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Television series (in-waiting) about people who died, what they saw, and whether a belief in Jesus impacts your destination.

16 people, 8 episodes.  The goal is to eventually get it on an A&E or equivalent cable network for you and millions of others to see, and you can say "I helped produce this."  

Two interviews have already been shot and are in post-production.  

And hopefully, just from seeing the clips in the kickstarter video, you can see how interesting and thought-provoking this series is going to be.

Here's How We're Finding Candidates for the Show:  

One of the main criteria is that we don't want anybody who's seeking publicity, or is trying to profit from their experience.  So that makes our research much more grassroots and difficult, but also that much more genuine.  

It would be much easier to call the guy with a book on the NYT bestseller list. But we want authenticity. 

Often we find people by "my friend's friend's uncle's insurance agent knows a guy."  After many, many hours of phone calls, emails, etc, if a person's story is deemed reliable and their character trustworthy, then we travel to meet them for one last round of discussion and questions.  

It all sounds pretty unpleasant, but it's a process that produces some of the most amazing, life-changing stories you'll ever hear.  Stories that mess with matter what you believe.  From people who have been to Heaven, Hell, and many other fascinating landscapes included within.  

We've amassed a list of about 50 of these people and after our extensive background checking, that number is down to about 5 or 10 who are ready to tell you, and many others, what it's like to die.  

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Many of the risks and challenges are listed above. But furthermore, producing an entire television series by yourself is a monumental task! Not only do I realize that, but I'm living it. However, based on how far along we already are, I am confident that this project can not only be completed, but completed well. And with my past connections in the television industry, I think we can find a satisfying outlet for air once it's completed.


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