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A Bowerbag the award winning new messenger bag, backpack, and a saddlebag all in one. Carry everything from an I-pod to an elephant.
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How to use a Bowerbag!

Posted by jamie (Creator)

Hi Guys, here is a link to a Savannah Morning News article that came out yesterday about the Bowerbag. It provides great background about the project you made possible as well as an instructional video demoing the numerous configurations for the bag.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for supporting this project, it wouldn't have been possible without you.

Best -Jamie

Bags in the Mail!

Posted by jamie (Creator)

Thats right folks, bags r in the mail! Its been a long time coming but they are coming to ya! Special thanks to Page Schmucker, DCT, and Laney B. $100 backers should be seeing some bags in the mail soon, $250 and $500 are coming too, I'm just getting bigger boxes for shipping. Huge thanks to everyone who supported this project, it hasn't been easy but wouldn't be possible without you.


Posted by jamie (Creator)

Hi guys here are the bags, 

2 down, 98 to go. I have received the order from the factory for 100, and I am now putting on all the custom fabrics.

I printed, hand washed and produce most of the custom fabric

let it dry, then I sew it on,

this is where I work,

its my dining room turned sweatshop. Those boxes on the right are bags!

I will begin mailing out bags in about 7 days, once all fabric plates have been completed. I have received several address changes but will confirm addresses before sending. Thanks again for supporting this project, I know its been a long road. Thanks for all your support!

Best -Jamie

Production underway

Posted by jamie (Creator)

Hi Guys, thankfully they were finally able to squeeze me in on the production floor, the long anticipated wait is almost over! The bags are nearing completion. We are doing the custom fabrics as we speak and they should be getting mailed off by the end of the month. 

As usual my sincere apologies for the delays, if anyone has changed addresses or is in a new residence since the backer report was sent out please send the new address to me either through this site or email me at and I will make the necessary corrections.

Thanks so much for supporting this project I know its been a long wait, I look forward to your feedback and I'm excited to hear your stories!

Best -Jamie

Production Start Date

Posted by jamie (Creator)

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