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The ultimate digital video-tron, coming soon to a wizard box near you.
The ultimate digital video-tron, coming soon to a wizard box near you.
18 backers pledged $376 to help bring this project to life.

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New gameplay footage

 Newest gameplay footage from Commander^3. 

These are the games that inspired it, each image is the property of its respective holder. 

Evolution of Commander^3

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A video dev-log of Commander^3. 

 What began as a drunken joke between my friend and I is shaping up to become something worthwhile. The original release of this game was buggy, incomplete, and nearly impossible to finish. We promised that we could make a game in two months on a budget of $375, and while we *technically* did, the final result was quite simply not very good. 

Two years later, after continuous experimentation, I decided that this game deserves more. Not only that, but the people who believed in this project deserve more. I was under no obligation to remake this game, I could have shipped that piece of crap out to you 2 years ago... but no, that wouldn't have been fair. When a developer can't even stand behind his own work, you know it's bad. I remade this game because I actually care about this project, and I care about the people who helped fund it. 

 Its worst flaws were turned into its greatest strengths. The bad graphics became its unique retro art style. The stupid story became its sense of humor. The buggy physics were perfected into its core gameplay mechanism. The random goofy weapons and characters were all fine-tuned into what will soon be a complete experience. As my team grows, and the complexity of our projects grows too, I believe it's important to hold onto the audience that helped spring us toward success.

 Nintendo had to make Game&Watch before they made Mario. John Carmack made Commander Keen before he made Doom. Kojima made Snatcher before making Metal Gear Solid. The original Street Fighter only featured Ryu and Ken, but now hosts a robust cast of fighters representing cultures from all over the world....

 If all goes well, some day, we hope that someone will look back on Commander^3 as the first game from Wizard Box, the little grassroots indie dev studio from Texas that never gave up. Thanks to everyone who helped us shape our dreams into reality. The final version of Commander^3 may be nearing its release, but this is only the beginning of the extensive library of games we're developing together.

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quick video of the new map generation system

 quick low rez capture of the game's new map system... gigantic random maps are now generated in under 10 seconds. Dungeons will instantly sprout beneath the player's feet