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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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      Mary Turgeon on

      Naya I am in US.

    2. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      The amount of bags pledged exceeded their projected numbers pushing delivery past the originally projected Nov/Dec delivery dates. The last bunch are coming soon :) Make sure to read our project updates! If you have any specific questions about your order please email our customer relations team at

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      Naya on

      Hey @Mary, just curious, are you in the US or Canada? I'm trying to sneak any hints possible as to how the Canadian shipping is going :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Mary Turgeon on

      I just received my faux leather extra expandable. It is smaller overall than I thought which is actually a perfect size. I love it it was worth the wait. Very nice. Question: if the zipper breaks or such things do you offer fixing?

    5. O'Boogie on

      They said December when the original goal was $29,000. They exceeded one million dollars. Unfortunately, Kickstarter does not allow them to update the number. That should be an option given they exceeded their goal by about a million dollars. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Marion Molloy on

      I believe that the original delivery dates were promised for November/December. So, yes at one time fall delivery dates were on the menu. I completely understand why that changed.

    7. O'Boogie on

      @Charlotte, you will need to email them at They cannot help with customer service issues here. :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Zacho Mull Tvermose on

      I bought two bags, but missed out on my opportunityto chose design. When will I get the chance to chose my two bags?
      Kind regards,

    9. Missing avatar

      Jacqueline D Sprout on

      Hate to be a Nosy Nellie but I just gotta know... What is your final count of all the bags in all the ways the ways they were ordered/created?? It looks like an infinite number of combinations and I haven't the foggiest idea how you were to keep everything organized! I know the Cobbler and Santa both have elves to help. Did you borrow them?
      I ordered mine so long ago that I forget what it is! It's gonna be like Christmas when it gets here!!! I'm not b!tching AT ALL and my husband is so jealous, trying to figure out how he might be able get away with me not hounding him to get things done all the time! LOL! Alway keep um guessing! ;^)

    10. O'Boogie on

      @Jackie, you're sweet. I'm just trying to help. :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      lyn gilmartin on

      Can’t wait to receive my bag, thanks for the update!🇨🇦

    12. Missing avatar

      Tanja Overdevest on

      @Nichole, I got my Sash bags today and bling bag woohoooo over the 🌝. I will show off my Sash sister shirt and misty blue CE on Saturday 🤩

    13. Missing avatar

      Jackie Parnell on

      @O'Boogie thsnks for your support on this campaign💕

    14. Missing avatar

      Debbie Stanfield on

      All these bags are gorgeous! Can't wait to see all the pictures of the various Ikat fabrics as bags, too!

    15. O'Boogie on

      @Pam, you didn't order a bag. You backed a project on Kickstarter in July/August, and you were promised a reward. The reward will be delivered soon.

      Kickstarter isn't a storefront like Amazon. You are backing a project, and the funds raised are used to produce a product.

    16. O'Boogie on

      @Sandra, did you read the update that you just commented under or any of the 33 others? Because once they exceeded the original goal, the delivery date was changed. Original goal was $29,000. They exceeded $1 million. They were never promised in the fall of 2018. The earliest date ever mentioned was December.

      Please read the updates. They tell you everything you need to know. That's why they were posted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      @Sandra Lozano...we are all waiting. The amount of bags pledged exceeded their projected numbers. Yay us! The last bunch are coming soon. If you have a bag from a previous shipment, that has not arrived, email

    18. Missing avatar

      sandra lozano on

      Still waiting on the bag that was supposed to be delivered late fall 2018....

    19. Karen Teixeira on

      Thanks for the link to the backer kit site...I was able to get my tracking info (it still shows label created 2 days ago) but now I know I can track it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Marion Molloy on

      I just panicked for a moment, worried that I didn’t order one, but I did! Full fringe!

    21. Missing avatar

      Marion Molloy on

      They look great! I am so excited!

    22. Missing avatar

      Pam Maddox on

      I still haven't received the bag I order from your kickstarter last September.

    23. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Sorry the last comment was for @Tanja!
      @Tova email us at and include in the email if you are in US or Canada.

    24. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Tova Fisch Please see the "FYI ON SHIPPING" comment below.

