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Our first run sold out! More styles available through our website at
We can't wait to deliver our Kickstarter orders and #rompthesummer. In the meantime, check out more styles at
We can't wait to deliver our Kickstarter orders and #rompthesummer. In the meantime, check out more styles at
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    1. Grant Risner about 1 hour ago

      LOL to being told everyone would have their RompHim by August 5th! Then switching to AUGUST 25th and now being told it won't even ship till AUGUST 28th!? OMFG. Filing a complaint with Kickstarter and also filing with the BBB. This is absolutely insane. I cannot believe I put my trust into a group of idiots like you people. Never again.

    2. ACED Design Creator about 5 hours ago

      @Robert - Sorry for the delay! We're a new company so this is our first time working with these manufacturing and fulfillment partners. While we are also disappointed in the delays (trust me, we want nothing more than to see our backers romping!), we want to continue passing along the latest information we have. The team is hard at work getting these out the door as quickly as possible to get you romping ASAP.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Bloomfield about 5 hours ago

      Before you stated they would be shipped and delivered by the 25th? Now they're being shipped on the 25th or later? We've been waiting months for this to happen so we can wear them before it gets cold out. Very unprofessional and not up to par. Please make up your mind and stick to something. This is getting ridiculous.

    4. ACED Design Creator about 10 hours ago

      I should also add for the group that single order (1 RompHim pledge) Red Chambray, Blue Chambray, and Paint Splatter (sized M) are all still on track to go out for delivery by 8/25. Single order Paint Splatter (XS, S, L, XL) will go out for delivery by 8/29.

    5. ACED Design Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Grant Risner - We don't think it's funny either. Our apologies as we've worked to get these out as quickly as we can. I see you ordered a Large Splatter print, which is on track to arrive at our shipping facility on Monday, 8/28 and ship out to you on Tuesday, 8/29. I realize this is different than what was communicated below, but please bear with us as we get up to speed with new shipping and fulfillment partners. We are learning a lot as we get out these first orders and are committed to using those learnings and customer insights to get better!

      @Daisuke Nagaki and @Pflanzenzombie - Kickstarter backer 2-packs with Splatter and Blue Chambray are scheduled to arrive at our shipping facility on Wednesday, 8/30 and ship out to customers that same day. You will receive tracking information at that time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pflanzenzombie about 11 hours ago

      2 days left. I want to get it shipped now. I expected to be able to wear my RompHim this year, but with the speed of all of this I'll probably have to wait until next summer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daisuke Nagaki about 16 hours ago

      I'm assuming they haven't even gotten around to international shipments...

    8. Grant Risner 1 day ago

      Still no shipping info. This is becoming a complete joke. One that is not funny. I will not be telling friends to order anything from RompHim. How unprofessional this whole thing has been.

    9. ACED Design Creator 7 days ago

      Hey Everyone,

      We are still on track to have your order shipped out and delivered to you between August 21-25th. As soon as your RompHim's ship out, you will receive an email containing tracking information. We cant wait to get these to you and we know you will love them.


    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Bloomfield on August 16

      Saw the follow up emails saying that it would be received on or before the 25th of August. I have yet to receive shipping information. Is this still a good estimated time to get it?

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Posey on August 16

      Looking to receive information on shipment. I haven't received any details about my order being shipped. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andre warren on August 16

      Hi I haven't had any shipping details ' could you please chase it up
      And get back to me ' cheers

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcus on August 15

      Hi, Is there somewhere I can go to track my shipment. It should have been been sent out by now, but I haven't gotten any confirmation of notification.

    14. ACED Design Creator on August 11

      @James Rowley - we'd love to hear more from you on what elements of the product didn't live up to your expectations. We'll send you over an email to get more of your thoughts, and look forward to getting your feedback.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Rowley on August 11

      Finally received my romphim - I can't tell you how disappointing the final product is. From the poor fabric, to the ill-tailored dimensions... I've seen better quality (and fitting) product at Forever21. I really regret backing this project...

    16. J. David Anderson on August 10

      Hi Fabricio! What RompHim isn't telling anyone is that they f'd up the quantities on last week's shipment. They don't seem too concerned with updating the people who made their new business possible. Feel free to follow me on twitter and Instagram @jontheway Also, feel free to gram and tweet using #RompRevolt If they choose to respond to anything I'll be sure to post here so you know what's up.

    17. Fabricio Torres-Rueda on August 10

      Is there any update on when they will be shipped? Its Aug 10, they were set to be shipped Aug 4 and haven't received any updates.

    18. J. David Anderson on August 10

      Hey Grant! I'm starting a support group for RompHim Kickstarter supporters who are currently caught in their hell missed deadlines and unresponsive customer service. Add me on twitter. Maybe we can get their attention. @j_ontheway

    19. Grant Risner on August 9

      This is starting to get a little fishy.. since no one is responding to anyone. It's the 9th and you said you would start shipping on the 5th. Still no tracking number and no I don't live in a dense city or the west. Get it together already...

