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Help us bring The Twilight Zone pinball table to game consoles and mobile devices for a whole new generation to enjoy.
Help us bring The Twilight Zone pinball table to game consoles and mobile devices for a whole new generation to enjoy.
2,365 backers pledged $77,499 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch goal for Kickstarter- Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Posted by FarSight Studios (Creator)

We're now at the chronological halfway point of our Kickstarter project- two more weeks to go!  We have been gratified and humbled by the tremendous support from our fans.  Although it's too soon for a victory lap, with 86% of the money for the Twilight Zone table raised already, it seems very likely we're going to make it!

That got us thinking- what would we do if we raised more than the goal?  Another great table we'd love to digitize is Star Trek: The Next Generation.  

This incredible table was designed by the legendary Steve Ritchie (who by the way is a longtime Star Trek fan) and released under the Williams label in 1993.  It is currently #3 on the Internet Pinball Database's list of the top pinball tables of all time!  Unfortunately we face the same licensing challenges for this table as we have for the Twilight Zone (and the licenses are similarly expensive).  But if we raise an additional $55,000 (for a total of $110,000) we will also digitize Star Trek: The Next Generation!

If we reach this stretch goal (but only if we reach it), every backer Reward will also apply to Star Trek: The Next Generation.  So everyone who pledges at least $10 will get the table on a single platform, everyone who pledges at least $25 will get an exclusive Star Trek virtual pinball, everyone who pledges at least $50 will get a Star Trek wallpaper, everyone who pledges at least $100 will get access to the Star Trek: The Next Generation operator's menu, and everyone who pledges $500 will be a Beta tester with early access to the Star Trek table.  We would plan to launch Star Trek: The Next Generation a month behind the Twilight Zone (so approximately December 2012),

Reaching this stretch goal will require a similar level of support from our fans as what we've experienced with the Twilight Zone, but we're confident it can be done!  Please pledge generously so we can make Star Trek: The Next Generation a reality!


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    1. Lorin on

      I have no idea what 'table operator' menu is :(

    2. Billy Morris on

      I think this should be put on the main Twilight Zone pledge page as an all-in-one. Or a seperate NEW PLEDGE to save confusion in case people miss this!

      This a MASSIVE deal for me. I'd be willing to offer another pledge for this table, but dont wanna raise my donation on Twilight Zone if the money is already raised.

      Am I being a dumb ass :S

    3. Robert Nocera on

      i would support the TNG table if it was a different kickstarter project. I don't like the idea of doubling my pledge if the new goal isn't reached because I'd be doubling it without any guarantee. If it was a its own project I would be "guaranteed" the new table if the goal was met or get my money back it it wasn't. Tacking on this type of stretch goal seems unfair to me. But maybe that's just me.

      I'd also be more willing if I saw more tables being released for the PS Vita since I greatly prefer that edition over the iPad edition.

    4. Denis Braekhus on

      That being said, everyone should at least pitch in 50% more than their original (one-table only) pledge! Then we'll surely reach TNG funding.

    5. Denis Braekhus on

      Michael; it was stated that you will get the rewards for both tables (if stretch goal is met) without doubling the pledge.

    6. Michael David on

      Now that I think about it I am confused. So if I up my pledge to $100, I will get ST:TNG and TZ on every system? Or do I have to pledge $200? $100 for each table?

    7. Jim (CB) Mann on

      I agree about all the nit picking being posted here. I donated what I could afford $25. It's not much, but every little helps. Even if there was no incentives my amount would not change. If I was able I would have done more and whose the say that won't change in a few weeks. I feel that benefit will be to play it, and congrats to FarSight for making the effort to preserve a piece of past time history and giving us a chance to play tables that most of us would never ever see again. At least they are willing to put the extra funds to another future game instead of just banking it. You guys have my support 100% in all your future recreations.

    8. Mr. Horseshoe on

      If any of you are worried about the kickstarter not getting $110,000 in time, don't worry. All FarSight has to do is start another kickstarter for whatever money is still needed. So if we raise $90,000 by Jun 17th, FarSight will make another kickstarter asking for $20,000 to finish up TNG. The excess from that kickstart will go towards another licensed table (Addams Family, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Simpsons). Everybody wins!

