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Our first run sold out! More styles available through our website at
We can't wait to deliver our Kickstarter orders and #rompthesummer. In the meantime, check out more styles at
We can't wait to deliver our Kickstarter orders and #rompthesummer. In the meantime, check out more styles at
3,062 backers pledged $353,804 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Parker Hague 5 days ago

      I was told over a week ago that we would “be in touch”. Should I be expecting an email any time soon?

    2. ACED Design Creator 6 days ago

      @Christopher- great idea, we're working on it! You can sign up for our email list at to receive updates on all our latest styles.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher 6 days ago

      You should make a pride romper. That would be awesome!

    4. ACED Design Creator on June 20

      @Rob We are very excited to and cannot wait to get these out to everyone. As soon as we have exact dates we will update everyone

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob Gran on June 19

      I need my freedom Romper now! The USofA needs fine young men (like myself) braving these mean streets rompin' freedom all across this land in a single piece of fabric sewn together creating an outfit that screams, Bald Eagle!

      But for real, my ship date says July 2017. I need more pacifics pls. That will be all.

    6. ACED Design Creator on June 16

      @Cody we know the feeling, the excitement is almost too much for us to bear!

    7. ACED Design Creator on June 16

      @Theron- sending you an email now to sort that out

    8. Missing avatar

      Cødy Røbins on June 16

      I literally can not wait. I'm so excited. Thank you for making these!

    9. Missing avatar

      Theron Atgbe James Ogedengbe on June 14

      Hey guys I was looking for a direct message for this awesome company. But I was wondering why I was double charged. If I can get some information that would be amazing.

    10. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Ryan you should have seen one this morning!

    11. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Thomas oh yeah! Send pics!

    12. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Nancy we're working as fast as we can!

    13. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Jacob we can't wait either! We're sure you're gonna look great!

    14. ACED Design Creator on June 14

      @Parker we'll be in touch

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Miller on June 13

      I backed in May but I haven't received anything asking for my sizing information yet. When should I expect an email?

    16. Missing avatar

      Thomas Muldowney on June 13

      This 54 year old man can wait to rock his 4th of July Romphim at the local parade!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Nancy Holverson on June 13

      My soon-to-be college son can't wait til he gets his! He was hoping to have it this summer �before vacation - fingers crossed �

    18. Missing avatar

      Jacob Williams on June 13

      Finally! Now the real waiting begins. Can't wait to rock them at every function this summer!

    19. Missing avatar

      Parker Hague on June 13

      Is there a way to back out once the project funding has ended? My financial situation is different now than it was a month ago.

    20. ACED Design Creator on June 12

      @Sal Thanks Sal! You can always check out our website to order too!

    21. Sal
      on June 12

      Would have loved to back project, but everything is sold out.

      Congrats on a successful campaign. Good luck on producing and delivering to your backers.

    22. ACED Design Creator on May 26

      @Robert you should be able to fill in the Google Form we sent out. Please email us at so we can help troubleshoot.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Bloomfield on May 26

      I backed the RompHim and in my email I didn't get to choose what color or size, how do I do this?!

    24. ACED Design Creator on May 25

      @daniel- yes, all our KS backers will be able to order the blue chambray!

    25. daniel Cylny on May 25

      I looked on the website and blue is gone, will we be able to order it still?

    26. Helpful Products LLC on May 23

      What is the largest size you will be offering?

    27. Grant Risner on May 23

      Your backer number and username is listed on the confirmation email sent to you from Kickstarter after you backed the project. ALSO, ACCORDING TO THE ROMPHIM TEAM IF YOU ORDERED BEFORE 5/19 THEN YOU WILL HAVE THE CHOICE OF THE SPLATTER, IF YOU ORDERED ON THE 19TH OR AFTER THEN YOU PROBABLY WILL NOT HAVE A CHOICE OF THE SPLATTER. �� (Stop asking questions over and over again without reading comments before yours that explain what is going on.)

    28. Missing avatar

      Ali Alnajjar on May 23

      So if the paint splatter is sold out (even though we only got the form to fill in by the 22nd) can we please get at least the gray or some other color available for early backers?

