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Cthulhu may sleep and wait, but he can also assist your die rolls.
Cthulhu may sleep and wait, but he can also assist your die rolls.
43 backers pledged $6,001 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Jones
      on March 24, 2017

      I heard back from Fred on the status. The project is not dead just taking a lot longer then expected.

    2. Scott Alden
      on December 28, 2016

      Any updates?

    3. Tracy Landrum on November 14, 2016

      thinking this is a no go

    4. Dwayne Conrad
      on October 1, 2016

      Still waiting myself.

    5. Missing avatar

      Luke Ray
      on September 30, 2016

      I'm in the same boat. Hope the project is still alive.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gary Sparks
      on September 15, 2016

      Still no sign of my dice cup or even a response to my mail. Anyone else still out there?

    7. Prodipto Roy on July 22, 2016

      Still waiting on mine as well. Where are we on this project?

    8. Tracy Landrum on July 6, 2016

      Have yet to receive mine, do we have a status?

    9. Missing avatar

      Thore Kries
      on August 27, 2015

      Today I was happy to pick up my parcel from the customs with my naked cthulhu dicetower in it. For me it was just a „must have“ to pledge for Fred Fields great design of my beloved Cthulhu and I was eager to see this multi part kit in all it's glory.
      But then I must say I was really disapointed about this poor quality of the resin parts. I'm familiar with kits like this one, cause' I'm a tabletop player, hobbyist and painter for almost 25 years. Flashs which are too thick to just cut them off with a sharp hobby knife. I'll try to use some mounted point-caps of my „ proxxon-tool“ to get them off. Also a lot of blisters in the resin are filled with a blue „bleeding“ resin, which is still some sort of liquid. At the end, I'll use a lot of greenstuff to seal an correct the gaps and open blisters.
      I'm sorry to complain about this points but I'm really disapointed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Los Angeles, CA on August 19, 2015

      I saw that he took care of the issue for you Venge. Fred's a standup guy, so no worries

    11. Venger Satanis on August 10, 2015

      Has anyone received their box yet? Got mine today... I'm respectfully refraining from discussing the contents before I hear back from Mr. Fields.

    12. Venger Satanis on July 17, 2015

      I just read the Ken Whitman of D20 Entertainment interview:

      This Cthulhu dice tower kickstarter was mentioned in association with Ken and his late or missing kickstarter products. I hope nothing like that will befall the Cthulhu dice tower. Any reassurance you can provide, Fred?

    13. Missing avatar

      Scout762 on April 30, 2015


      Any chance you will still make that coin so we can buy it?

    14. Fred Fields 3-time creator on April 30, 2015

      I would like to thank each and every one of you who backed this project. I was blown away by the positive response. Without you, this project would not have been possible. This is the first time I've gone the way of Kickstarter to fund a project and truly did not know what to expect. The experience was fun, exciting and a huge learning experience for me. You all helped make that experience a positive one. I thank you for that. I'm looking forward to getting all of the orders filled and cannot wait to get to the next project.

      Thank you again!
      Sincerely, Fred Fields

    15. Fred Fields 3-time creator on April 30, 2015

      The Cthulhu Dice Tow Kickstarter is now over but you can find more information about it at OR

    16. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 30, 2015

      Just checked my prepaid credit card balance and im now $3.00 short because of some random charge from my card. Gotta go and add more money on it now.

    17. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 30, 2015

      Will this be available after the kickstarter anywhere or is it just a one time run??

    18. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 29, 2015

      Nice were almost at the $5500.00 mark!!

    19. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 29, 2015

      He is sweet looking though and im looking forward to having him for my games. Especially Cthulhu Wars!

    20. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 29, 2015

      The shipping is almost half of what Cthulhu

    21. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 29, 2015

      Yeah im in canada unfortunately.

    22. Fred Fields 3-time creator on April 29, 2015

      Shipping inside the US is included in the price of the Dice tower. Outside the US is an additional flat $45.

    23. Missing avatar

      lance kelly on April 29, 2015

      Just backed up. Shipping is a little steep. Are the shipping costs final?

    24. Dwayne Conrad
      on April 25, 2015

      Awesome we are a go :-)

    25. Dwayne Conrad
      on April 24, 2015

      ok who pulled out lol, naughty naughty

    26. Fred Fields 3-time creator on April 21, 2015

      Gary the Cthulhu in the video is the hand painted version. Actually that one is the Artist Proof (but hand painted). We don't have any of the airbrushed heads yet.

    27. Fred Fields 3-time creator on April 21, 2015

      Erebus (if you're still out there), the inside is painted flat black. When you look inside it looks black. There are two angled surfaces inside for the dice to tumble against. They are black.

    28. Erebus
      on April 20, 2015

      I wish everyone luck with this, I asked for a simple picture of the interior 2 weeks ago and nothing, no pic, no reply. Think I'll go back someone that cares

    29. Missing avatar

      Gary Sparks
      on April 17, 2015

      Thinking of upgrading to the hand painted. What is pictured in the video? Is that hand painted or an airbrush version? A bit longer video showing it working from above or some additional pictures might help get more pledges.

    30. Mike Davis on April 11, 2015

      @Wendigo Publishing: That's always an option on any Kickstarter. Instead of selecting one of the listed 'Rewards', click the 'Back This Project' button that appears under the backer/money tally. That's how I'm in on this one for [amount less than $99].

    31. James "Hellguin" Williams on April 10, 2015

      I have withheld on a dice tower for about 3 years now.... I have found one I want to make mine :D

    32. Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC on April 8, 2015

      This is really cool! I'd suggest adding a $1 Thank You Pledge Level for people who have a tight budget but still want to support this project! :)

    33. Erebus
      on April 7, 2015

      Can we get a picture of the inside?

    34. Mike Davis on April 5, 2015

      ...because Louisville ;-)