    9. Chris Adamson on

      People need to stop nit-picking and second-guessing. This is a great idea for a stretch goal, and clarifies what they'll do with excess funds. Considering that the overwhelming majority of backers are at the minimum $10 level, whining about the rewards or wanting a second campaign is really petty. I upped my pledge from $10 to $25 when they announced ST:TNG, and I wish the gang the best.

    10. Missing avatar

      flixxx on

      I would also like to see a separate kickstarter campaign for the STTNG table. The rewards are generally not that interesting to me (on kickstarter in general). I just want more great tables. If we do get close to the 110.000$ towards the end, I'll see if I double my pledge, but for now it's too "risky" for me.

    11. Missing avatar

      MC on

      There is a scifi kick-starter project called SPACE COMMAND which is backed by a lot of Trekkies - why not get together with them and do a cross promotion ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Clark on

      Is the TNG Pinball in the picture above yours farsight or do you have to buy one first?

    13. Dan Amrich on

      I agree with Brad -- reaching out to sci-fi fansites would help this project reach its extended goals. Both tables would be of interest to that audience, I think.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Horner on

      If you reach $165,000 will you do the The Addams Family? :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Brad Miska on

      Why aren't you guys sending out press releases to movie sites and fan sites? We covered it on Bloody Disgusting because we love what you're doing, but other sites aren't aware yet. It needs an extra push

    16. Jason Newlin on

      The way I understand it, if you bid $10 you get both tables if the goal is reached. However i did raise my pledge from 10 to 25 because I think they deserve more money since they are attempting to give us more tables.

    17. Matt on

      This is very confusing... for those of us pledging the $10 to get just the table... if you meet the stretch goal will they get both tables? Do those people need to pledge $20 or $25 to get both tables? I am personally interested in getting both tables for Xbox 360. How much would I have to pledge (baseline) just to earn those rewards?

    18. Jonathan Kade on

      I raised my pledge to $101 and will keep it there as long as TNG looks possible.

    19. Randy Snow on

      How about The Who's Tommy? Although that seems like it would be pricey.

    20. Joshua Pryor on

      Sadly, i think adams family will be much larger than 55k.......for various reasons may be as high as 100k+

    21. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      If Addams Family followed ST:TNG, Pinball Arcade would then contain the top 6 tables on IPD. Hint hint wink wink $165k nudge nudge.

    22. Phil Bordelon

      I went from $10 to $100 because of this, although I admit that the fact that I have to pay extra for the operator's menu when it costs nothing to access in Zen's games rankles more than a little. Still way, way cheaper than the actual tables, though.

      That said, I think this is sort of an odd way to do TNG. I agree that a second Kickstarter would make more sense, and I wouldn't be surprised if, as the end approaches, people start dropping their pledges /down/ if it doesn't look like it's going to hit $110k. Which is not a situation that anyone really wants to be in.

      Here's to hoping it blows past $110k and we don't have to worry about that.

    23. Brent Tyler on

      In one refresh, I saw it jump exactly $3,000 to push it over the original $55,000 threshold!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hall on

      Tripled my pledge! C'mon guys, these two tables alone will set The Pinball Arcade apart from even Zen's finest work. We're talkin the best of the best. This should really help The Pinball Arcade sales in general, but just the prestige of these two amazing tables! A project like this will ensure The Pinball Arcades future and success so we, the consumers, will be blessed with an incredible collaboration of the finest pinball tables ever!

    25. Missing avatar

      Rob3d on

      I'm upping my pledge. It's a much better deal. Copies of both tables for every system with operator menus and beta testing, its a no brainer. If there were 2 separate kickstarters you'd have to pay 500 a piece to get that. That's 1000!!! Much better to pledge 500 now and get both!!!

    26. Matthew Zarzeczny on

      When will we get Medieval Madness, Funhouse, Cirqus Voltaire, Monster Bash, and Gorgar on the PS3?

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hamm on

      What happens if the stretch goal isn't met? Would I get some sort of refund? Would I still be able to download both tables for free if you were able to reach $110,000 after this particular kickstarter project was ended?

