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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.


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      Seanna Huber on

      I'm still waiting on my misty blue and Merlot. i just got my label created April 18, 2019, 6:35 pm and its still sitting in the warehouse, not shipped yet.

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      Maria Cabral on

      According to the updates I thought I was re eiving mine in December, I never did. I am in FL a bit worried, am I wrong?

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      Naya on

      To those of you in Canada looking for any kind of news, mine was listed in the Feb 27th update, and I just got my shipping number! Canada post says it's left the facility :)

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      Heather Jordan on

      I'm writing from Canada. I have not received any items: t-shirt, swag bag or faux leather extra expandable squared bag. Further to the Feb. 27 update, I have not yet received tracking info. Any idea when I might expect to receive my items?

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      Melissa Zimmerman on

      Anyone receive shipping information on their misty blue leather expandable?

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      Naya on

      @Marion If you're in the US, it sounds like you should have a shipping number by now. This is from their latest update "We have processed the labels for all of the shipments leaving our warehouse in San Diego (which ships to the US and everywhere else in the world besides Canada)"

      If you're in Canada, I know my bag is one of the ones in this shipment (Extra Expandable Faux Leather in Brown) and I don't have a shipping number yet either, so I wouldn't worry, it's not just you :) They mentioned the Canadian fulfillment center is going slower.

      @Eileen you might not want to post your full name and address here since it's a public forum. If you have specific questions I'd email them privately for an update :)

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      Marion Molloy on

      Have all the bags from this shipment been shipped? Will those of us that still have more bags being produced have to wait to receive them all?

    8. Missing avatar

      Eileen Bradley on

      I’m still anxiously waiting for my Navy Leather expandible sack. What’s up? Any idea when it will be shipped?
      Eileen Bradley
      25 North Rd
      Rockport Ma 01966

    9. Missing avatar

      Naya on

      From the March 22nd update: "We even got a new, fancy, high volume label printer to speed things up as much as possible."

      So hopefully we'll start seeing our shipping numbers soon :)

    10. O'Boogie on

      @Luisa, Cortney, Tiffany, they are shipping right now. There are thousands of bags, and they have a small staff. They are working as fast as they can. You'll get a shipping notice soon.

    11. Luisa on

      Hello, I just got an update for March but my bag should be included in the February update. I haven’t gotten any word on my bag. Have they all been sent out for the expandable gunmetal bags?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tiffany Linge on

      So if I ordered yellow leather with Fringe, when would they be shipped out to me?

    13. Missing avatar

      Cortney Kirkby on

      I was wondering if the bags from this update has shipped? I have not received anything.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lorene on

      Thank you Nichole MacDonald for your update 2 days ago. I'm waiting for my 2 Kickstarter bags 🎽....I'm so excited 🙂 . I can't even begin to imagine what you all are going through with so many bags. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Naya on

      So to clarify on my previous comment, the bag I ordered is listed in the ones that arrived in Canada on Feb 27th. Since it's been almost a month since it made it to Canada I emailed support as instructed but got a generic response.

      I have no issues with waiting, I just want to know at what point I should be worried that I haven't gotten a tracking number yet considering my bag arrived in Canada last month. Are you still working on printing shipping labels on those ones? I understand that some people get shipping labels but then it's still not ready to ship yet, but I don't even have a shipping number and just wanted to make sure my order hadn't fallen through the cracks.

    16. Natalie Cream on

      @NicholeMacDonald I have emailed but only got a generic response that doesn’t tell me anything about my specific order. I would really just like to know that I will have my bag by 29 May when I go overseas for 2 months.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lisa Dupuis on

      @Mary Turgeon a lot of people have received their KS bags and some are even trading and selling in the Sash FB group! I bought a black expandable squared from a friend who found it too big and I am loving it!! I was pleasantly surprised to find I can fit my 9” iPad in the square pocket no problem! Now I don’t need an extra bag for my iPad which is awesome! I have 4 KS bags still to come and 3 of them will be in the very last shipment so I know it will be a while yet and that’s cool! I know my perks will definitely be delivered because Sash always delivers!

