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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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      Kathy McKee 2 days ago

      So, I’ve received 3 out of 4 sashes from my kickstarter order. The final sash I’m waiting for is rose gold leather, which is mentioned above as having arrived about a month ago. Should I be concerned that I’ve had no shipping info sent to me yet here in Canada? I’m happy to be patient, but I don’t want to neglect pointing out an oversight or lost package if there’s been any? So, rose gold leather sashes, shipped to customers yet or no?

    2. Missing avatar

      Dolores LaPearle 2 days ago

      In your last update you said we could get a refund. I would like a refund. I have already posted this and have not seen a reply.

    3. Missing avatar

      Najia Haddock on

      I’m fed up. I ordered a purple expandable sash bag 8 months ago from kickstart to be delivered to me in Canada sometime last December. Shortly after that there was a flash sale, so I ordered two more as gifts. After several months, the flash sale two arrived BUT I had to pay for shipping and customs, making the cost nearly half again what I should have paid for, because, I ordered from the wrong flash sale, there apparently was a second flash sale for those who live in Canada. there was no way to get a refund for the extra 40% charge. Six months later, I still don’t have the original bag purchased sometime in August and the whole Schueren’s that I won’t be charged customs again? I am not pleased

    4. Missing avatar

      Mary-ann Teahan on

      Is there any way to know if the navy leather (full fringe) bags have been processed and/or shipped from Canada? I know Nicole said no one is forgotten, but that's how I'm feeling. Just a trickle more of information would so ease this feeling.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kim Butcher on

      WHEN, oh WHEN will I receive my order?? I need my bags for a vacay to Jamaica soon!! I’m starting to get worried I won’t get them in time!

    6. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Tiernan on

      Soooo excited! My Gypsy is getting ever closer!!
      Thanks for all the updates and attention to your customers.

      Fingers crossed I will get it by my April 26-8 event I envisioned it for back when I pledged. Excited to be apart of the second KS campaign for such a great company. Hope my other bags don't get jealous of their new sibling ;)

    7. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      We're working hard to process and ship over a 1,000 orders :) No one has been forgotten, we promise! When your order ships you will receive tracking information!
      Thank you EVERYONE for your patience! We are almost there!

    8. O'Boogie on

      Steffani, the bags just got into the U.S. from India. They have to sort the bags and prepare labels for thousands of shipments. If you don't wish to wait, you can get your money back. Otherwise, they will ship your bag to you as soon as they can. :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Steffani Geary on

      Any update on when they actually ship? It has been almost two weeks since this update and I still don’t have shipping info. Something realistic would be nice. (Expandable Honey Full Fringe).

    10. O'Boogie on

      @Kari, the ones in the Sash catalog are preorders. You'll have your bag before those arrive. You aren't forgotten. There are THOUSANDS of bags to ship.

      @Karen, email them. They can't answer individual questions on the VIP page. It has never been intended to be a customer service outlet, and they have said that from the start. They are shipping bags as quickly as possible. You can create a backerkit account. I know because I did it. :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Karen Gibson on

      I can’t log into ‘backerkit’ to track my order. I just want to know the status of my order. I have asked on the Sash VIP FB page, and my question wasn’t approved I guess. I order a misty blue.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kari Manuel on

      I'm beginning to feel forgotten. I know there were all sorts of unanticipated delays, but it's rather discouraging to see the Extra Sash bags in the regular catalog now before we receive our Kickstarter bags. Looking at my mailbox each day in hope, but starting to be discouraged.

    13. Missing avatar

      Connie Southwell on

      Still waiting for my E misty blue with studs, any idea when it’ll be shipped. Keep seeing where others have received and are even selling them,while I haven’t even got mine. Feel discouraged!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Teresa Johnson on

      Come on Honey Leather! <3
      Thanks for the update - Anticipation is more like it! lol

    15. O'Boogie on

      @Robin, then you've been very lucky with your Kickstarters. 😂

      The cheetah bags just now arrived in the U.S. Now they have to ship thousands of bags. :-)

    16. Robin Newman O'Donnell on

      I’m one still waiting on my indigo cheetah but it’s been so long now I will be surprised when it finally gets here 😂 I have done four other kickstarters and this has by far been the longest wait, because of the material I chose. March has come and gone and April is part way gone and still no clue when my Sash will arrive. Maybe for my birthday in June?

