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Wonderland is in ruins and it's up to Dorothy and Alice to stop the evil Queen of Hearts' rampage before Oz is next!
370 backers pledged $18,087 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Darewind on March 19


    2. Creator ranmadoctor on March 4


    3. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on January 26

      It's not about people being haters, it's the lack of communication. It takes less than a minute to write a few words and just to hear anything is better than silence. Regardless of how over due a project is, as long as the backers are kept in contact with, there wouldn't be a problem. People can be very understanding, but if they are kept in the dark, what are they supposed to think?

    4. Creator ranmadoctor on January 24


    5. Creator Simon Platt on January 3

      Ignore the haters, take all the time you need :) Nobody wants a rushed product and I for one am happy to be part of your experience with understanding the realistic logistical nightmare that this process can be. How else do we learn - can't wait, my wife will be thrilled when she gets her hands on it.

    6. Creator Chris Zettlemoyer on October 29

      Yeah, I'll take my refund now as well!! Two years to make a book is ridiculous. My daughter doesn't even want it anymore.

    7. Creator Kez Pickering on October 29

      this is just ridiculous now, 2 years on and it appears from FB that Bryan has moved on to other projects and this project will never see the light of day. so disappointed I think refunds need to be made and very soon!

    8. Creator accually is dolan on October 17

      It's no wonder he can't find anyone to help him finish this project. Look how terribly it's been managed up until now.

    9. Creator Chad Smith on October 15

      TWO YEARS LATER - and we all have NOTHING. You have $18,000 - and we have NOTHING.

    10. Creator Warrick on September 2, 2014


      As investors we need communication wih Brian. When he does not respond to investors and the updates he puts dont even make scense and contradict each other, of course people would question if this project is legit and we have the right as investors to ask for a refund if we dont see any progress inside the time he said it would get done.

    11. Creator Tower888 on August 28, 2014

      To the people who are questioning if the project is real... It is. I am Todd Kinsley... The music composer who created the custom soundtrack for the project. I was indeed paid, as Bryan stated in his last update. In fact, I have worked on many projects with Bryan over the years (primarily video games). Regarding this project, I have viewed in-progress versions of the book. They exist. In fact, I've read multiple in-progress rough versions of the complete book, with rough art in place. Each of the versions I received had progressed from the last, including a version that to me appears to be a complete graphic novel, with art, but in black-and-white, because it has not been colored yet. I am definitely not a graphic novel expert, but I do know what a comic book looks like, and the most current version I was sent (several months ago) is a PDF of a complete black-and-white comic book. It does exist, and has been progressing. It is also quite good.

      My involvement with the project ended several weeks ago when the soundtrack was completed and released, however I have no reason to believe that work stopped on the book. I have seen Bryan do amazing things in the past with little budget, and I'm quite certain that is what he's doing now. I know he believes in this project 100%, and I'm certain he is doing all he can to complete it as quickly as possible under the circumstances, and up to the artistic standards everyone is expecting. I can understand your frustration with the timeline, as I am a backer too, and I am very much looking forward to the final project. However indie projects, and sometimes even huge multimillion dollar projects, run into snags that push timelines out further than expected. I can tell you that if Bryan has to spend time trying to defend the project, and deal with online personal attacks, that time is being directly subtracted from the time he is spending working on the book. The personal attacks are having the exact opposite effect you want them to have. They only slow progress on the books.

      I'm not typically one for online sparring matches, but after reading some of the comments being posted here, I felt I had to step-in and say something in defense of the project and Bryan.

    12. Creator Chris Corbett on August 28, 2014

      @Chad Smith, lol good luck on getting a refund.

      I'm still excited for this project and can't wait on getting the books in due time.

    13. Creator Chad Smith on August 28, 2014

      I want a refund.

    14. Creator Warrick on August 25, 2014

      This is bull shit. Bryan communicate with me. I should have searched you up before and I would have smelt a rat. With 2 names Bryan Steel and Bryan Alvin Wiegel, set this account in boulder CO but is in Rochester NY. Have a handful of email addresses (which one do you use now?, or, Has a facebook acount under Bryan Steel but not his "real" name of Wiegele. Your trying to get your business "Perpetual games" off the ground by conning people into this comic venture which is about a game you have been trying to start for while.

