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A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
3,294 backers pledged €72,395 to help bring this project to life.

200 % / News about the Closed Beta

Posted by Caroline (Collaborator)

Greetings, Admirals!

Only 7 days left until the end of our Kickstarter campaign! Again, we really want to thank all the (almost) 2500 backers who have allowed us to reach… 200% of our initial goal! Thanks to you, we’ll get to make the version of Crying Suns that we always imagined.

We also want to thank press and influencers who have helped us spread the word about our game. We’ve already told you about Kotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun in the Kickstarter news #11. We are now proud to add PC Gamer with their article, “Crying Suns smashes Kickstarter goal, aims to be FTL but with more story”. These reviews have helped us a lot! 

The Closed Beta will soon be launched!

The Crying Suns’ Closed Beta will be launched shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends, in early August.

Our Kickstarter news #4 detailed the features and improvements you will find in our Closed Beta. Here are some additions:

  • Integration of imperialist battleships
  • Improvements to lighting
  • Integration of new sounds effects in the introduction cutscene and the run customization screen
  • Integration of an options screen (yes, FINALLY you will be able to quit the game ^^)
  • Improvement to our tooltip visibility
  • Integration of visual feedbacks when your squadrons go through asteroids and lose life points
  • Integration of generic Heroes with a procedural appearance
  • And, of course, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs

We are also implementing a forum in order to discuss the Closed Beta… and, of course, other topics! 

How to join the early Beta Testers?

Select the “Beta access package” tier (30 €) or upwards, and you’ll be among the first to test the Crying Suns’ Beta! 

Thanks for your support!

During the next 7 days, please continue to share our campaign with others. Invite your friends, and, most importantly, enjoy the demo!