    17. Missing avatar

      J. ALLISON on

      I want to make sure I understand, does this last update (#35)mean that if we have multiple bags pledged you will ship ones available or wait till entire pledge order is completed? Thanks.

    18. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi Dianne, Our customer service team is more than happy to assist you with details regarding your specific order. Just reach out to them at They'll be waiting for you! :)

      Hi Nancy, I am sorry if you received a general response to your previous messages. Please give us another chance and reach out again. You have been waiting a long time for your order, and we want you to receive the answers you need! Our customer service team will be happy to give you more information regarding your specific order.

      Hi Kelly, I am not sure I understand your question.. It appears there may be some confusion. We want EVERYONE to receive the bag they originally ordered. Please give us the chance to understand what your concerns are so that we may discuss your available options with you. Please e-mail our customer service team with questions regarding your specific order.

      Thank you EVERYONE for your patience! We are almost there!

    19. O'Boogie on

      The Kickstarter didn't start until July, and manufacturing didn't begin until the crowdfunding ended in August, which is how crowdfunding works.

      You didn't "order" a bag. You backed a Kickstarter. You are set to receive a reward. Because the project took off, it has taken longer to manufacture and ship all bags. They also ran out of some materials before manufacturing was complete, but that has been rectified, so your bag will be coming along soon. Email them at for more specific information about your particular reward.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kelly Swingen on

      Am I to assume I have purchased one of the "straggler black faux leather expandable ordered June 2018?
      I appreciate your trying to get the bags out quickly but it is very frustrating on this end as well. I will never back a Kickstarter item again which is unfortunate for businesses such as yours.

      Kelly Swingen

    21. Missing avatar

      Nancy Ganus Hendryx on

      I'm seeing that navy leather was in the previous shipment, yet I haven't received any notification of shipment. I ordered an EES. All that shows up on my Backerkit is an upgrade I added later. I've reached out several times to Sashbag through email and have only received a general reply. I'm a teeny bit frustrated and don't know what to do to get info on my order. Any ideas?

    22. Missing avatar

      Naya on

      Woo! I was one of the bags listed in the received shipment from Feb 27th, and I just got my shipping number :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Morena McKenzie on

      @Dianne Morgan, send an email to about your specific order.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dianne Morgan on

      I wish someone could just please tell me when I will receive my order from the Kickstarter orders. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. I ordered a total of 3 faux leather in black, red and purple. I really want my purses or my money back. Can someone please get back to me???

    25. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you all so much for the kind words! It really helps to keep us going! We will continue to work hard to earn your support. For those who have questions about their specific bag, please reach out to customer service at

    26. Missing avatar

      Merilyn Fox on

      I don't understand whether or not my bag has shipped. I live in Canada and my bag is leather and purple. Could you please gently and in really simple terms let me know 1. has it it shipped and 2. if no, when will it? Thanks. Yes I am impatient but I still love you. By the way, a friend was so taken with my original orange bag that she bought one for herself - a brown/black reversible one.

    27. Missing avatar

      Janice LeBeau on

      Janice LeBeau
      This was my pledge in August of 2018. Can I get a status on it. Thanks.
      Pledge Summary
      $149 REWARD
      Sash Extra-1 of 3 New Designs (Leather) - Chose one of the new "Extra" designs: The Sash Extra bag - a one and a half inch wider design to fit larger items; The Sash Extra Expandable - one and a half inches wider and with expandable, zippered pockets; The Sash Extra Squared. It's also wider and expandable. Plus it has the square pocket on both sides. This reward option is for genuine leather.
      Pledge Questions
      Choose Style, Color, and Upgrade for your Leather Extra bag
      Leather Extra Squared - Navy.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dolores LaPearle on

      I don’t mean to be impatient it’s just been a very very long time. I have been ripped off before so I am very skeptical on some things. I am not sure what else is available in the price that I paid. I don’t want It to be a material that will wear out quickly and it really needs to be black. Is the gray you have in a dark gray ? That could be an option

    29. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Fielding on

      I understand your frustration. You all are doing an excellent job. We cannot ask for a better product or service. You ALL rock!

