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A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
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Stretch goal #3 - Epic Boss Fights

Posted by Caroline (Collaborator)

Greetings supporters!

As we have almost reached our second stretch goal, it’s time to give more details about the third, which we’ve briefly mentioned in our survey. Our team is really enthusiastic about it, and we hope you will be too!

The third stretch goal is all about Boss Battles. As the Demo only shows the first sector of the first chapter, you haven’t fought against any of our weird, menacing Bosses yet. But, in the final version of Crying Suns, if you’re good enough, you’ll fight a Boss at the end of each run (every 4 sectors). And with your help, we can make these boss fights EPIC! 

Stretch goal #3 - Epic Boss Fights: 60.000 € 

If we reach 60.000 € before the end of the campaign, we’ll add several features to our initial boss-fight designs: 
  • Enhanced and bigger Boss Battleships: With your help, we can work on new / bigger / more impressive versions of our 6 Boss battleships (see the "small" preview below). 
  • Boss Mega Weapon: we will also add a “Mega Weapon” gauge that fills up in the course of a battle. Once the gauge is completely full, a special effect occurs, like, for example: - A swarm of squadrons materialize on the battlefield, ready to attack you
    - A big wave of damages spread across the battleground damaging your units
    - A Giant EMP bomb is dropped on your battleship, disabling and crippling you with its various critical effects 
  • Unique Boss Squadrons: we will design unique squadrons, which only the Bosses will use.
  • Additional Boss AI behaviours and patterns: we will tailor the AI and the Boss setup to offer a whole new experience. The player will need to adopt new strategies to win. And, against the toughest bosses, doing a bit of fight-preparation may even be necessary. 
  • Boss Evolution: If you’re skilled enough to beat a boss in a fight, they might not be dead yet and could come back to challenge you to yet another battle, adopting new fighting strategies and using new and better weapons to keep you constantly challenged. 

 It will be EPIC!

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