    20. Missing avatar

      Taii Virvasi on August 8

      Backer 537, I got an email on the third as the last chance to confirm my shipping address but haven't heard anything yet on tracking. I see I'm not the only one having issues, if you could lemme know if you need anything else that would be great!

    21. J. David Anderson on August 6

      Y'all...I'm backer #20...I live in NYC...and I've not received anything...

      My friends who I encouraged to support the Kickstarter ALL have...

      Anyone? Anyone?

    22. Wynne Boliek on August 6

      I have still not received an email with shipping information and it is now pay any of the dates you have on your chart. When will I get something?

    23. Missing avatar

      Dillon Arch on August 2

      Hello, will I receive an email once my order has shipped so I can track my order? Backer #1969

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Fenske on August 2

      HI! Going to be really bummed if this doesn't make it in by the end of Lolla. Does "high density cities other than west coast" mean Chicago? Can I expect mine on Friday?

    25. Glenn M. Snellgrose II on August 1

      I have yet to receive any kind of information in regards to shipping. Since I live in Chicago, should I have received my romphim yet?
      Glenn, Backer #127

    26. Michael Butrum on July 27

      Would it be possible to pay more, or accept any color for a faster turn around time? Sad that my RompHIm is going to miss out on his second festival of the summer!

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Farmer on July 26

      Hi! Is there a way to track delivery? I'm backer 157 and expected delivery is July, so wondering how I can check. thank you!

    28. Louie Guarino on July 15

      Im sure this is a repeated question but was wondering: Im backer 1614. My bday is Aug 20 and expected delivery is Aug 2017. Do you think I would be receiving it (Toronto) by then? I really want to crush my birthday outfit with this! Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Dance on July 9

      Got my survey, filled out my size, reading all the comments and anxiously waiting! Would like some cool stats like how many other proud rompMen backed, how many have you guys seen, how many styles have been created, what hashtag do we all need to use and who had theirs yet! Can't wait! (My expected date says August?? Are we still on track?)

    30. ACED Design Creator on June 29

      @Parker sorry for the delay, just sent you an email. @Michael our Customer Service team will send you an email to help work out your issue.

    31. Michael Hayes on June 29

      I was billed this month, but I haven't gotten any form for my style, size or address. How do I do that?

    32. Missing avatar

      Parker Hague on June 24

      I was told over a week ago that we would “be in touch”. Should I be expecting an email any time soon?

    33. ACED Design Creator on June 22

      @Christopher- great idea, we're working on it! You can sign up for our email list at to receive updates on all our latest styles.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher on June 22

      You should make a pride romper. That would be awesome!

    35. ACED Design Creator on June 20

      @Rob We are very excited to and cannot wait to get these out to everyone. As soon as we have exact dates we will update everyone

    36. Missing avatar

      Rob Gran on June 19

      I need my freedom Romper now! The USofA needs fine young men (like myself) braving these mean streets rompin' freedom all across this land in a single piece of fabric sewn together creating an outfit that screams, Bald Eagle!

      But for real, my ship date says July 2017. I need more pacifics pls. That will be all.

    37. ACED Design Creator on June 16

      @Cody we know the feeling, the excitement is almost too much for us to bear!

    38. ACED Design Creator on June 16

      @Theron- sending you an email now to sort that out

    39. Missing avatar

      Cødy Røbins on June 16

      I literally can not wait. I'm so excited. Thank you for making these!

    40. Missing avatar

      Theron Atgbe James Ogedengbe on June 14

      Hey guys I was looking for a direct message for this awesome company. But I was wondering why I was double charged. If I can get some information that would be amazing.

    41. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Ryan you should have seen one this morning!

    42. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Thomas oh yeah! Send pics!

    43. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Nancy we're working as fast as we can!

    44. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Jacob we can't wait either! We're sure you're gonna look great!

    45. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Parker we'll be in touch

    46. Missing avatar

      Ryan Miller on June 13

      I backed in May but I haven't received anything asking for my sizing information yet. When should I expect an email?

    47. Missing avatar

      Thomas Muldowney on June 13

      This 54 year old man can wait to rock his 4th of July Romphim at the local parade!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Nancy Holverson on June 13

      My soon-to-be college son can't wait til he gets his! He was hoping to have it this summer �before vacation - fingers crossed �

    49. Missing avatar

      Jacob Williams on June 13

      Finally! Now the real waiting begins. Can't wait to rock them at every function this summer!

    50. Missing avatar

      Parker Hague on June 13

      Is there a way to back out once the project funding has ended? My financial situation is different now than it was a month ago.

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