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I AM MAKING THE GREATEST VR ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME. Also, I want to go to Oculus Connect! Help ME to help YOU! Also: PIE!
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'Echo Red' update

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)

Hey folks! Been a while, I know! 

Echo Red

So... to recap where we were, the game that would come from this Kckstarter evolved through a number of forms, starting with the ridiculous and slightly mental demo I made. 

Once past the Kickstarter, the game leaned more towards Adventure, but after joining up with Jason Storey (awesome code-monkey and VR developer) become more and more interactive. Over the past year we've experimented with a number of ideas and directions, not least because there's so much that CAN be done in VR, but so much that can be awesome! Things took a turn when I was able to try the Vive at EGX Rezzed last year. Motion controls blew me away and I knew I had to make the game with them at the core. More recently the Oculus Touch has doubled down that feeling, and Echo Red will launch as a motion control only VR game because of this. Sadly the diversion we took briefly into a Pokemon clone will have to wait for another project...

Echo Red
Echo Red

Echo Red is the game that we have settled on, and I want to introduce the means you will have to interact with the world around you: LB (Little Bot)


The controller LB rides in - and is part of - morphs into different forms  giving different powers to interact with the world. LB will help in other ways - even comment on how you are doing. It's all about keeping everything in your hands and as immediate as possible, and we want to empower players with a whole bunch of tools to take on the creatures inside the Echo. 

Each creature represents an emotion. In the example above you see Fear - two different forms in this example - and while they seem passive for now they will not remain that way... Sure 'fear' is creepy  but we're gonna have a whole bunch of other emotions to tackle.

Hopefully that's a nice little preview of where we are going and we'll have more to show as and when it's ready :D

But I've also been working on other things! Here's a rather long summary of all the different things. Things and more things. Things. Word loses all meaning. 

Crystal Rift and Windlands

I also make games as part of Psytec andCrystal Rift (our VR Dungeon Crawler) is soon to leave Early Access! We're really proud of it and we hope people will enjoy making their own dungeons. You can get the game on Steam here:

Psytec is also thrilled to welcome Windlands into the fold - an amazing experience and well loved VR experience. We're helping shepherd the game to release - and it is now also available on Early Access - and on sale:

Here's the ever entertaining 'Jacksepticeye' playing the Early Access version:

Apollo 11

I am as always honored to be working on such an awesome production and it's well on it's way to being one of the most original and stand out VR experiences out there. I'm working with IVRE on other projects, and they're good people.

It now has 5 nominations for for the “Best VR animated Educational Film” at the Virtual Reality Festival in Las Vegas!

Here's Astronaut Charlie Duke checking it out in the Rift:


Colosse was the award winning entry I worked on for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam. It is now complete and available on the GearVR store for those who have it and will also be available on Rift when the store becomes available.

Click here to go to the Share version:

Howls Moving Castle

Finally, I spent a bit of time over Xmas/New Years making a new Studio Ghibli experience - just for fun! I'll get it out along with updated versions of the Totoro and Spirited Away demos, but for now here is a preview image:

Phew... that was quite long! I look forward to more updates soon :D (not months from now I hope). 

Small update and VRJam

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)


Hey guys! 

So, Echo Red is currently in a bit of a holding pattern. While we continue to design and create we have since decided to make the control system heavily catered towards motion controls and first up this will mean the HTC/Valve Vive. If/when Oculus announce input then we will of course be looking to support this, if it fits the ideas we are having.  

I got to try it at EGX Rezzed and was blown away by the way motion controls can add so much to the experience, it really changed my view on what VR input should be. 

So until we get a Vive dev kit (fingers crossed sooner rather than later) we are working on the game, but in a limited capacity. However we are sure it will be an even better game that we had planned otherwise, so it's all good!

Oculus Mobile VRJam

As you may or may not know I have been taking part in the Oculus Mobile VRJam for experiences/games aimed at GearVR. 

