envision and prepare your unique game.
  • 2. DK gives you a hands-on game experience useful for developing and prototyping your game.
  • 3. DK helps prepare you for working with your manufacturer.
  • 4. DK demystifies industry terms when choosing what to use with your games (What is GSM? What are the differences between Black Core and White Core? What does a matte finish look like? What is a bleed? Etc. Etc.)

"The DK brings your idea to life and helps you create and prototype your board game like a professional!"



In case you hadn't noticed, tabletop games are booming. In fact, there's never been a better time in history for being a game designer. So if you have a great idea for a new board game that will take the gaming world with a storm, you need to turn it into a professionally manufactured game that people can actually buy, and play.


Creating and manufacturing a professional board game can be a tricky venture, even for experienced producers. The manufacturing process alone often poses big hurdles on the way to getting the game you envision. 

The DK gives you the framework for creating your board game prototype, in a step-by-step fashion, on your way to production. 

Developed for both budding and experienced game creators, it takes the mystery out of game production, and ensures that your game is manufactured just the way you want it.

"The Designer's Kit is a blueprint for designing and prepping your board game for production."



Many designers use Post-it notes to prototype their games, because, well, all they have available are Post-it notes. 

With the DK you get factory made game pieces that look like the real thing, because they are the real thing. This one-stop tool with production grade material will guide game designers through the complex preproduction stages, and prepare it for a professional game manufacturer.

When you first open your DK you will find a treasure throve of nearly 500 physical game components (see complete list of components below). Now that you have the physical parts in front of you it will be much easier to make sense of your game idea.    

You can play around with the design and gameing elements, move them around, and try things out - whatever you need to do to get your ideas to work. 



The handbook is like your game production bible, with everything you need to know about preparing files, bleed etc. etc. 


The DK comes complete with all the parts you need to design and prototype a game:

  • 1 main board  
  • 90 material cards  
  • 54 poker cards and 1 truck box  
  • 4 screens with player boards  
  • 118 chip tokens  
  • 1 sheet of sticker for blank dice  
  • 1 Game design hand book  
  • 31 dices with different usages  
  • 28 meeples  
  • 90 resource cubes  
  • 40 wafers  
  • 5 eraser markers  
  • 4 stardees 


  • An exclusive discount offer worth $500 when printing your game with WinGo! (Note that this offer only extends to campaign backers.)


The power of backers! YOU decide how far we are able to take the DK. 





Risks and challenges

1. Manufacturing problems – For most publishers and game creators manufacturing is where a project usually runs into trouble. Game manufacturing is more technical than you might think with high cost of materials and high-tech machines. Luckily, WinGo IS the factory, and we already OWN all the expensive high-tech machines. So, this risk is near zero.

2. Delays – This is another biggie for most crowd funders. Because the factory is a third party you have no control over production schedules. If a bigger client comes in most likely you are pushed out of the way. Again, WinGo IS the factory and the publisher, and DK already has a dedicated production slot.

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