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'Echo Red' update

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)

Hey folks! Been a while, I know! 

Echo Red

So... to recap where we were, the game that would come from this Kckstarter evolved through a number of forms, starting with the ridiculous and slightly mental demo I made. 

Once past the Kickstarter, the game leaned more towards Adventure, but after joining up with Jason Storey (awesome code-monkey and VR developer) become more and more interactive. Over the past year we've experimented with a number of ideas and directions, not least because there's so much that CAN be done in VR, but so much that can be awesome! Things took a turn when I was able to try the Vive at EGX Rezzed last year. Motion controls blew me away and I knew I had to make the game with them at the core. More recently the Oculus Touch has doubled down that feeling, and Echo Red will launch as a motion control only VR game because of this. Sadly the diversion we took briefly into a Pokemon clone will have to wait for another project...

Echo Red
Echo Red

Echo Red is the game that we have settled on, and I want to introduce the means you will have to interact with the world around you: LB (Little Bot)


The controller LB rides in - and is part of - morphs into different forms  giving different powers to interact with the world. LB will help in other ways - even comment on how you are doing. It's all about keeping everything in your hands and as immediate as possible, and we want to empower players with a whole bunch of tools to take on the creatures inside the Echo. 

Each creature represents an emotion. In the example above you see Fear - two different forms in this example - and while they seem passive for now they will not remain that way... Sure 'fear' is creepy  but we're gonna have a whole bunch of other emotions to tackle.

Hopefully that's a nice little preview of where we are going and we'll have more to show as and when it's ready :D

But I've also been working on other things! Here's a rather long summary of all the different things. Things and more things. Things. Word loses all meaning. 

Crystal Rift and Windlands

I also make games as part of Psytec andCrystal Rift (our VR Dungeon Crawler) is soon to leave Early Access! We're really proud of it and we hope people will enjoy making their own dungeons. You can get the game on Steam here:

Psytec is also thrilled to welcome Windlands into the fold - an amazing experience and well loved VR experience. We're helping shepherd the game to release - and it is now also available on Early Access - and on sale:

Here's the ever entertaining 'Jacksepticeye' playing the Early Access version:

Apollo 11

I am as always honored to be working on such an awesome production and it's well on it's way to being one of the most original and stand out VR experiences out there. I'm working with IVRE on other projects, and they're good people.

It now has 5 nominations for for the “Best VR animated Educational Film” at the Virtual Reality Festival in Las Vegas!

Here's Astronaut Charlie Duke checking it out in the Rift:


Colosse was the award winning entry I worked on for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam. It is now complete and available on the GearVR store for those who have it and will also be available on Rift when the store becomes available.

Click here to go to the Share version:

Howls Moving Castle

Finally, I spent a bit of time over Xmas/New Years making a new Studio Ghibli experience - just for fun! I'll get it out along with updated versions of the Totoro and Spirited Away demos, but for now here is a preview image:

Phew... that was quite long! I look forward to more updates soon :D (not months from now I hope). 

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    1. Nik Stromberg on

      I REALLY can't wait for your Howls Moving Castle experience!
      Hope you get the time to update all your Ghibli experiences for CV1! Me and my friends can't wait to try it out! ;D

    2. Koshinator on

      that's looking mighty interesting, and it seems you're keeping yourself very busy - keep up the good work, and happy new year!