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Enjoy the first isolation tank that ships inexpensively, assembles in any room and offers personal sensory deprivation.
Enjoy the first complete float tank that ships inexpensively, assembles in any room and offers personal sensory deprivation right from the comfort of your home.
Enjoy the first complete float tank that ships inexpensively, assembles in any room and offers personal sensory deprivation right from the comfort of your home.
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    1. William Eng on

      I thought I'd check the comments since I received my tank to read of other backers' experiences. Been over two years since I received the Zen float tank and, get this, still haven't unpacked or used it. Still haven't gotten to read the over ten books about floating, yet. BUT I will be absolutely prepped when the day comes when I do float.

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      david on

      I'd like to sell my tank. It has been fantastic, however I'm moving and it won't be practical to take it with me. I've used it less than a dozen times, and the water is pristine. I'll sell it with or without the water. I also have an extra 50lb bag of salt. I'm open to offers. Thanks! email me at

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      david on

      Well, finally got the thing fired up in it's own little room. Heating costs are not pretty.

      I never used to heat this room so that is a consideration. I have the entire tank on 1/2 inch wood planks above a concrete floor. As of yet, it does not have additional insulation.

      Unless you keep the room near 15c/59F or above, the tank will have a hard time keeping the water warm enough. I have not found the best balance of room temp vs the tank heater running all the time.
      So far based on daily increase in electricity usage, it will cost me about $200 per month to heat this tank. So unless you're using it regularly...
      I also find that about 10 before i get in, i need to give it a good stir, as there are plenty of cold and hot water pockets. In fact the lower 6 inches is quite warm, and top is cool. Which means the temp gauge is going to have a hard time being accurate.

      My first priority is to insulate this thing. Both the bottom tank and the upper tent. I'm surprised this was not mentioned previously.

      But living where I do, on a remote island, it sure has been nice floating whenever I want.

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      Laura Weisser on

      Cool...I'll post my experiences in the forum. I haven't had a chance to get back in the tent for a couple of days. My son was sick and now I'm sick. Ugh fun.

    5. Robert Barr on

      William I used warm water to fill my tank. I had it up to about 95F when it was filled. After adding the salt the temperature dropped to around 66F. It has a tendency to drop the temperature of the water.

      The majority of the salt dissolved in about 4 hours. There was a small amount of salt that took overnight to dissolved. Stirring it helps the most. It dissolved much quicker. I just ran my hands across the bottom of the tank every hour for about 10 mins.

      It has taken over 24 hours to get back up to temp. The last 4 degrees are taking the longest. It was about 89F last night at midnight and it at 91F this morning.

    6. William Eng on

      The possibility of the salt crystalizing at lower temperatures got me to thinking about it. Since I don't have a tank set up but will when my unit arrives I'm going to fill the tank with plain water FIRST, then boost the temperature up to floating temperature and THEN put in the salt. Looks like most everybody got the salt into the solution as soon as they filled the tank. By heating the water before putting in the salt I'll be able to avoid the crystalization initially.

    7. Robert Barr on

      On the zen float website they have a forum. I just found it the other day. I started writing some stuff there and answering some questions. Come join the discussion there. :)

      I am willing to help with some of my knowledge if anyone has questions.

      I built my own berm/troff out of wood/plastic/carpet. It turned out quite nice. It was much cheaper as well. You can find a photo of it on the zen forum. I did a test of my tent and it held water fine. I am off to Salt Works today to purchase the salt and get the tank filled.

    8. Rogier Smit on

      @Laura.. never mind about the clicking issue.. did not see the official post yet in the updates section. my bad.

    9. Rogier Smit on

      @Laura: I would really like to read your floating experiences or product review! Since I am waiting for mine to arrive, it would be cool to hear from other backers their first hands-on experiences and the impact of floating on their daily life. I'm glad to read the clicking issue could be easily resolved. How exactly did you fix it? Cheers!

    10. Philip David on

      Has anyone calculated their heating costs?

    11. William Eng on

      Just rethought the idea of a berm to contain any possible spill or leaks of solution from the Zen Float Tent. Pricing of a 6'x8'x8" berm is about $1000. What about an inflatable water pool? Walmart has them for about $20. a 120"X72"X8"

    12. William Eng on

      Mine is going in the basement, on a concrete floor. Right next to a drain opening. The berm idea is better since it will retain the leaked solution and the solution can be reused after a repair of the tank's leak.

