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Update #21

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Yes, sorry I missed the "Early April" mark, but this game WILL be finished VERY VERY SOON!

I couldn't help it, I had a "eureka" moment while optimizing about 2 weeks ago, then got caught up with my day job. Maps are now approximately 1 square kilometer.

I've now re-added all of the old enemies from Commander^3 1.0, including bosses. New AI, new animations, new sound effects. One particular backer requested a certain boss, and while it was included in a simplistic form in the original, that experience will now be fully fleshed out, and worthy of the incredibly generous donation he gave me. 

And while I was at it, a couple new music tracks. Also, a story with some simple cutscenes.

Oh , and you can expect to fight dozens of enemies at any given time. Anyone familiar with the indie classic Serious Sam will feel right at home. 

Update #20



Dear backers,

Nearly two years ago, I approached Kickstarter asking for an extremely modest budget for a game that had barely even begun development. I promised that the game would be finished in two months..

I am not ashamed to admit this, but I was wrong. The game you likely downloaded in 2012 almost certainly disappointed you. It was buggy, ugly, and so difficult and esoteric it made Simon's Quest look like a masterpiece of game design. It was also unoptimized, and probably barely ran on your computer.

I would like to tell you now, I am quite sorry. I was incorrect, it does, in fact, takes much more than two months to make a fun game.

Instead of speaking ahead of myself, I actually cracked down and worked on what is hopefully a solid entry into the world of PC indie games. It has accessible controls, simple RPG systems, and in my personal opinion, it is a lot of fun to run around knocking over every single building on the map. In fact, that is why I designed this game: tho showcase the Bullet physics engine in Blender Game Engine.

COMMANDER^3 FINAL features 6 races, 6 classes, and 100 randomly generated dungeon maps. Every single object and enemy in the games has physics and is destructible.

Some treasure chests will contain the villain, who randomizes your race and class. The challenge of the game comes in making use of whatever tools you wind up with.

This game was built almost entirely by myself, with some open-source scripts, and my friend Sean helped me write the story.

I am currently putting on the final touches. I will be launching a domain to distribute this game and others using the money I raised on Kickstarter. I will also send out the promised physical copies, even though it will send this project over budget. 

You might ask yourself, why is this guy doing all this? It's because I actually care about making video games. I released an unfinished product and my investors deserve better. While I have been making video games my entire life, I am very new to running a business, meeting deadlines, and wisely marketing. Kickstarter, and specifically, YOU the investors, have given a real-life person the platform to share the fruits of their work. This human element is what I believe sets the indie game market apart from the ocean of COD clones on the shelf at Wal-Mart. 

This is YOUR game! You made it happen! 

Expect it early in April. I ACTUALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!

I can only hope that you accept this game as both an apology and a token of my gratitude.


-Tom Ward
& Wizard Box Games

Update #19

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Hey guys, I've had a lot of issues with my computer lately, and I'm switching to Linux full-time starting today.

Everyone who pledged $15 or more will now receive "The Wizard Box Box", containing Commander^3, Red Tread Invention, Dr. Frakencube, and Ultimate Dinosaur Experience.

Since I'm switching to Linux, a lot of my games won't be playable on my comp anymore. I'll be sending this disc packaged with one of the 200+ PC games in my collection. 

I hope this is adequate compensation for your patient waiting :)

Update #18

Welcome to the Cube Tube


Here it is :)

please keep in mind this game was made by one guy in two months. Thanks to your support, I now have a team to work with... and together, we can bring you higher-quality games :)

If you liked the "Red Tread Invention" segment, I am fleshing it out into a full 20-level arcade-style game.

Update #17



2 months, $376, and thousands of cubes later, I am almost done making an entire game by myself!!! 

 I'll have the Windows version of the game uploaded before Midnight (U.S. Central Time) tomorrow (Sat Jun 30). Since this game is open-source, I will also post the game's Blender file, available to copy, edit, and redistribute across any platform as you please. It could be a really valuable resource to anyone wondering how to make their own game!

Stay tuned to! and be sure to check out our new game Fall of Eternity :)

To Linux and Mac users -- I will post directions on how to get the game running on your OS. Don't worry! I'll make it nice and easy for you.

Y'all are in for a treat. The game actually features more variation and surprises than I originally promised, all wrapped up with a delightfully absurd package. I can say with confidence that you've never seen anything quite like Commander^3.

To the people who are receiving physical copies and soundtracks: The inlet for your disc will contain a special code allowing you to access "CubeCraft Alpha", a simplistic parody of Minecraft's early days as a combat-free in-browser Java applet. Are you a bad enough dude to stack multicolored cubes?

Thank you all so much!


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