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A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
A rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.
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      Spectalys on

      More contents and events = better game :)

    2. Adam Woodall on

      For stretch goals, I'd have to reiterate what some of the others have said. Boarding parties, hull cut out for ship upgrades (xcom style), different difficulty settings, disable ship options instead of destroying them for better loot (Scrap, additional fighters/drones/ect)

      A couple of things I think could improve the game is multi-ship combat, allowing you to 'call in additional support craft as a power up or bigger support vessles to aid against fighters/drones. Another important one to mention is Mod support. I Can't tell you the amount of times I've replayed stellaris or xcom 2 due to their mods changing the game completely.

    3. SniperKnighter on

      I had mentioned this before but perhaps some voice acting to make each character more personalized.

      Character customization might be good to see as well.

      A difficultly setting or like you guys mentioned make the game less frustrating by perhaps adding better upgrades like perhaps a stealth upgrade to be able to not engage in pirate battles as often or an upgrade that increase the damage of your ships or the bulkyness of them, or upgrades allowing for the increase of effectiveness of the upgrades such as making the hulls upgrades much more then just 5+.

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      John McNabb

      Linux support.

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      Carcenac on

      Quelques idées pour les SG :
      - un mode "endless waves" (sans le scénario avec comme objectif le scoring)
      - la possibilité d'upgrader ou 'leveler' les différentes composantes du vaisseau (armes, nouvelles compétences, les escadrons, ...) ainsi que les officiers (nouvelles compétences, amélioration de leur efficacité en combat, exploration facilitée, ...)
      - un mode "restauration" ou "construction", qui serait une sorte de suite à l'aventure initiale où le but serait de reconstruire ou restaurer une partie de l'empire (si vous connaissez 'Halcyon 6')
      - les abordages (via les commandos avec risque que leur mission devienne une mission-suicide ou même certains héros)
      - De la customisation à tous les niveaux (l'amiral, les héros, les vaisseaux, les escadrons et pourquoi pas ces pauvres commandos également)
      - Amélioration des phases d'exploration pour les rendre plus interactives et un peu plus basées sur la connaissance et l'expérience du joueur plutôt que juste le rng (sans aller aussi loin, mais 'darkest dungeon' peut être une inspiration dans la manière de préparer une expédition)
      - implémentation de quêtes et missions secondaires (pour débloquer vaisseaux, améliorations, héros, armes)
      - Différentes fins (un concept à la 'Out there' ou à la 'valkyrie profile' : plus le joueur s'impose de contraintes plus il se rapproche de la 'vraie fin')
      - une meta-progression (certaines armes ou héros qui, une fois débloqués en jeu, sont sélectionnables pour un prochain run)

      Voilà quelques idées que votre démo m'a inspiré. J'ai pas mal d'autres concepts en tête mais ceux énoncés me semble les plus intéressants et importants!

      Bon courage pour la suite de la campagne KS!

    6. Jason Parks on

      Please build in modding support from the beginning! Android support would also be great!

    7. Missing avatar

      C45513 on

      I'd like a playable female Admiral Idaho option, and Linux support.

    8. Missing avatar

      SabreUr on

      I think one idea that could be pretty fun would be boarding actions, similar, if smaller in scale, to expeditions. Maybe send a boarding torpedo and permanently disable subsystem, suffocate crew and scrap relatively intact ship (like in FTL), or maybe enemy battleship won't be entirely destroyed, so you can board it and plunder it (free slaves to get more commandoes, get scrap/NeoN, maybe hack their computers and get location of hidden station).

      Expanding expeditions system - outfit your team with lightweight vehicles, better communication, pay NeoN to supercharge radar to get some scans of what awaits them on the ground, give them option to call support (orbital bombardment?).

    9. Missing avatar

      Dillon Moise on

      For kickstarter stretch goals I had some suggestions:

      My first one was probably customization options such as coloring the battleship or a choice of paint scheme :) This is mostly just to make the adventure more unique to players as they go through space in their own custom colored battleship.

      My 2nd one was perhaps hybrid battleships. Either to be unlocked after beating the game with the selected ships from the start menu or unlocked via in game events. I think this would really mix things up gameplay wise for example one ship having more armor but another having more weapons. The hybrid would take the more in between approach though it wouldn't have the same amount of armor or weapons as the original ships.

      My last idea was maybe more events or hidden ones to make adventures even more unique :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Claudio Alessio Musso on

      I quote Vryl, Felix Fehse, Stephane Hillebrand ideas.

    11. Hobbes on

      Subcapitals would definitely be good.

    12. Cthulhus on

      For a new SG, why not a Digital PDF game manual (or printed for higher tier). I love manuals like it was in the 90. I’d love to see a nice one. With poster, charts, tutorials... what are the plans regarding this ?

    13. Vryl

      While it would take a lot of work rebalancing everything, one thing I would like to see is some medium-weight ships for your fleet. Right now it's cruisers, fighters and drones - what about corvettes and frigates and the like? It just seems like a huge jump from fighter squadrons straight to capital ships.

    14. Missing avatar

      Felix Fehse on

      This game is about replayability, so I'd suggest any stretch goals go towards move variety (more ships, more species, more planet-types, more background graphics, more music, more story).

      What makes me love Jazz and classical music over pop is the change of mood during the pieces, while in pop it's just one mood/flavor the whole piece long... Please don't make the same mistake with your game - especially when it's gonna be played many times!

      Assuming you're playing clones one after another, then your previous actions will have changed the universe for the second play-through. So why not change the mood, environment and stories with it? That way, every new play will be slightly different and your actions matter - even for the next round!

    15. Stéphane Hillebrand on

      Hi There and congrats for reaching soon your goal !

      For the stretch goal, it shouldn't be one, but if it wasn't planned at the beginning... MODS ! Let people adding ships, hero, weapons and so...

      And for others things, in bulk :
      - Other languages
      - More animations (the graphics are pretty awsome, so why deprive)
      - Another console support (Android, Switch, and so)
      - Multiplayer (One on weapon, other on squad ?)
      - Alternate story / campaign

      That's all for now, maybe I'll have some others ideas later


    16. Matthew Emmanuel on

      Would be cool if the 600 Early Copy Backers could access the Closed Beta with an add-on. Maybe a stretch goal would be giving more people access to the Closed Beta too?

    17. Timothy B-H on

      I'm not sure if this is where I should put this stretch goal idea, but how about when upgrading systems you can see a cutaway of the inside of your ship, with NPCs just minding their own business. Commandos over there, scientists, grunts, etc. just make things a little prettier or more interesting with each. Might make you feel more connected with your ship and crew if done right, your ship feeling a little more alive.