      Please give me a refund. If you are not going to communicate with me i can always call? Are you living with Antonia and Jeremiah at the moment or should i contact Dana? You moved around alot, in 6 different states, running from other people you owe money too?

      Rocky Face looks like a nice area.

      The simple thing that would have helped is something called communication. Answering your investors directly would not hurt, and people would have not questioned your ethics so much.

    15. Creator Warrick on August 20, 2014

      The longer this streaches out, especially without any communication, the more I think this was a scam and the more I am pissed off.
      I gave you couple hundred dollars. I am, and I think most of us, are not made of money and are struggling financially with the government, banks and everyone else with their hands in our pockets helping themselves to our money and hate to be taken for a ride. I cant afford to throw money away, I am a disabled person who has major chronic pain everyday and finds it tough to find any job my illness can handle and just to survive day to day without wanting to give up. The longer I live the more I see humans in general are selfish and would step over their own grandmother if it meant they make a few extra dollars.

      Please any kind of update with photos will go along way to put backers faith that this project is real.

    16. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on July 8, 2014

      Is everything else ready, except the actual book, like the plush etc?

    17. Creator Lumiere on June 18, 2014

      Wow, this is actually nearing 2 years.

    18. Creator Richard on June 18, 2014

      Any new information you can give us backers?

    19. Creator John Grant on May 4, 2014

      What are the chances of you increasing your communication with everyone. I know for me an email every 2-3 weeks with the actual progress being made would make a world of difference. An email every week or so that had just a couple of lines; 110/110 pages sketched, 110/110 pages with text, 25/110 pages colored, 10/110 pages checked for errors. I don't know what goes making a comic but you could cut and paste the example every week and simply update the numbers.

    20. Creator Orianna on March 17, 2014

      Since this was supposed to be sent out I've moved and my 12 month postal redirect has expired. I guess it's good to know I definitely won't receive anything rather than constantly wondering like everyone else now.

    21. Creator Kris Clancy on March 13, 2014

      How much longer do you expect the project to take since we are now a year and five months out from the funding of the project?

    22. Creator Neil Ng on February 25, 2014

      2 years to create a comic? Wow, just wow.

    23. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on September 6, 2013

      And no, I've said this before, I am the game maker. If I'm doing anything with games it's not involving Simon's time. Rest assured he's concentrated on our book :)

    24. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on September 6, 2013

      Hey Sara, we've been updating monthly with progress. Are you not getting the updates?

    25. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on September 5, 2013

      Any update? I hope the game is not holding back the comic. :)

    26. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on July 24, 2013

      Hey Richard, I apologize for such time between updates. It was a case of holding off to see how much work we could have gotten done so our update would be more positive than "we're still working". Unfortunately a few attempts to bring help on board didn't work out. I'll try to keep updates coming more regularly, it's just tough when there's no huge milestone to announce. As of right now our schedule has the first pass of the 110 page book completed by the first week of September. We're working around the clock to achieve a timely delivery and still achieve the quality everyone is expecting. We're very happy everyone is so patient with us and we will make sure it's well worth the wait. Thank you!

    27. Creator Richard on July 24, 2013

      You had said back in may (your 2nd to last update) that the book should be finished in June/July, and since it is nearing the end of july, i was just curious.
      You hadn't posted an update since May 28th, so i haven't missed anything..

    28. Creator Rizzo on July 21, 2013

      Sounds like you're hard at work. I'm sure we all agree that we care more about a nicely finished product than the time it takes to produce. Keep up the good work.

    29. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on July 7, 2013

      @Richard, are you not receiving the updates? We have been keeping everyone up to date as we make progress. Our last update explained and apologized for being behind on the book. We're working as fast as we can to get the book finished. I will provide more updates as we progress. Again, thank you for your patience and apologies all around. We greatly underestimated the amount of time to put the entire book together but remain committed to a quality final product.

    30. Creator Richard on July 3, 2013

      I was wondering if you had any new information about the progress and when the rewards will start shipping?