    29. ACED Design Creator on May 22

      @Grant, Ivan, Ryan: The splatter was sold out as of 5/19 when we posted our update and noted it on our Kickstarter images. Anyone who ordered before then is still guaranteed a splatter print by August. Please email us at with any other questions. Thanks!

    30. Fabian Scherrer on May 22

      Also, can you please think about doing other colour choices for the original backers (especially those who missed out on the splatter), not just the next run?

    31. Fabian Scherrer on May 22

      Same thing here, wtf are backer numbers? And, user name, is that my login email, my screen name, or my profile vanity url?
      May I suggest using backerkit or something similar, so users won't make mistakes with this, and so you can also show the available styles and sizes again, where you actually need them to fill out...?

    32. Missing avatar

      CJ Villacorte on May 22

      How do you find your backer number ?

    33. Connor Murphy on May 22

      email i received with the link was confusing- asked for a bunch of info i don't have. I just put in my name for the username but it wanted ID numbers?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jalal Khan on May 22

      I'm happy to be one of the 3000 to have ordered a Romphim, and maybe the first in my area

    35. Drew Skotak on May 22

      Hey guys, been an awesome week. I didn't see the email for the size/colors, I found it by looking through the updates?
      Question if we did pick the splatter paint after the notice it was out is that a done deal? Will there be other options for backers than the Blue/Red? Also what if we submitted the google form but things change can we fix it going forward?
      Or when you release new styles will that be through a separate purchase not the "backed" option.
      I see the buttons one a ton on social media and don't see why that couldn't be an option as well?

    36. ACED Design Creator on May 22

      @Grant, Ivan, Ryan: The splatter was sold out as of 5/19 when we posted our update and noted it on our Kickstarter images. Anyone who ordered before then is still guaranteed a splatter print by August. Please email us at with any other questions. Thanks!

    37. Grant Risner on May 22

      Wow, the paint splatter is SOLD OUT? How is that even possible when I haven't even received anything about size or STYLE!? The other two choices are downright ugly. PISSED.

    38. JC Cubol on May 22

      Will there be an exchange policy available in the event that it doesn't fit? I'm in between some sizes like crazy and want to get one that fits but still looks decent haha.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ivan on May 22

      Huh? Splatter print is sold out? I didn't even get the email requesting my size & color...

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kidd on May 21

      I'm confused..... how is the splatter print sold out when you've not started taking sizes and orders yet?

    41. Missing avatar

      Kin on May 21

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joe Hicks on May 21

      Hopefully this will be the start of a huge name-brand company in stores such as Target, Kohls, Macy's, etc, but as a male who is 6'4" I'm wondering if these will eventually be made for taller men.

    43. Missing avatar

      Reiss on May 20

      Hi, I back the project but how do you i select the design and size I want?

    44. ACED Design Creator on May 20

      @Alex we're considering it- watch this space!

    45. ACED Design Creator on May 20

      @Connor and @Carolynn- as long as you ordered the Splatter before it was announced as sold out on the site, you will be receiving one- not to worry.

    46. ACED Design Creator on May 20

      @Adrian- We can't wait!

    47. ACED Design Creator on May 20

      @Ronny- we decided to wait until Monday to send out our sizing survey to the broader backer group. You'll see it in your inbox in just a couple days!

    48. Missing avatar

      Scott Schroeder on May 20

      Has the google doc been sent out yet? I haven't received an email. Thanks! Can't wait to wear this bad boy in Seoul!

    49. Missing avatar

      Lauren Tam on May 19

      Greetings from Austin, TX!

      Congratulations on the immense success of your kickstarter. Given the incredible momentum you guys have gained over just a few days, I would like to challenge you and your backers to contribute to a cause that is meaningful to you, whether it be donating to a national nonprofit or helping support an individual's medical treatment.

      To get the ball rolling, I have donated to SAFE here in Austin, TX. Safe is a nonprofit that is dedicated to supporting victims of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. For more information on SAFE, please visit

      You guys have garnered significant national attention -- I'd like to encourage you to use it!

      All the best,


    50. Missing avatar

      Alex Grunerud on May 19

      I understand that you are sold out of the splattered paint one. Any chance we will have the opportunity to wait longer to receive that design? Perhaps you could offer some new designs to choose from as an alternative to the splattered paint design? I too have not received any email of design and size choices.

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