    18. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      All styles not listed above should be shipping soon! If you have any questions about your specific order please email us at

    19. Robin Newman O'Donnell on

      What is going on with the Indigo Cheetah? I don't see that listed here.

    20. O'Boogie on

      I know a lot of people who have received their bags. You obviously aren't in the FB group because there is an entire thread of people who have received them and are discussing what they like about them. There are already people selling/trading bags, too.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mary Turgeon on

      Where are the commenta here that someone has received a bag?? I noticed you said that you are getting good feedback but where can we see that as well? Has anyone here gotten their bag yet?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Thanks for the update, Nichole! Our sashmania group is looking forward to the arrival of our order soon!

    23. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone! We are shipping as quickly as possible. It's just a lot to ship. That's all. It's a lot. And we're also running the day-to-day business on top of it, and we're truly doing the best we can. Thanks for your patience and understanding. I'm at a trade show this week, but I plan to send out another update as soon as I have a few moments. Phew! Those of you who have received your bags, we'd love to hear how you like them!! Most of the comments we're receiving so far is that it was totally worth the wait. So hang in there! :-)

    24. O'Boogie on

      You can cancel your order if you like. They can only do what they can do.

    25. Karen Teixeira on

      I have to say, the email I received when I emailed was not at all helpful and generic.

      I was under the impression that shipping labels would be printed by now for the last shipment (extra square expandable faux leather in purple with studs) but I’ve received no email.

      I think we’d all appreciate an update as to the status on shipping that order as a lot of us are still waiting for any info even though we are part of that shipment. Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      So I thought after the last update, February 27th, that I would have my tracking number soon.....well it is now March 19th and no tracking number..... The last update said that all bags would be done and shipping from India by March 16th.... My patience is wearing thin..... I ordered an extra expandable squared in faux leather, I believe in Black. An update about my specific order would be much appreciated.

    27. Robin Wilkinson on

      Here’s what bothers me: the deluge of emails from Sash Bag urging me to buy. I got 4 within 13 minutes recently. I’ve waited forever for my bag, yet I can get “40% off in stock bags” or “incredible savings” on others. All these emails do is remind me that I don’t have the bag I ordered seven months ago.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Nichole Macdonald, its been almost a month since your last update and it seems only a few small orders have been shipped. Have any of the 132 sashmania orders been shipped? Are you waiting until sashmania orders are completely fulfilled prior to shipping?
      As sashmania group leaders we have organized large groups of buyers and feel a sense of responsibility towards them. We need to know more definitively when our orders are ready (or not) what we are waiting for, and targeted delivery dates. We've been waiting for these bags to arrive since Dec 2018.
      As you suggested, many of us have reached out to sash regarding our individual orders. A phone call results in a message directing to email. Sending an email results in a generic, non information response.
      You mentioned in an earlier update about cancelling orders. If we have some in the group who want to cancel their order can we do that or does the whole order need to be cancelled?

    29. Natalie Cream on

      I reached out about my order and received a generic response back. I understand you are a small business but your comment 2 days ago said to email customer service to get an individual response.

      Your update #32 said caramel faux leather extra squared had arrived. I am leaving Australia on 29 May for 2 months and would love to be able to take my bag away with me as it will be so convenient for travelling.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tanja Overdevest on

      Anyone received their misty blue classic leather and grey extra squared faux leather bags yet? They were in the previous shipment according to update #32, but I haven’t even received a shipping confirmation yet. I live in San Diego, I can come get them 😉

    31. Missing avatar

      Yvette Cheyne-Anscombe on

      Hoping I get my bags before holidays in June. I don't think I'm made for kickstarter or indiegogo. Victim of your success! Lol.

    32. Missing avatar

      Debbie Standish on

      Still no tracking #. Just wondering how many bags arrived in Canada on the 27th of February and how many have been shipped out to date. Might give the rest of us an idea.... how much longer we will have to wait. I emailed this same question on the weekend and still no answer.