    25. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Ruth Giordano You emailed us once on 1/07/19 and we replied to you the same exact day. Please check your spam folder.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ruth Giordano on

      I have tried to get information on my bag that I back in July and have not received any response to my inquiries about were the bag is.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ruth Giordano on

      I have tried to get information on my bag that I back in July and have not received any response to my inquiries about were the bag is.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      Why didn't I order leopard!! So pretty!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tanja Overdevest on

      So jealous.... they are beautiful. Still waitng for my leather misty blue classic expandable and grey faux leather extra squared 😢 Two more weeks until europe travel, fingers, eyes and toes crossed I have them by then, but I have not even received a shipping number yet.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lynda Ryan on

      They all look so GORGEOUS!!!!!

    31. O'Boogie on

      @Tova, if you are in Canada, it is being shipped separately from the bags. It is coming from San Diego.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tova Fisch on

      Love the Leopard. Will probably get one soon.
      I was among the first few to purchase through this campaign.
      and was lucky enough to be offered a gift bag for ordering so early. Unfortunately I have not received anything from my gift bag yet. So sad ! What is the status of that???

    33. O'Boogie on

      Woohoo! I'm not a cheetah girl, but that is super cute.

      Also, can you do some kind of test to make sure that people understand Kickstarter before they participate in your next one? 🤣

    34. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      ACCESS BACKERKIT: The best place to see your original survey responses (your "order") is to access your account on Backerkit at make sure to use the email address you provided for the Kickstarter campaign.

    35. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      FYI ON SHIPPING: We usually use Shopify that allows us to send out a notification when we have printed your labels but we are using a different system this time around and you won't receive a notification until it hits USPS and they scan it. You can always check your backerkit to see what it says. Don't worry - you will still be receiving your bags if you haven't received the email confirmation yet :)

    36. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Melissa, I'm not sure if it send the info when the label is created or when it gets picked up. But you can check your Backerkit account and see what it says.

      @Valerie, selling in-stock product has nothing to do with this Kickstarter. This was a special project for custom bags. We're not going to shut down the rest of our business. 😂

      Thanks everyone else for the support and positivity!! Whooop!! 🙌🏼

    37. Missing avatar

      Pam Smith on

      The only one I ordered is the leopard and I’m biting my nails waiting to get it. My favorite color is leopard!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kim Horn on

      The animal print looks great - I got my Merlot in the last big shipment USA/Canada - my kickstarter order is complete with a caramel for my mom and merlot for me - both of us are very happy with the color and product overall!!! Thanks SashTeam!

    39. Missing avatar

      Melissa Crisp on

      It says you’ve processed ALL the labels for the ones leaving the San Diego warehouse... does that mean that everyone in the US receiving a bag from this last shipment (the one that arrived to y’all in February) should have shipping info?

    40. Barbi Carson on

      Is there any way you could find out when mine will ship?

    41. Missing avatar

      Patricia R Mitchell on

      Jelly for sure. I'm not sure animal prints are me, but definitely tempted:)

    42. Missing avatar

      Valerie on

      Where where where? When when when? Tired of updates. How can you sell merch when this kick start has not been fulfilled? Summer will be here and no bag to show off. Wow is all I can say. Won't do another kick start ever.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kristina Bailey on

      Yay! This is EXACTLY what i needed to hear. I do have to laugh with my luck that my style is in the last group in production. 😂😂 Look forward to getting the beauty. Thanks for the update. I appreciate it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Christine Ramos on

      They all look so wonderful and I am still waiting on mine. I have not heard a word on shipping yet and it was just a plain black one. But kicking myself for not going ahead with a purple with fringe lol.

    45. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Rolanda Join our Buy/Sell/ISO/Trade group on Facebook. Some people are selling their KS bags. Here's the link:

    46. Missing avatar

      Leslie Mott on

      There most frustrating thing is not being able to have them ALL! So much gorgeousness!

    47. Rolanda Patton on

      Oh My!! I’m seeing colors that I Love here that I didn’t even think of wanting!!
      Oh i would love to get my hands on some of them. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could swap or purchase ones that were not a good fit for those who ordered. I know it would be madding to coordinate that. But wow!! I love one of the other colors!!😀

    48. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Everyone isn't it gorgeous?! We are happy you're loving it!!

      @Renee LOL!