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AMPY is a wearable device that captures energy from your motion, turning it into power to charge your phone or any USB-powered device
A wearable battery that transforms the energy from your motion into power for your devices
A wearable battery that transforms the energy from your motion into power for your devices
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    1. Jingyi Tan on

      Sad to say this thing doesn’t work as advertised. It works as a plug in charger, but the capacity is minimal

    2. Ilya Filimonov on

      Warning to everyone new: don't waste your money on AMPY. I honestly gave Ampy a chance, then another one, and another one. It's almost useless as a green power source: unless you shake it really hard in a very specific manner for a whole day, you won't see any significant charge. It's a passable emergency plug-in powerbank (if pre-charged from an outlet); but I already have a much better one that cost half the money.

    3. Nam Nguyen on

      havent recieved my ampy

    4. Arjun Udani on

      Hi. Haven't received the product yet. What's the update?
      Pledged the amount in 2014.

    5. Simon Joiner on

      If you want to feel better try looking at the comments for The Micro 3D Printer. Those backers had a really bad time! Ampy sucks as a green energy device but at least it works as a normal plug-in emergency charger.

    6. Missing avatar

      Collins on

      I agree. What a waste of time and money. Useless.

    7. Maurice Li on

      2 years on, still have not received my product (I pledged Nov 2014). No response to inquiry messages. I pledged $120 for...

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicole Hsu on

      What a piece of junk! So unless I'm totally jumping up and down for hours, it will not create or store any energy. I walked nearly 10 miles wearing and it didn't even blip a blue light for longer than a second. What a total scam--and a terrible waste of money. Shame on AMPY.

    9. Victor Kong on

      And here is NY Times editor and writer Greg Schmidt's, rebuttal to James on his testing....
      Hi James,

      Thanks for writing; I appreciate your feedback.

      I did some research on the Ampy Move before I began testing it, and I was aware that some users did not get good results. But in my testing, I was able to increase the power stored in the battery after running on a treadmill, and I was able to use the device to charge my phone. It's a little hard to tell how well the device stores kinetic energy, but as a portable battery, the device does work as intended.


    10. Victor Kong on

      I was recently contacted by a customer who purchased their device outside of kickstarter. Pretty sure this is consistent with most of the backers here and clear sign we just don't matter.
      James ( here - I saw your comments on the Ampy Move kickstarter page and one where you left your email information.

      Like you I'm a very disappointed customer (although I stupidly fell for this after their kickstarter debut and purchased mine online).

      These guys basically gave me the run around with all sorts of excuses (I wasn't using it properly, you had to wall charge it a little bit first, etc.) until past the 30 day mark and then pointed to that technicality in refusing to refund my money, ignoring completely of course that their device doesn't work AT ALL.

      Anyways I wanted to let you know that they're keeping up their scam. I saw today that they were featured on the York Times. Millions of americans read this so I'm sure more will get ripped off.

      The article is online at:

      I already emailed the "journalist", Greg Schmidt but he dismissed my concerns.

      Then guess what I found out? ITS A PAID PROMOTION!!!!

      Ampy hired some PR agency to shill for them and they have a post on their FB wall bragging about it:…

      What a disgrace. I cant believe a major national newspaper would ignore all the evidence and promote such a scam. And clearly, despite the TOTALFAIL they are only "amping" up their scamming ways to trick more people into buying this shit device.

      Apparently they are even trying to raise a new round of $4MM from investors!!!!

      I'm trying to contact all the other ripped off customers to let them know. Maybe together we can raise enough attention to stop these guys.


    11. Robert Márku on

      I tested AMPY for months and i'm frustrated. Thats not what i awaiting. I don't know how much moving i need for a full loading. I run really often, every day and i can be happy to become the first led light. Never more. This project is a fail for me! :/

    12. Victor Kong on

      Tried the following emails?

      Wouldn't be surprised if the folks gave up checking this page because of the "few" vocal kickstarters who find their product is flawed.

      Remember they only had to then back less then 2 percent of more then 6,000 units they shipped worldwide! Now they can move onto a version 2.0 because of that success! /sarcasm

    13. Trevor Joy

      Why can't you respond to my emails. 60km walked with the Ampy strapped to my ankle and not 1 LED lit. Please answer.

    14. Victor Ho on


    15. Oliver Harnett on

      Reading the some of the other comments here it looks like we have been sold down the river ! Disappointed !
      50 min. run, 2 hours on the bike and walking around an airport for several days cant increase the charge from 3 to 4 leds !
      I have used Kickstarter quite a few times but this the worst product I have had the misfortune to get involved with.

    16. Missing avatar on

      I backed AMPY development in October 2014 and received my unit in November 2015. I wanted it specifically to take on long hikes to help keep my phone and its navigation app going the whole time I was out (sometimes several days).