I have been working with an AWESOME team creating a VR Storytelling Experience, experimenting with style, music, composition and various look cue mechanics to best tell a short story within VR. We are still working on it and will have a DK2 version soon, but in the meantime those with a GearVR can check out the version we submitted to the Jam.

Entries are now open to public voting and it would be awesome if you would consider voting for 'Colosse' - click the image below to go to the voting page:

'Echo Red' - the game I am making for this Kickstarter!

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)
I am excited to announce that the game I will be making off the back of my Kickstarter will be titled 'Echo Red'.  

You may recall originally I set up my Kickstarter (RedOfPaw's Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie), as a means to raise the funds I required to go to Oculus Connect last year – and as part of that I promised to create a game 'inspired' by the experience. At the time I thought perhaps a short, funny little adventure, not too complicated and just a bit of a joke really. 

Since then having spent time developing ideas and throwing concepts together I realised I no longer wanted to make a 'joke' game, but a 'genuine' one – one that has a significant storytelling/narrative element and also some big, fun, ambitious gameplay ideas. 

The concept of the game came together very quickly. The player is trapped in a surreal, broken representation of their own mind – and must find a way to rebuild it. This simply allowed me to get a bit creative with the locations and ideas I would be throwing around, and not bound by and sort of real-world logic. Considering I had offered people the option to add their own ideas to the game I felt this was the safest way to ensure they could all fit within a world in a way that made sense. 

The story and narrative elements are areas that were always going to be a large part, and Echo Red will include a great many characters. But it will also have an over-arching story which will be revealed to the player as they rebuild their memories. Humour is important to me and while the game is not a 'comedy', it's also not a grim-dark horror or purely serious drama. In a way the story-telling has been a guiding light for the game and if something began to drag it off that path too far it made sense to trim it back further in that direction. 

However I still wanted the game to be a 'game', and while I have been developing for over a year now, I am not massively experienced, so a collaboration made a lot of sense. Jason Storey, talented coder and developer saw some potential in the project and we have now been evolving what Echo Red would be for the last few months. 

At one stage there was a pretty significant 'Pokemon' style gameplay element, where the player would encounter 'emotions' within the scattered memories of their mind, each represented by a creature of sorts. You would capture creatures you encountered and then battle them against others – as well as using the creatures to fulfil other tasks in the world. But quickly we realised that we were now building a Pokemon clone, and as much fun as that might be we were moving away from a lot of the other ideas we had liked. However the concept of 'emotion' creatures remains – the player simply interacts with them in a different way. 

While various other similar concepts have come and gone, it quickly became apparent that physics would be a big part of the game. Jason's particular skill set lends itself very well to creating some very cool and exciting 'systems' for the way players can interact with the world – and we're going to reveal more about that at a later time. We are intending to support as many input devices as possible, and Jason has amassed a fairly impressive collection of VR-friendly input devices. It will be possible to play on just a gamepad, but we want to ensure that each control system has a compelling reason to use, rather than just remapping actions. This is a ground-up thing we're thinking about from the start, so it should be pretty awesome. 

For game-engine fans out there, we are currently building with Unity 4, but with the time-frames involved we will be targeting Unity 5 and all the goodness that will bring. So for now we're keeping a few details under wraps until we can present them in the best way, but in the meantime here are some posters to give you an idea of the direction the game is taking. These are actually put together in Unity 5, and can be considered 'in-game'. 

'Dr Red', the figure standing in the desert, will be a significant character in the game, and a sort of ambiguously helpful presence to the player: 

The first 'emotion' we are showing for the game is 'Fear'. He's somewhat insecure, but possibly misunderstood figure. Expect him, and his many 'brothers' to cause you problems: 

For those who backed me on Kickstarter, do not fear, your names, photos and ideas will all be appearing in the game! As time goes on I will continue to ask for all the things I need. If you have already sent me a photo you may notice it in the poster above, but these will also appear in the game itself. So, I hope you like the sound of all that so far – there are more developments to come, and we hope to have some in game footage fairly soon, as well as some demos as time goes on. 

