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Our first run sold out! More styles available through our website at
We're back with another Kickstarter for the RompSuit- check it out via the link below!
We're back with another Kickstarter for the RompSuit- check it out via the link below!
3,062 backers pledged $353,804 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thorne sirbak on

      Hi. I never received my RompHim. I pledge $94 about a year ago. Please email with an update. Thanks.

    2. ACED Design Creator on

      Hi Christine- we've been hoping to get your RompHims out to you for a while now but haven't been able to get in touch; we'll send you a direct message to coordinate :-).

    3. Missing avatar

      Cristine Caringal on

      Hi my backer # is 3092 amount of 230$ with confirmation 16b84f0e759c0bcbdc91731fc2ba6065, havent got my items yet pls advise

    4. Missing avatar

      Cristine Caringal on

      Hi i havent got my items yet i pledged long time back pls reply

    5. ACED Design Creator on

      @Ronak Sheth Please check your kickstarter messages. We have reached out to you to correct this. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    6. Ronak Sheth on

      I haven't yet received my RompHim

    7. Donald P Sullivan on

      I still haven't received my romphim

    8. ACED Design Creator on

      @Richard Hey Richard! Since you didn't fill out the KS survey until a few weeks ago, your order wasn't mailed out until last week. Looks from the tracking that it's set to deliver today! We'll message you the tracking info.

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard Posey on

      I submitted a request for status on August 16. I still have not received any update on my order. Please respond.

    10. ACED Design Creator on

      @Jared just followed up via message with details

    11. Jared Joiner on

      Any chance you can confirm I completed the shipping survey? Or will I receive a message from Shyp?

    12. ACED Design Creator on

      @Jordan Glad to hear it- stay safe and Romp On!!

    13. Jordan Samuel Adcock on

      I just got mine in and tried it on. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is ready to Romp during Irma.

    14. ACED Design Creator on

      @Nicholas hey there! Sorry the fit is off for you- we saw your message in our Kickstarter inbox and will follow up about getting you living your best #romplife

    15. ACED Design Creator on

      @Christopher Thanks! It makes us so happy to hear from happy Romp Squad members- we can't wait to see how everyone romps this weekend.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Gray on

      Hi Aced! I believe I sent you a message but not sure if it went through because I have yet to see a reply. I noticed that many people in this comments section are receiving fast answers so I thought I'd try. I followed the size guide when ordering my Romphim and the fit is wayyyyyyyy off. It is so incredibly large. Like too much to bring to a tailor. I would really appreciate return information so that I could possibly exchange my garment for a smaller size or receive a full refund. I would really appreciate your help here! Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Just got my Romphims and they are amazing, and fit like a glove! Thank you guys for making such a great product. Can't wait to romp this labor day weekend!

    18. ACED Design Creator on

      @Louis @Michael- we hear you guys. Michael, we've been getting consistent feedback that the tracking dates being quoted are very generous (see @rickie's comment below). We sent everything domestic via USPS Priority, which generally takes 1-3 days. Louis, unfortunately the Splatter XL are the last to ship out (they go out tomorrow)- so it should get to NY by early next week.

      We realize it's frustrating that your RompHims are being delivered towards the end of summer, but we know the Romp Squad is gonna get use out of these year-round. And although they may be a "meme" for some people, they're far from a joke to us- we think the RompHim is all about self-expression and owning your style, and that's here to stay no matter the season.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Apuzzo on

      Second what Louis said... I received confirmation and was given a delivery date of September 8th when these, originally, were supposed to be here in August, and a couple weeks ago were told they'd be here before Labor Day. I understand too this is a new project for you all, but these shipments should have atleast been overnighted to compensate for how late they are. You asked everyone to pledge $100 to a product they thoght they'd have for atleast some point during this summer, and instead people aren't even receiving them until mid September.

    20. Louis Prizzi on

      Have yet to receive any shipping info.... the "hot item of the summer" isn't gonna be here until well into September.... really disappointed in this whole experience.... I understand that this whole thing is a lot huger than you guys expected, but you gotta see where we're all coming from here... we spent $100 on a summer garment that's basically become a meme, and we won't have it for the summer of 2017....

    21. ACED Design Creator on

      @Dylan XL Splatter should be shipping out tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for tracking info!
      @Lester We hope so too! Given our experience with USPS you should be in good shape
      @rickie Thanks for helping out a fellow Romp Squad member!
      @Greg We just responded to your message; since your survey wasn't filled out until a couple weeks ago you'll be in the second batch leaving Fri/Tues. RompHim incoming soon!

    22. Missing avatar

      Lester Robinson on

      @rickie that's what I figured but just wasn't sure. I was planning OKC wearing it next Thursday so really hoping it comes!

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Matz on

      Still haven't received my shipping info yet the shipping window said my romphim should've been delivered by yesterday...

    24. rickie on

      @Lester Robinson Mine said that too, it said it won’t be delivered until next thursday but after a day had past i went to check on it again and it changed saying it will be delivered to me tomorrow.