      I recently put my AMPY in the lid pocket of my rucksack where it remained for four consecutive days of mountain hiking - at least 8 hours movement on my back a day. At the end of the fourth day I got it out to recharge my phone. The AMPY had no charge in at all - completely flat. Worse than that it had destroyed my compass which was also in the lid pocket, It seems it has managed to reverse it somehow - I haven't fully investigated it and don't understand the physics by which this could have happened. All I know is that it happened and could have had very serious consequences.

      For me, AMPY doesn't work and it could be dangerous for anyone taking it with them on a trip that requires navigation by compass.

    17. Missing avatar

      John H. on

      This is my original post from 2014... I'm sorry that my concerns were well-founded and have resulted in the disappointment of many AMPY backers.


      As an engineer who has many patents in the US, China and other parts of Asia on Energy Measurement for portable devices such as smartphones, I am concerned about the efficiency of your technology in converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. I think it is a great idea for a product, but most people don't generate enough kinetic energy to power tiny wristwatches, and so I'm concerned that fellow Kickstarter will be disappointed. You're PhDs from Northwestern -- how much kinetic energy does it take to power the 1000mah battery; more precisely, at this time -- what is your patent-pending technology's efficiency in converting kinetic energy to electrical energy, and thus mechanical power to electrical power? You should know this and you should share this with the Kickstarters. Thanks!

    18. Victor Kong on

      You know if these "engineers" were willing to admit they oversold the hype of their product, I wouldn't be so pissed at them and their product. However, to read their deflecting comments and delusion just adds fuel to my anger and convinces me their snake oil salesmen! Praying on suckers like us who believes their Northwestern degrees are worth more then garbage.

      "I think when you tell people you move and then you can charge your phone - people have a high expectation of that and it will seem almost magical," co-founder Alex Smith told me

      "We can say this product isn't for everyone. It is for people who have an active lifestyle".

      "One of the issues is, when this product came out, the most popular phone on the market was iPhone 5. Since then phones have got a lot bigger. The battery is twice as big. Most power from comes from screen size," he added.

      The Ampy is a lifestyle product, Mr Smith continued.

      "A Fitbit gives you badges, this gives you battery life," he said.
      "We are not promising it is going to replace [charging at the] wall."
      On the subject of negative feedback he said it is "often difficult to meet people's expectations".
      "We think a lot of our customers are very happy," he added.

      "The ones who aren't are the most vocal".

    19. Michael Edwards on

      Ampy is a total waste of time. I got a free USB powerbank from a recruitment company that is more useful. If you are reading this before purchasing an Ampy: Avoid it like the plague, it does a disservice to clean energy products.

    20. Amali de Alwis on

      You can now read the BBC tech team review here too

    21. Victor Kong on

      Left my honest feedback that I have huge doubts of their version 2.0. Given their complete lack of communication in this public Kickstarter forum, safe to say they're going to do their best to separate the "2%" of unhappy backers from whatever new schemes they're planning.

    22. Yu Ando

      Have any of you got "We want to hear what you have to say" email from AMPY? It says "As one of our valued customers, we are inviting you to provide us with feedback regarding your experience with AMPY. We are currently developing the second generation of AMPY products and will use your feedback to inform our design and technology decisions in the new products. "

    23. Missing avatar

      Jessie Koenig on

      Well, at least I know that my device is not alone in being a wall-charged extra battery. It does not generate additional energy from motion. The only way it generates energy is if it is plugged into the wall.

      This device was not worth purchasing. While I liked and was looking forward to the concept, it still has a long way to go until it will reach what was promised.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Webster on

      Very disappointed - was an original backer on Kickstarter and the device really only gets charged when I plug it into the wall - I walk, run, cycle, skate ski and still not enough charge EVER to get my phone charged. If I was going to plug it into the wall, there are many cheaper, smaller, lighter options out there. This has been a huge disappointment...

    25. Victor Kong on

      I asked for a refund on 12/15 and got this email back............
      Hi Victor,

      I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with AMPY MOVE. While we have extended our return policy to Kickstarter backers, our policy states that customers have 30 days to return the product. As your units were delivered on 10/19, you do not qualify to return the product.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


      I know I was one of those early kickstarters with negative feedback and probably one of the reason they never asked me to PM them or offer an exchange or refund. Wish they were more upfront about their return policies or even gave me that option other then giving me a bunch of marketing jargon that blah blah blah this is only supposed to get you to the end of the day.......everyone moves differently.......try a different exercise............

    26. Dropkicker on

      Have people here outright got their refund rejected due to it being outside 30 days of delivery?

    27. Victor Kong on

      Must be nice to claim you only had to take back, exchange or refund less than 2 percent of 6,000 units since I think everyone just give up and threw theirs out...

      Sorry for only the handful of individuals like us who provide you only negative feedback on what you overly hyped to be a highly efficient motion powered battery backup. I didn't know I was getting an emergency magnetic battery that needed to be recharged from a wall outlet.

    28. Vinzius

      This project is such a scam. Doesn't work as advertised. Ah. Good liars though.

