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The Bright Orange Box is a smart projector. It brings digital tools to disconnected classrooms and connects students across the world.
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2 DAYS LEFT / How the BoB will impact rural farming

Posted by LumenEd (Creator)

We have less than two days left and only $7,000 left to go. With this much momentum, there’s no way we can not go forward. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

To celebrate how close we are, we’d like to share another application of the device that is sure to make an impact on developing world classrooms. We hope you’ll enjoy this update on how the Bright Orange Box will impact rural farming.


There are millions of rural farmers around the world who use traditional techniques to complete their work. There’s no doubt that these local practices could benefit other farmers living in similar conditions.

Digital Green had an ambitious idea to make agricultural knowledge of isolated rural communities common knowledge. For several years they have been working with existing organizations to record videos capturing local agricultural techniques and distributing these videos to a user base of over 400,000 farmers in India and Africa. Their premise, which has proven to be very successful, is that agricultural knowledge produced by and shared amongst these communities is likely to be adopted by others.

Examining the experiences of Digital Green and like-minded organizations shows how great a need there is for digital content and the means of dissemination among isolated rural communities. The technology needs to provide a two-way street for both recording and sharing of this material.

From a purely technological standpoint, all current solutions are cumbersome. Displaying content involves connecting bluetooth speakers and small business projectors to bulky batteries and syncing everything from a phone. For easy adoption by local communities members we believe this technology needs to be distilled into a single device. The Bright Orange Box can act as hub for these communities, so they can not only play content, but also record their own.

With your help we will be running pilots of the Bright Orange Box across rural Indian communities.


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