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Help us raise money for a live orchestrated performance by Christopher Escantle in Utah, for an upcoming First Person Shooter title!
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Hello everybody so I've decided to update everyone on what's been going on with the game new features such-and-such, but before I get into that I would like to thank all the wonderful backers who is generously donating money into the orchestrated production of this game, every dollar counts and really does motivate the Dev team. I would also like to thank the Dev team and the voice cast of Abandoned you guys are doing/did an amazing job.

So to start off let's talk a bit about Christopher Escalante.

Christopher Escalante is a super talented guy who plays a main voice acting role in the game, it wasn't till later that he offered a music orchestrated performance. This project is basically focused on a music orchestrated performance everything will be documented and later put into a behind the scenes video. The Black Lion Media team are definitely looking forward to what's coming next with Chris.

Also me and our Cinematics Director Raphel P. have been working on the cut-scenes of the game, we're planning to use some of the money to work with some video studios to create some amazing scenes for you guys!

Here is the official "Main Voice Cast" of Abandoned:
Nick Louie
Ariel Highwind
Christopher Escalante
Frank Hunter

Information about their roles will be posted in a later update.

The first three levels have been completed, the AI has been worked on and some shots have been already been recorded for our next teaser video the other levels are still heavily WIP.

So hope you guys enjoyed this update the picture up on top is a work-in-progress of one of the cutscenes in the game, thanks to the supporters you guys are amazing!

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