    29. Victor Kong on

      Oh and they're supposedly working on a Move 2.0 which would generate "MORE POWER and BE SLEEKER" ........nice way to let the backers of the first failed version know. Probably too busy enjoying their cozy new living and look at where they strap their devices. Same place and got the same result of 0 energy generation for a week's worth of exercising.

    30. Victor Kong on

      They got a great support team as seen from Tejas_GetAMPY in the CNET review to harp the same bull that as users we're just not moving enough to utilize their lying slogan of "Power your devices from motion"

      As backers we've only help them in making more of these overpriced batteries to swindle more investors Just look how happy the founders are!

      Ampy raises $875,000 in venture funding....

      Ampy wins at Tech. Co's startup night at CES

    31. Amali de Alwis on

      Ampy customers, please do leave your honest feedback on Amazon. The comments on there are imho not representative of the product. I did get a refund from Ampy on mine. Certainly in the UK, if the product does not work as advertised you have the right to get a refund (uk readers, see here-
      Additionally I just saw CNET have posted their own review

    32. Jeffrey Kok

      Backed 5 units of AMPY Move.
      Both my buddy and myself are marathoners and we have been taking it for hours of runs and it barely charge 1 LED after 2hrs of run. It's the same for both units and we tried attaching it to various body locations; hip, back, thigh, ankle. We also tried running on trails and flats. It's nowhere near the advertised specs and practically a deadweight IMHO

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kopetzky on

      After Weeks of trying to get out reasonable energy from your device, I must admit, that only in case I load it via cable I am able to load my NEXUS 3 halfe way.
      While moving the device does NOT produce reasonable energy levels.
      My last trial setting was, to mount the device on a constantly running and moving engine, which simulate constant moving the ampy like I am running or something similar. NO white lights even after days.
      What is your sollution?

    34. Victor Kong on

      Not enough backers are sharing their feedback on Amazon on their device. So far at least ONE person it seems has successfully gotten a refund. I think the Ampy team has given up on their backers and is now just moving to the open market to get more money from suckers like us.……

    35. Dong Xin

      Sent a PM, could you please respond? I think my device is defective

    36. Ishfaq on

      Backer no. 796 in the UK. Still haven't received anything (or any tracking info). Has mine shipped?

    37. Inno Orlando on

      Sorry, nvm. Ignore that

    38. Inno Orlando on

      Haven't received mine...

    39. Christian Viereck on

      it was a trial and it failed totally. I already throw it away.

    40. Adrian Lamothe on

      Hello, I have not recieved my ampy yet. Could you please help me? Thank you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gos on

      Any info about my refund ? Package is delivered on 7 jan. (RMA 131690131)

    42. AMPY Creator on

      @Nick -- We have reached out via PM and will send your unit.

      For all future questions or feedback, the best place to reach us is

    43. AMPY Creator on

      @Nick -- We have reached via PM and will send your unit.

      For all future questions or feedback, the best place to reach us is

    44. Missing avatar


      Before hitting kickstarter, AMPY must have had a somewhat working prototype that sold this idea to initial investors and partners. (or just your own friends and family giving you their time) What went so wrong in execution? As backers, it looks futile (and even comedic) to have someone here continuous reply to the landslide of individual complaints as if the faults are unique to each device.
      It's obvious that with the media attention and over 2500 backers, there's a sizable community that really wanted this to work. The product failed--I get it. I'm not even asking for my money back because I knew the risks. But as a backer, investor, or someone who once believed in this concept, why not just cut the facade, admit the product failed, apologize to your ex-fans, and provide an explanation of what happened?

    45. Nicholas Bush on

      Im not very impressed. I enquired about the status of my unit before christmas, when I was told it had been dispatched. After waiting a while, I checked the order tracking and left this message:


      After waiting a while to see if there was a customs delay perhaps, I still don't have my AMPY. The link provided shows that the unit was delivered to New Lennox, Illinois. Since I live in the UK and stated as such in the questionnaire you supplied, this is a little concerning. Can you provide any help with this?"

      This was on the 9th January. to date, I've received no response.

    46. Dropkicker on

      Ah, my mistake. At 3.6V input, you're at about 95% efficiency. Was reading the graph on the first page of the data sheet.

    47. Dropkicker on

      @Ampy, do keep in mind that the LTC3539 you used to generate your 5V rail is only about 82% efficient at the 1A maximum charge rate of an iPhone, so you only effectively have 1476mAh. And an iPhone's internal battery charger is going to have some power loss as well.

    48. AMPY Creator on

      @Mohammad -- AMPY MOVEs battery is 1800mAh, more than 20% the battery in an iPhone 6+. We will will reach out to hear about battery issues for your device.

    49. AMPY Creator on

      @Michelle -- We will send a PM with details to see if a replacement unit needs to be sent.

    50. AMPY Creator on

      @Tobias -- We have not received your return unit yet. We will send a PM to confirm tracking information, but will refund you once the unit is returned.

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