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Angie’s Curse, an Indie Goth/Dark Rock band & local favorite from Ventura, are ready to record a professional CD of all original songs.

We are Angie's Curse, an Indie Goth/Dark Rock band from Ventura, CA.  We've been around for seven years, playing our original songs at local clubs. Recently, we are getting more press, have our first official music video, AND our branching out into gigs outside of our fair city, like Camarillo

At the end of August, we are played for the RAW Artists at Bombay's, Ventura Pride in Mission Park, and "The Hunger" at Paddy's, all in the same weekend!

But everywhere we go, our friends and fans say "Where's the CD?!"

So, this Kickstarter campaign is about just that. 

We are asking 500 friends to become one of our Sisters of Mercy ($5 level), so we can make our goal of $2,500 and produce 250 professionally recorded CD's. If  some join the Bunny Men ($25) or the Banshees ($50), that'll be more than gravy - it'll be food for the soul of our songs.

Eddie (Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) estimates that each song will cost between $300-500 to be professionally recorded and mixed.  To press 250 CDs, print the accompanying lyric sheet and Eco-friendly CD covers, that will cost approximately $750.  

If we make our goal of $2,500, we will produce a professional CD with at least five of our songs.  THAT is our goal.  BUT - more friends equals more money, and more money equals... well, more money.  Each $500 above our goal means ONE MORE SONG on the album!  

In a perfect world, we would love to have a 10-12 song CD. That means our friends and fans spreading the word to their friends and finding that change in the seat cushions.  

Everyone that joins in our Black Parade will get some awesome Angie's Curse music, even Morrissey ($1 level) backers that can only spare a buck!  Check out our rewards link for all the gory details. 

Our deadline is October 5.  IF WE DON'T MAKE OUR GOAL, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED.  But that also means, we won't be able to make the album.  :-(

However, I know with our 500+ friends, we can do this.  YOU can make this happen.  Be a part of something cool and amazing and support the local scene.   Jump on this band wagon now and you'll be able to say you knew us before we hit the big time!  

Thanks all!  And see you soon... in the dark


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    1 Morrissey - get an exclusive mp3 download of a special track by Angie's Curse AND your individual name on the thank you page.

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    5 Sisters of Mercy - get all of the above, PLUS mp3 download of the entire new Angie's Curse album!

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    10 Violent Femmes - above, PLUS the new Angie's Curse CD with lyric booklet, AND two buttons.

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    25 Bunny Men - above, PLUS an original Angie's Curse T-shirt, AND your name listed in the liner notes.

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    50 Banshees - DOUBLE all above: two T-shirts, 4 buttons, PLUS your two CDs are autographed by entire band!

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    100 Scholars of Bauhaus - get FOUR autographed CDs, four T-shirts, four buttons, PLUS an exclusive invitation (yourself plus 1) to the Angie's Curse CD Release party AND your photo with the band.

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    The $500 Cure - ALL ABOVE, plus one homemade dinner with the entire Angie's Curse band. We'll need at least six weeks head up, but it'll be an evening to DIE FOR! You'll have until March 2013, which should give us all enough time to perfect our special dishes. ***(We'll drive to your place for free, so long as you are within a 150 mile radius).

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    BELA LUGOSI - there can be only one. ALL ABOVE (as below), PLUS you and up to 50 guests will receive an exclusive LIVE PERFORMANCE right in your living room, back yard, or other establishment by Angie’s Curse!!!* IF YOU WANT THIS ONE, YOU'LL HAVE TO CONTACT US DIRECTLY. You'll have up to June 30, 2013 to redeem.

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