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The Bright Orange Box is a smart projector. It brings digital tools to disconnected classrooms and connects students across the world.
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A third of the way there!

Posted by LumenEd (Creator)
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Thank you to all our generous backers so far. We are a third of the way there in just a week! But a third of the way towards what? A new gadget for classrooms? A way to say “hi” to some pen pals? We envision more.
More than 50 years ago, Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined the term “Global Village” to describe the way technology was shrinking the world. Today we have phones, the Web and more social media then we know what do with. But are we any closer to a global community?

In many ways the answer is yes. Even in developing countries like India, 78% of people use mobile phones, and more than a hundred million use Facebook. But, this global community hasn’t yet reached the classroom.

In order to have a truly global village, we need global citizens and global students. We need kids growing up communicating with people from different geographic, socioeconomic and cultural contexts. Most importantly, we need this exchange to be able to reach anyone.

The Bright Orange Box is our first step. It is designed to bring digital content to those who lack it and create connections between students anywhere in the world. If you are trying to create global citizens, you need to start somewhere. Perhaps saying “hi” isn’t a bad beginning.

We have three weeks left to reach our goal. We hope you'll continue to share our campaign and help us get there!

The LumenEd Team

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