Thanks again for all your support! 

Nick Pittom (RedOfPaw) - Director, Fire Panda LTD


And now a word from Jason Storey:

Sounds cool huh? I am super excited to be part of this project, Nick has a fantastic visual style that I feel honoured to throw around and destroy with physics!

As Nick said, the gameplay elements have evolved dramatically but our goal in general has remained the same; to make a gaming experience that is engaging and keeps the player active in the universe, it's mechanics and the narrative. For those interested in some of the mechanics and idea's we have in mind stay tuned for some more detailed dev-logs in future. 

We will indeed aim to support almost every VR related input device in some configuration or another a technical challenge we think is worth it to give everyone the most immersive experience they can have. I hope you like what we come up with (physics powers, mind bending environments and an awesome narrative I mean how can it not be awesome amirite?). 


Jason Storey (APieceOfFruit) Co-Developer, 'Echo Red'  

Calling all £10 and up backers! The time has come to send me photos.

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)

Hey guys!

So, I am currently hard at work on The Game. Note the ominous capitals. The official new name for the game is to be announced soon, along with images and a progress report/diary early next year.  

I'm pretty excited about it to be honest! These past few months I have spent a good deal of time thinking and designing and planning and the scope of the game has somewhat... expanded. Originally I had looked to perhaps make a short narrative adventure, perhaps just a bit of fun, but it's evolved into essentially a 'real' game - which is nice! 

For this to be possible I have partnered up with super-star coder Jason Storey, who is currently hard at work on some of the gameplay mechanics and... stuff we have planned. That's pretty vague. But it won't be for long - and I will come back to you all very soon with actual info on what the game is. For now...

So, for those who backed at £10 and up the time has come to send me your photos! I only need photos at this time, and all the other backer rewards (adding stuff or ideas to the game) will be re-requested at a later stage.

Don't panic if you cannot get your photo to me right now, or if you miss this and look back at the updates weeks or indeed months from now! I will be ensuring that every backer gets their reward in the game and have planned out the specific places this happens in the game.

Please send me a message here, along with a link to your photo uploaded to

The 'upload images' button is at the top of the screen.

For those who have already sent the photos, please re-upload to Imgur.

Thank you!

Updates! Game progress and Crystal Rift Kickstarter

Posted by Nick Pittom (Creator)

RedOfPaw's Kickstarter

So, as part of this semi-regular series of updates on the game progress: development continues apace. I am now starting on the first level of the game, blocking out the geometry, working on story and how it will all come together in a fun experience for YOU, the player. I hope to give some preview imagery out as soon as I am happy with how it looks.

The game itself will give you powers over the world around you. So for instance you may gain the ability to tear walls and floor apart with your mind and then build new paths, or use against threats. There will be a whole host of other abilities, all of which work within the context of the world and the story. What is that? Well... I don't want to spoil anything too early, but the world itself is affected by and built from the memories of the player character and part of the fun will be in piecing all that together to understand what has happened and brought you to this state.

Along the way other characters will help and hinder your progress, including Dr. Red, a somewhat eccentric/sinister figure - who insists he is only there to help. 

More details will flow as and when I feel like it. I mean... as and when I get them to you.

Decay Theory

Some may have caught my vague ramblings about a rather ambitious project I have been working on called 'Decay Theory' - a sci-fi short story-led experience. This will remain mostly under-wraps for the foreseeable future, but I wanted to share a nice piece of very early (and likely to change) concept art, done by the awesome James Wetherell. 


 Crystal Rift

The Kickstarter for Crystal Rift - a VR Dungeon Crawler I have been working on with it's creator Jon Hibbins - is now up!

It would be awesome to get your support on this project, so that we can push it onto GearVR and other platforms and generally push it out into the world like some kind of scary baby.

Crystal Rift Kickstart - Click the Image!
Crystal Rift Kickstart - Click the Image!