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A documentary feature concerning the future of two ‘inevitable’ parts of the human condition; WORK and DEATH.
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Nearly done

Posted by Gadfly Productions (Creator)
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Hello Everyone,

All apologies for the lack of updates, but that's mostly been on account of the fact that we've had very little to update you with.

In the last few months we've been trudging along with the edit - with only a few bumps concerning footage clearance.

We are now in the process of finalising the film and getting it ready for both a screening at HBO and the Sundance Film Festival deadline at the end of September. We'll be sorting the invites for a UK screening in the near future and hopefully a digital download of the film will be made available for December.

Thank you, thank you,

Sean, Wayne and Gray

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    1. Gadfly Productions Creator on

      To Martin, Cryonica, Simon, please take a look at our latest update, all is explained, we are sorry for the lack of communication. Simon, we just want you to know that the cufflinks thing was a joke, apologies Wayne and Sean.

    2. Martin Dinov on

      Still no new updates. Kind of incredible and rude given all the supporters who are keen on seeing this succeed and have helped.

    3. Missing avatar

      Cryonica on

      When will the digital download be ready? It's December now :)

    4. Jennifer 'Dotora' Huse on

      yep.. making films is far from easy=)

    5. Missing avatar

      Simon Clifford on

      That will be a full year late. Is "Trudging through the edit" the best you can do?

      I think as your supporters we deserve a little more detail. I do hope the film does not reflect the trudgery of the edit. I still do wish you the best, but seriously you communications are worse than poor.

      It sticks in the throat that the only clarity I have seen in your updates was about your designer cufflinks. Not even a link to the interview they were bought for.

      Step up guys.