    28. PiN WiZ on

      I really don't get people sometimes. First people are complaining that FarSight isn't promoting the Star Trek stretch goal enough and when they finally do, people start complaing that they'll get cheated out of rewards if the stretch goal isn't achieved. Rewards are fine, but I pledge because I want to see these tables on The Pinball Arcade, not for the rewards. If we don't achieve the stretch goal, then FarSight can create a separate Kickstarter specifically for Star Trek : The Next Generation to collect the remainder of the funds needed to pay for licensing. If you're worried about being cheated out of rewards, then by all means, wait for the next Kickstarter project and let those of us who just want to see the table recreated pledge at will. Just so you know, any funds pledged over The Twilight Zone goal will automatically be rolled over to help license ST:TNG.

    29. cimerians on

      Star Trek! I'm doubling. Now if you can virtualize that Alien (Space Invaders) pinball machine by Bally 1979. :P

    30. Missing avatar

      John Roller on

      I also agree that this should be its own separate KS. I know you guys are excited over how well this went for Twilight Zone, but I think you may have gotten too caught up in the moment. I'll be playing TZ for a long time. This one can wait a month or two for separate funding.

    31. Brent Tyler on

      While I understand the desire for two separate KS, the $100 level is really the sweet spot for this combined one. The benefits you get are insane. You're not going to get that by splitting them up without doubling your pledge.

    32. Daniel Hermle on

      Pledge doubled!

    33. Ryan Sculley on

      I agree with the two separate KS. Have month off between them, take the time to learn from the first KS, see what you could do differently (I'd suggest more lower level tiers ($75?)) and give people time to justify spending more money. I'll be a supporter from day one if you do that.
      Good luck Farsight!

    34. Michael David on

      ST:TNG is my FAVORITE pinball and I want to see it on the Pinball Arcade more than anything but I agree that it should be a separate Kickstarter project. It's great that Farsight has promised to roll any extra from TZ into ST:TNG, it's part of the reason I backed TZ in the first place, but ST:TNG deserves it's own separate Kickstart just because I'm sure it will get more attention and cause more excitement being in the spotlight by itself. Also I agree that it can just cause confusion and be misleading for backers as to what kind of reward they will get. Also of consideration....there may be fans of one table that don't care about the other and may not back just because they feel forced to back a 2 for 1 deal, and isn't that why we are supposed to be able to by these tables as separate DLC in the first place?

    35. Urabutbl on

      Fine, I'll double my pledge. I enjoyed the TNG table. Still, my #1 want is Indiana Jones, that is my favourite table evereverever...

    36. Mike Gervasi on

      Separate the 2. You will cloud up the goals having both. If you make more than the 55k in pledges for TZ then just tell us you will apply it to the STTNG and start THAT goal up for the remaining amount. I'll kick in at that time.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael DiFilippo on

      Yes separate kickstarter/month for STTNG

    38. Sean Robert Piotrowski on

      I agree with the above commenters who wish for a seperate ST:TNG Kickstarter. I think that will be the easiest and quickest way to raise the money for that table.

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. Missing avatar

      Julien Bacon on

      I really like the idea of increasing the value of all existing pledges / tiers by having the Star Trek rewards incorporated i.e. kind of a 2 for 1 deal (if the stretch goal is met!) =) And something tells me that there must be a reason that FarSight already bought this table in anticipation... (the picture does seem to show one of the backgrounds seen in their making-of videos)

      The tiers should definitely be updated with the new info. This can be done with duplicate tiers or ones that have a value of $1 more for example...

    41. Stefan Gagne on

      Even if the goal isn't reached I'd love to see TNG get its own Kickstarter. I'd kick that so hard it'd fall over.

    42. David Palmer - Member, Mutant League on

      Like the TNG idea. Used to play an old Star Trek TOS pinball table all the time. Popped alot of quarters into that bad boy.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeff Strong on

      Let's get it done!

    44. axelfudge on

      That's not a stretch goal really but anyways... I'd love to see TNG get made.

    45. Alexander Lucard

      Of course, if we don't reach the stretch goal, FS can always try a new Kickstarter just for TNG. Here's hoping that doesn't have to happen though.

    46. Jonny Johansson on

      Omg! I would much rather have STTNG than TZ :/

    47. Brent Tyler on

      This also caused me to finally commit to quadrupling my pledge from $25 to $100. Imagine what we could get if everyone doubled (or more) down!

    48. Paul B on

      Nice! Hope this comes through. ST:TNG and Addams Family are my two biggest table wants.

    49. Sir LANs-a-lot on

      Also - As mentioned - It might be an idea to consider a pledge tier between the $100 and $500... say $150.$250 ?