    13. Missing avatar

      Laura Weisser on

      Yep problem solved. Clicking is all gone. Thanks guys :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Laura Weisser on

      Thanks for the info on the clicking guys. I will wire tie the ground to the filter hose as suggested.
      I had an amazing float last night. Started seeing lights while relaxing then had the most serene feeling. Felt like i was out of body. Totally cool. I think I'm gonna write a book about how things progress as i use the tent.

    15. Rogier Smit on

      I would also like to hear from the creators if the clicking sound can be avoided or is normal behavior. It would definitely distract me while floating.

    16. Philip David on

      Does anyone else have constant clicking from the thermostat? Very worrisome.

    17. Missing avatar

      Laura Weisser on

      Okay the ? Was supposed to be a smiling face. Didn't work

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      Laura Weisser on

      Pushed pads closer together. Already had my first float. Was so nice to just chill out. Loved it� Had another question though. Heater switch keeps clicking on and off in that small box between the mat plug ins and the readout for the thermostat. This is happening continually every 2 seconds. Isn't there a temperature variance in the thermostat by a certain amount so it will allow a little bit of cool down before it turns back on? It seems to be trying to maintain the exact temp of 93.5. I'm afraid this will cause the mats to burn out or break. Plus it wont be possible to float with that clicking every two seconds. On my first float the temp was only 90.5 and was not quite up to temp so i didn't have the clicking.

    19. Zen Float Co 2-time creator on

      Thanks Robert! Let us know once you get everything set up and you have your first float at home :)

    20. Robert Barr on

      I just got the tank this afternoon. Still need to open the boxes and inspect everything etc. Looking forward to setting it up. I have decided on the first floor in the sitting room due to noise reasons. It is further away from a shower then I would like, but if I lay down towels from the tank to a shower upstairs it should work okay. Ideally I would like to have the shower and float tank in the same room. I am also purchasing a 6ftx10ftx1ft industrial spill berm that I am going to place the Zen Tank inside of. I will take some photos once everything is set up. Congrats on a successful shipping/launch.

    21. Zen Float Co 2-time creator on

      Laura, we suggest trying to push the pads a little closer together so that the foot sits on the floor and not on the heating pad.

    22. Missing avatar

      Laura Weisser on

      Is it okay if the foot is on the very edge of the plastic corner where the heating pad is sealed at the edge? Its not on the actual pad itself. Its kinda hard not to have this happen unless i fold this outside edge up. I have the pads about a 1/2 inch apart underneath.

    23. Missing avatar

      Laura Weisser on

      I got my tent yesterday. Mine is going in the basement. Concrete floors down there.

    24. Robert Barr on

      If your worried about spills or leaks etc and want to put something down to protect, but don't want to build out a water pan. You can purchase a industrial spill berm online. I have been looking at berms that are 6ft x 8ft x 8in deep. They hold around 340 gallons so if there was a leak it should hold the entire float tank with out spilling. You can get some that are up to 12 inches tall that hold over 400 gallons if you are really worried about not having any water overflow. The company AIRE Industrial seems to have allot of options. I will probably order my berm form there.

    25. Rogier Smit on

      Anyone received the tent already? Some were already shipped out, right? I am waiting for the first unboxing reviews to be posted online.

    26. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      Ripped down my ceiling and reinforced my beams

    27. Jeremy Lopez on

      Yes mine is going on the second floor. I was going to hire a structural engineer to make sure it will hold the weight but i decided to risk it. The first room i was going to do it in its directly over the master bedroom and it looks like it was add on and walking and jumping on the floor i feel that its not sturdy enough to hold it. The next bedroom over is directly over the garage I feel that there is no give in the flooring when jumping on it. Also I am having my contractor building me a 8x4 water pan so i will have my tent sit in it just in case it ever starts to leak i wont have to much damage done. The other option I have is downstairs room thats all bamboo flooring i didnt want risk getting bamboo flooring getting messed up with water and salt. Its still an option i guess for down starts

    28. Missing avatar

      John Cutroneo on

      Is anyone planning on putting there tent on the second floor? If so do you have any concerns about the weight?

    29. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      Josh, I never heard that about the fine grain, thanks for letting me know and for your reply. My husband wants to go with salt works too...we like the free shipping so maybe we'll go with them. Still mulling it over a bit.


    30. Josh Morrison on

      I bought Salt Works Ultra Epsom Salt, medium grain. Seems to be high quality and I got free shipping. I thought I saw somewhere fine grain is not the first choice as it may turn into a solid block if exposed to moisture.

