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I AM MAKING THE GREATEST VR ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME. Also, I want to go to Oculus Connect! Help ME to help YOU! Also: PIE!
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Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)

Hey all! Thanks again for supporting me up to this stage :D To reward you frankly baffling trust in my I have created a VR Trailer for the Demo!

This is a PC based experience and you can download it for the Oculus Rift, HERE, right now!

The Demo I am currently making is going to showcase gameplay, humour and all sorts of ideas I have for the full game, but for now you can get an update on all this and view it from INSIDE the work in progress demo set. That's fun, isn't it. It better be, because I've worked my arse off getting it done. Here's a couple of preview stills:

I have amended and altered the stretch goals! Gameplay will be specifically tailored to support the control methods mentioned, if I reach the goal.  

£2,700 - Video Diary of the trip! This will chronicle my journey to Oculus Connect and hopefully include a couple of meetings with peoples along the way... It could be you! This will be including me eating a whole pie!  

£3,500 - Special DK2 Puzzle Gimmick Fun Time! A special DK2 optimised Puzzle Gimmick Zone for all* your DK2 Puzzle Gimmick Needs! *At least some of them!  

£5,000 - A video of me making the GREATEST Apple Pie recipe into an actual pie when I get home, so that you can also make it.

£8,000 - Chapter 2 of “RedOfPaw's Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie”  

£10,000 - Hire a composer for original soundtrack!  

£11,000 - Stompz Support! 

£12,500 - Prio VR Support!

£15,000 - Sixsense Stem Support!  

£17,500 - Control VR Support!  


£22,000 - Holy Balls! How did we get this far? Ok, so if we do this I will have myself 3D Photo scanned into the game. Naked. That should put people off.

So that's it for now! I hope you like the trailer! Bye!


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    1. holotape on

      That was fantastic! Great job on the trailer.