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Bee The Change Campaign utilizes the documentary Vanishing of the Bees to raise awareness about bees and our environment, inspiring people into action
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Maryam Henein

235 backers pledged $11,292 to help bring this project to life.

Ellen Page Speaks About the Film

Now there is no stopping me with updates!

Just kidding. We had a couple false starts here to get this up and running.

As I type this, George and I are in Topanga (where he lives and keeps our hives) making some last finishing touches with the b-roll. Those are the images one lays over synchronous footage so that a documentary doesn't just consist of talking heads. The film is looking good!

Thank you for your support and for those who upped your pledges. Please pass this around!

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    1. Creator Billy Lovci on August 13, 2010

      ok, this is getting intense - just over 9 grand and 9 days to go!

    2. Creator Ravi on August 11, 2010

      Thank you that was great stuff!!!