      Just wait a while for the package to go through all it’s channels, what i think it is showing you is the max time it would take till delivery before it has been shipped out of the shipping company and towards your location.

    25. Missing avatar

      Lester Robinson on

      The delivery window for the splatter paint is 8/31-9/3, however my shyp tracking # shows that it would be delivered by 9/8, why is this?

    26. Missing avatar

      Dylan George on

      Hi there, Just wanted to reach out and ask if all shipping emails have gone out. So far I have not received mine.

    27. ACED Design Creator on

      Hey backers,

      Very fair questions regarding size exchanges. We know that ordering the correct size the first time can be quite tricky since you're ordering a garment type that most of you have never tried before!

      As stated in our Kickstarter FAQs, we can't guarantee any exchanges since we produced a certain number of units based on the surveys you all filled out. However, we are going to do everything we can to honor exchange requests wherever possible.

      For the next few days we are still prioritizing shipping out the remaining Kickstarter orders, who are understandably getting antsy. After that, we'll immediately shift gears to start working our way through exchanges. If you would like to exchange for a different size, please send an email to including the size you received and the size you would prefer. Need help knowing which size to get? Check out our fit guide:

      Team RompHim

    28. Missing avatar

      James Abelsen on

      Could we get some info on how to return our item

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason Pacos on

      I just received my blue romper in size large. Unfortunately I need an xl. Is there an exchange program?

    30. Missing avatar

      Kevin Archbold on

      I ordered a medium and it fits me way too long and loose. Is there a way to return and order a small? Or does anybody want to buy a medium sized blue one?

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Archbold on

      Is there anyway to return and change the size?

    32. Missing avatar

      Goutham R Adelli on

      Still did not receive any email notification about my order.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Received mine. Well made product. But, it does not come close to fitting me. The mid section is so long the waist is under my balls. If I pull it up I have a huge puffy middle section. Who wants to buy's a Large Blue version?

    34. Margaret Haas on

      Hey we got a large but it's a bit too short for his torso- can I exchange for an xl instead?

    35. ACED Design Creator on

      @Grant Risner: Hey Grant - we appreciate the feedback. In retrospect, we should have given ourselves a bit more buffer time earlier this summer when communicating ship dates as opposed to relaying the specific dates that we had initially agreed on with our manufacturers. As you said, there's nothing we can say at this point to change that- so all we can do is learn from it and keep working around the clock to get product to our backers as quickly as we can.

    36. Grant Risner on

      I complain about RompHims empty promises then I get a response with MORE excuses! And on top of that they try to hide behind Kickstarter as a way of justifying what they have done. I also get an email saying I can return my RompHim. Hahaha nope! Return it so you guys can just sell it for $120+ when I bought it for $100? Yea I don't think so. Y'all need to work on getting WAY better customer service skills and stop making up excuses for your screw ups! After you realized how big this was (which you stated yourself was early on) you should have moved the receiving dates back to September instead of sending email after email extending the delivery date by a WHOLE MONTH. BTW I've had a fashion writer contact me from GQ. Ig a live feed interview with him tonight and will be telling him in detail about this whole fiasco.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tim Kondziela on

      Extremely frustrated and annoyed with this because an entire event was planned (in Mid July) for my birthday 8/27 around this item and as of now it is not even shipped despite multiple updates saying it will be happening soon. So I've got 50 people showing up to a themed event and the guest of honor (me) won't have a proper themed outfit along side several other fellas who backed. So much for "romping" all summer as promised for early backer...

    38. Missing avatar

      Katy Meyer on

      I got the baby blue RompHim for my husband for his birthday and he loves it! The fabric is lightweight but also feels very durable. Very happy I didn't go with one of the knockoffs from stores - the RompHim is much higher quality than the others I've seen. You can tell by how it's designed that a lot of work went into getting the fit and look just right. Even the packaging had an attention to detail. Thank you RompHim! Highly recommended.

    39. Missing avatar

      Victor Wong on

      What's up RompHim Squad? Can't wait for more Patterns and designs to roll out! I plan on adding both One-of-a-Kinds to my repertoire. Although my 9 month old has drooled all over mine, we are still rompin. I've always been known to either wear typical work clothes or a tennis/basketball outfit so my RompHim has made a statement and I love it! Comfy, and my wife said I look hot in it - what's not to love? Romping at the US Open during Labor Day weekend to close out the summer right - RompOn!!!

    40. ACED Design Creator on

      @Taylor - We appreciate your patience! We're 100% focused on getting orders out the door right now, but we're absolutely planning on some discounts for our Kickstarter backers that we think you'll like. Expect more on this in the next couple of weeks once all orders have been delivered!

      This project would not have been possible without your support and we thank you for that!

    41. ACED Design Creator on

      @eric - Just wanted to circle back on this. The e-mail last night stated: "All of the red and SOME of the light blue single packs have left Shyp already...3-packs and the rest of the light blues are on track to go out tomorrow."