    31. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      Hi, Jfon's wife here...I've narrowed our salt quest down to two. I'd love opinions on what you guys think is better if you're so inclined. I'm between (in fine) and salt recommended below
      USP Grade Epsom Salt
      Epsoak® USP Pharmacopeia Grade.

      The second seems better because it's Pharmacopeia Grade so I'm leaning towards that
      even though it's more expensive.


    32. William Eng on

      Just did a Google search of my own question: Why epsom salts? Came upon this blog by a science writer .... For those too lazy to read it ... the bottom line is the jury's still out. Well, given that no one knows for sure, I'll just follow the conventional belief ... epsom salts it is, then.

    33. William Eng on

      After reading the many types of available salts, not only epsom, but Dead Sea salt, etc., from saltworks, the question arises: how do we know epsom salt is the best for the purpose of floatation? Can we use other types of salts? The body is going to be in the salt solution a long time over the course of many years, are there better types of salts to use that might have other benefits? It's like buying a bed that you sleep on for over 35% of your 24 hour day ...

    34. William Eng on

      Per Philip David below, that works out to be $0.68 a pound, delivered. Up to 1,000 pounds, at which point the cost drops to $0.64 a pound.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kanwardeep Johar on

      If anyone is in Canada or North East America, there's a place called Welcome Feeds up in Bowmanville Ontario that sells 800lb of salt for just a hair over $300 CDN! Not sure how much shipping would add to this or if they even have that option, but a good option for those that can pick up :)

    36. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      Zen float posted video
      2 days ago

    37. William Eng on

      To those who are anxiously awaiting their float tanks ... get in one and relaaaaax. Time is relative.

    38. William Eng on

      Just read your email about prepping for delivery of float tank by buying epsom salt first. Univar's global headquarters is located a few suburbs away from me, in Downer's Grove, IL. Will update on cost and availability to one-time buyers like we all.

    39. matthew lubbers on

      Still waiting !!!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      Sick of looking everyday for a update. In one week it's September .
      Re-supported beams in my house for the 2600lb tank , rushing to get finished and it's not here for August like I payed for. Would like a update I'm very understand that things May take long but we would like to be informed.

    41. matthew lubbers on

      Last time Zen commented on here was back in June. . Hmm..

    42. matthew lubbers on

      Like wise Justin W, 1600 dollars, not a lot of updates .. I'm waiting to order my salt sense lack of communication from Zen Float Co or who ever is supposed to keep people on the up and up..

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin White on

      I am concerned about the lack of updates regarding production and shipping.

    44. Josh Morrison on

      My salt was just delivered today, excited to hear when my float tent will arrive.

    45. Missing avatar

      JOR FON on

      I'm wondering the same thing . Did any one buy salt I'm still looking.

    46. Kevin Knowlton on

      Just wondering if there were any updates on when these will start to ship. Thanks!

    47. Mattnew Nash on

      Hi Shane. I know you must be very busy but I've sent you an email regarding the issue of commercial grade filters for wholesale backers but as yet I've had no response. Please could you confirm whether or not you are offering these. Thanks

    48. Robert Barr on

      There are "grades" of Epsom Salts you need to worry about with a float tank. There is the "Regular/Agricultural" "Industrial" and "USP". There are different ways of manufacturing and packaging Epsom salt, but chemically, it's all exactly the same. There are also different "grades" of Epsom salt for different applications such as human use and agricultural applications.

      Any package that has a "drug facts" box or that's labeled "USP" has been manufactured, tested and certified to meet stringent regulatory standards of the FDA and the United States Pharmacopeia, and is deemed safe and acceptable for human use.

      This is where things get interesting and you have to decide what you want to do. From what I know the salt is manufactured in the same facility on the same line. The regular grades they test a certain number of bags to make sure it meets the requirements. The USP they test every batch/bag to make sure it meets the USP requirements. You could imagine the same conveyor belt of salt being split in to two different streams. One is tested more frequently. Any non-scented Epsom salt that is agricultural grade or better should be fine. I would avoid Epsom Salts that are graded for industrial uses.

      With USP grade you are paying more to the assurance that every bag is tested and certified USP. With agricultural grade your basically getting the same salt, but only a portion of the batch is tested.

      Most important you don't want any scented Epsom salts. There is allot of odor in those scented salts and you would really create a noxious smelling environment and would be figuratively "suffocated" by mint/rosemary/etc inside the tank.

      I hope this helps! Happy floating everyone. I am very excited to get my tank.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bruno Serra Loff Barreto on

      I would also appreciate knowing when in the summer I can expect the tent to arrive (i.e., including shipment to Portugal).

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