    31. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on June 29, 2013

      Hello, how is it all going? Well I hope! :)

    32. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on March 13, 2013

      @Sara, I've sent out two updates talking about the books being pushed back to June/July. The entire 88 page book plus the 22 page stretch goal really created a big workload. We're working on it as quickly as we can while making sure our end product will be of high quality.

    33. Creator Sara - Princess of the OOTG $7.77 on March 13, 2013

      Hey, any update on when everything will be ready? :)

    34. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on February 5, 2013

      @Jenna, I'm sorry for the delay but as I said in the update, with added work in the stretch goal, an already tight deadline for the book and the lack of being able to bring another artist on board, we had to push the date out. Unfortunately this affects everything, including the rewards as we can't afford to send out rewards as a separate shipment than the books. Again, I apologize for the delay but we're working hard to make sure everything is the highest quality for when you do finally receive it.

    35. Creator J on February 5, 2013

      Hi, I was wondering about your latest update; One of the reasons I backed this was to get the miniature figurine by at least March. This is because I was planning on giving the figurine as a b-day present early April. Thanks.

    36. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on January 17, 2013

      @Connie, The $40 level was for people who wanted the hardcover edition of the book without the extra rewards. That's why it was listed as "Exclusive" and listed everything it came with. If you'd have pledged $30 you would get a softcover edition of the book and the t-shirt. HC editions of books are much more expensive to produce. Sorry for the confusion.

    37. Creator Connie Dupuis on January 17, 2013

      $40 level should include tshirt because under rewards it says for pledges above $30, or I would have just pledged $30.

    38. Creator Arleen W. on December 10, 2012

      OG i saw the plushie in the other kickstarter and i must say it looks wicked awesome

    39. Creator Arleen W. on November 22, 2012

      Bryan and Simon, and the backers
      Happy Thanksgiving eveyone

    40. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on October 19, 2012

      Chris, send me a private message and we can talk.

    41. Creator Chris Corbett on October 19, 2012

      I see that you tried this campaign once before this one and it failed. Can I ask what you did differently to make this one a success?

    42. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on October 17, 2012

      Thank you so much! It just goes to show, the only way you can truly fail is by giving up. Setbacks always will exist!

    43. Creator S.D. on October 17, 2012

      Great to see so many friends here, from adventure game Kickstarter projects! Hello, friends :-)

      @Bryan: Isn't it interesting to note that your exclusive hardcover tier, by itself, exceeded the original funding target? It goes to show that people enjoy nice, high quality things, intriguing storytelling, and are willing to pay for it. Only lately have I heard of your recent setbacks, and I'm firmly in the "don't give up, Bryan!!" camp. I'd love to see this project blossom into a "new lease on life" for your team. I'd like to extend a genuine, hearty & heart-felt, congratulations to you on this book & soundtrack, as a fan from the community you're most associated-with (*hint* *hint*). Best of luck to you, and a *wink* *wink* back to you, regarding the juicy tidbits dispensed in the update comments...

    44. Creator Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on October 17, 2012

      Congrats guys, looking forward to next year! :D

    45. Creator Chris Corbett on October 17, 2012

      Congrats and can't wait to get my goodies!!!

    46. Creator Bryan Wiegele & Simon Rosati on October 17, 2012

      @TheChosenOne, Thanks for that advice! That's what we'll do :)

    47. Creator TheChosenOne on October 17, 2012

      There. Added a T-shirt last minute.
      I would advice doing the survey as late as possible (best way to counter people moving) a little while before you start to ship stuff. Sometimes people do the survey a day after it has ended but don't ship for many months.
      I'd also would add a line/question in the survey asking people if they have added extra $ for any addons like T-shirts.

    48. Creator TheChosenOne on October 17, 2012

      Oh no I never had to resort to such measures but I have backed a few projects here and there and picked some things up.

    49. Creator Dheyrdre Machado on October 17, 2012

      Well, I won't be here for the final seconds, so I'm saying this now...

      I'm so happy for you guys, excellent campaign here!
      Also I'm happy to be a small part of it.
      Thanks and cheers to Bryan and Simon!

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