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A documentary feature concerning the future of two ‘inevitable’ parts of the human condition; WORK and DEATH.
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Hello patrons

Posted by Gadfly Productions (Creator)

Hello patrons,

It’s been a few months now since your generosity helped us achieve our kickstarter goal - and again, as pap as it sounds, we couldn’t have done it without you. 

We’ve only recently finished the first leg of filming so we thought it would be common courtesy to share with you exactly what we’ve been doing with your cash. 

Roughly £800 was spent on 2 pairs of white gold Armani cufflinks, pricey, sure – but they were limited edition and we wanted to look the part at interviews. You can’t put a price on style; actually you can that’s the problem. 

No, not really. Relax. It was half that. 

We started off in Silicon Valley, where we visited Googleplex, the labs at SENS research foundation and then interviewed the brilliant Vivek Wahdwa at Stanford. Sadly, we were unable to secure an interview with Ray Kurzweil and the ever-elusive guys over at Google Calico. Then in San Francisco we interviewed transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, entrepreneur Martin Ford and founder of Berlin Singularity Riva Melissa-Tez. Following that we travelled to New York where, disappointingly, two of our interviewees pulled out. However, we went on to Boston and interviewed Harvard Neuroscientist Rudy Tanzi. 3 weeks later we travelled to Stuttgart to film at Festo, a company that specialises in automation technology. We were lucky enough to be granted a full days filming. 

All things considered, so far everything has gone smoothly, despite the fact that unfortunately after our kickstarter goal was ‘achieved’ quite a few payments didn’t go through, we had far less than our desired goal. Once again, a tank of thanks to all of you whose payments did go through – the great footage we have is a direct result of your support. 

We have some truly awesome content but we still have a lot to do, particularly in post-production. 

We’ll keep you posted 

Many, many, thanks, 

Sean, Wayne & Gray 

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      Simon Clifford on

      I have to say guys, not happy that my funding went to cufflinks even if they were limited edition, I would prefer the project to be completed, that's the update I want to see. Remember you have a responsibility to your backers not only to get the doc out, but not to make us cynical about crowd finding. Please use our money with care and focus to get the job done.

      That said, chin and keep on with it, there are a lot of us looking forward to the final result.