    33. Missing avatar

      Barbara Japp on

      nothing yet (Canada)

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeanette Mullins on

      Do international orders get tracking as I haven't received anything? I'm in the UK.

    35. Shelley Ford on

      Do I understand correctly that group orders are being held at a distribution
      ( canada or us) center and will not ship out to the group leader until the honey, indigo cheeta..etc are received?

    36. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi Everyone :) Thank you for your patience. We have received a large number of bags in the last shipment, and are working hard to process them and ship them out as fast as possible (The current inventory list has been posted in the updates). However, there are some styles we are still waiting to receive from the manufacturer. This may explain why some of you are still waiting for e-mail confirmation. We anticipate receiving the remaining styles within the next couple of weeks. For questions regarding your individual order, please reach out to our customer service team and they will be happy to give you an update specific to your order.

    37. O'Boogie on

      @Donna, it depends on what you ordered. Not all bags have shipped yet. They can't ship bags that haven't arrived yet. :-)

    38. O'Boogie on

      They can't answer specific customer service questions here. Email them at

      The last batch of bags is supposed to ship March 16 from India.

    39. Missing avatar

      Naya on

      Hi guys! In Canada and no email about a shipping number yet. I saw some folks have shipping numbers, and at least 1 Canadian posted about getting her purse. Any word on when the shipping numbers will be sent out to the rest?

    40. Missing avatar

      Shirley on

      Hi, No email here for a tracking # to date. Anxiously awaiting.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kaye Siapno on

      Hi Nichole!! So happy for the news! My orders were in the last update from February but until now I haven't received any emails for a tracking #.

      Any update plz? :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Dalesha Bowman on

      I’m certain you guys are swamped with shipments right now, but can we get a general idea (not a guarantee) of how long it takes from tracking number to shipment? I’m hoping to give my group an update other than I got my tracking number but it hasn’t moved yet. Are single bag shipments going out before multiple bag shipments or is it based on order number? I have antsy group members hoping for an answer. Thanks! So excited for them to arrive!

    43. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      @Orchid we printed all the labels and started shipping as fast as we can. That is why you received the first email confirmation. It will update when it has been sent out!

    44. Orchid

      Got Tracking number 3/4, still no movement?

    45. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Reagan on

      I guess I have 3 very unique bags coming! I thought one of them (some shade of blue leather) was in the most recent shipment but I guess not. I keep hoping I will go get the mail and have a surprise, but I should see the tracking e-mail first.

    46. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Update: No, they don't ship "when and if" the Canadian fulfillment center has time. Expect to get your tracking numbers soon! Please note that our fulfillment centers are not open on the weekend. We will update you guys as soon as possible. If you have a questions about your specific order, contact us at

    47. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi Everyone :)
      Thank you for your patience while we are fulfilling orders of those we received. Due to the large amount of bags received, we are still processing these shipments. If your bags were in this shipment, hang tight, they will be on their way soon. If you need help regarding a specific order, please e-mail our customer support team at

      Sandi, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to film a live video at our fulfillment center in Delta BC, as they are a contracted warehouse and not Sash staff. Canada received the same styles we did, and are shipping them out as fast as they can. Please reach out to our customer service team for specifics regarding your order.

      Emma, March 16th is the date we were told all the bags would be complete and ready to ship. Please consider the turn around time for international shipping, and processing of these orders before they are reshipped to the backers. Hopefully your order will arrive in time, we are doing our best.

      Again, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team regarding questions about a specific order.

    48. Missing avatar

      Emma Stone on

      So March 16 is when the final shipment of all the Kickstarter bags will be shipped from India? Hopefully they will arrive before my travels begin

    49. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Nichole, thanks for filming of the ks bags in the usa fulfillment centre on Can we please get a similar update on the progress at the canadian distribution centre? From what i understand, they ship canadian bags out when and if they have time.. is that true? Wondering when we can reasonably expect bags to be shipped in canada??

    50. O'Boogie on

      @Cristina, caramel leather shipped some time ago. I'd contact them directly about this.