      As such, we expect yours will be leaving our shipping facility today. You probably saw in the e-mail as well that Shyp will generate an email with tracking info once it leaves the facility, so you should see that today too.

      I'll follow up over e-mail to ensure I've answered your question.

    42. Missing avatar

      Taylor on

      Some insight from someone in the apparel industry:

      As frustrating as it is to be told we'd be "Romping All Summer" it does take time to secure the qualities of fabric, and most fabric comes from overseas and clothing is manufactured overseas which drastically increases lead times on items, especially when the demand skyrockets.

      That being said, as angry/annoyed as the customer base is, Team RompHim should really be providing all the backers with a 25% new orders coupon or something comparable, especially when everyone on his page helped RompHim amass over a quarter million dollars. You're right, the orders aren't shipping as anticipated and you have little control over that. What you do have control over is how you react to customer complaints, and posting vague updates regarding shipping information isn't great customers service, especially in a tough retail environment. Male rompers are popping everywhere and if you want to separate The Original Romp Him from competitors, poor customer relations are not going to help in the long run.

      PS. I have stellar week planned on the beach over Labor Day Weekend, a farewell to summer if you will, and I'm not torn up about not having my RompHim all summer, but will be SUPER annoyed if I can't rock if that weekend.

    43. Missing avatar

      eric on

      As much press as they got in the beginning they press needs to follow up about the lies and deceitfulness we have received. The last e-mail states my romphim has left the shipping center and I should have received tracking info. Another lie with no tracking info. I will be composing an e-mail and sending it to the news departments of all the press that wrote about them in the beginning. GQ, Billboard, Today Show, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, Teen Vogue, Elle, Entrepreneur Magazine, Time, Buzz Feed, and finally TMZ. Since you won't communicate with your customers properly you can explain yourselves to the national press.

    44. ACED Design Creator on

      @Grant I see this is one of the first Kickstarter campaigns you've backed. This community is all about bringing new projects/ideas to life and because of that, there is some inherent risk with supporting a project. While we were thrilled to see so much support for this idea, we had initially laid out the timeline with an ask for $10,000. As you can imagine, when interest skyrocketed and we raised more than $350,000 (despite shutting down the campaign quite early), some new complications emerged (notably the need to source additional fabric, secure new manufacturing capacity, and find new fulfillment partners). Our team has been hard at work doing everything we can to stay as close as possible to the initial timeframe despite receiving pledges +3500% over expectations.

      But don't take it from us, take it from Kickstarter:

      "Backers must understand that Kickstarter is not a store. When you back a project, you’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised."

      Our team will continue communicating the most up-to-date information that we have. We greatly appreciate the support of our backers and will continue working hard to fulfill our obligation.

    45. Grant Risner on

      LOL to being told everyone would have their RompHim by August 5th! Then switching to AUGUST 25th and now being told it won't even ship till AUGUST 28th!? OMFG. Filing a complaint with Kickstarter and also filing with the BBB. This is absolutely insane. I cannot believe I put my trust into a group of idiots like you people. Never again.

    46. ACED Design Creator on

      @Robert - Sorry for the delay! We're a new company so this is our first time working with these manufacturing and fulfillment partners. While we are also disappointed in the delays (trust me, we want nothing more than to see our backers romping!), we want to continue passing along the latest information we have. The team is hard at work getting these out the door as quickly as possible to get you romping ASAP.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Bloomfield on

      Before you stated they would be shipped and delivered by the 25th? Now they're being shipped on the 25th or later? We've been waiting months for this to happen so we can wear them before it gets cold out. Very unprofessional and not up to par. Please make up your mind and stick to something. This is getting ridiculous.

    48. ACED Design Creator on

      I should also add for the group that single order (1 RompHim pledge) Red Chambray, Blue Chambray, and Paint Splatter (sized M) are all still on track to go out for delivery by 8/25. Single order Paint Splatter (XS, S, L, XL) will go out for delivery by 8/29.

    49. ACED Design Creator on

      @Grant Risner - We don't think it's funny either. Our apologies as we've worked to get these out as quickly as we can. I see you ordered a Large Splatter print, which is on track to arrive at our shipping facility on Monday, 8/28 and ship out to you on Tuesday, 8/29. I realize this is different than what was communicated below, but please bear with us as we get up to speed with new shipping and fulfillment partners. We are learning a lot as we get out these first orders and are committed to using those learnings and customer insights to get better!

      @Daisuke Nagaki and @Pflanzenzombie - Kickstarter backer 2-packs with Splatter and Blue Chambray are scheduled to arrive at our shipping facility on Wednesday, 8/30 and ship out to customers that same day. You will receive tracking information at that time.

    50. Missing avatar

      Pflanzenzombie on

      2 days left. I want to get it shipped now. I expected to be able to wear my RompHim this year, but with the speed of all of this I'll probably have to wait until next summer.

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