    30. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      No worries here!
      I know we are in good hands 😃

    31. Missing avatar

      Jacki Armstrong on

      We got faith baby!!!! Thanx for all the communication and transparency. This was a HUGE and unexpected campaign. So we wait... but end of the day, you still pulled it off and ensured we received, will receive an amazing and perfect Sash.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      Whoot!!! Come to me denim leather :D :D
      Thank Nichole & Sash team! Waiting has been hard, not gonna lie. But never once doubted you'd deliver. Sash shows the most customer care I have ever seen. And yes, seems many don't understand what Kickstarter is or means, even myself at first. You have shown immense patience at the salty comments. Kudos <3

    33. Suzie Lee on

      This will be by far the fastest turn around I have ever had for a kickstarter. I received my black bags in December and will be so excited when the rest arrive in the coming weeks.

      Those who are new to Kickstarter, this is all normal... in fact, it’s much better than normal. It falls below Sash’s standards of customer satisfaction only because their standards are INCREDIBLY HIGH. They could do half the work they are doing and still be one of the more conscientious campaigns on this platform.

    34. Leslie Nick Monroe on

      Thank you for the updates! This is not my first rodeo as far as Kickstarter campaigns go, and we have received five times more information and updates than I have had on ANY other project I've backed. (I'm still waiting on delivery from one that ended THREE YEARS AGO.) You guys absolutely rock. You have been transparent throughout the process and have been more than generous with your time, hard work and communication. I think much of the saltiness you are getting is from those who don't really understand what Kickstarter is. Please know that for every salty customer you encounter, there are twenty others who fully appreciate the colossal undertaking that fulfilling this epic Kickstarter project has become. We've got your backs, SashSisters!

    35. Missing avatar

      Lucy Kallenbach on

      I agree you are doing an amazing job. If I had a bratty ie I want my sash now...stomping my foot...grousing...and stalking the UPS guy....just know it's a fleeting hiccup on my part...I just have to change how I look at things. Good point---->staggering the bags was so cool. It was like christmas at my grams. All 30 of us crowded in her lving room. Kids sitting on the floor. Adults ready with cameras. Papa acting as santa's elf and gram making sure we put the spent wrapping paper in the trash can conveniently at the end of the room near the front door. We would open one present at a time, and everyone would get a chance to ooo and ahh over it. It made getting our gift that much more fun....all that anticipation was exhilarating and sometimes excruciating. Was the wait longer than a massive all at once opening of 30 people? YUP! But oh the fun we had getting to see everyone's treasures. This time Sashinistas got to see the joy on faces and the fun others were having. I even had a bit of bag envy. But when I opened my wrapped treasure...yay! How cool to get a chance to use each new sash bag and fall in love....a honeymoon phase you might say. I still have 2 more coming and I feel like a kid again driving to grams on christmas eve dreaming about the moment I get to open that wrapping paper! Thanks for the giddiness, the anticipation, the shared ahhh Ooooo moments, and for your diligence and kindness towards your customers. SASH team rocks.....

    36. Missing avatar

      Cyndi Fodor on

      Thanks so much for the update. I am still waiting, but I am not going anywhere, so I am patient. Thank you for all you do and this was a mammoth undertaking. Thanks for managing this event soooo well. Love you all from Canada P.S. Can't wait for your next kickstarter event.

    37. Missing avatar

      Barb Murphy on

      I think you guys are doing a phenominal job... considering that there were almost 5000 new or repeat Sash backers! It seems that the bigger the crowd of people using and loving Sash... the easier the complainers can slip in! I've only had fansastic, wonderful responses from Sash.. Thanls for a wonderful product! And community🤹‍♀️😍💝

    38. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Ok, I tried to find shipping info on backerit and all I get is that the creator is in charge of shipping info & sent back to #35 update. Dizzy going in circles!

    39. Buffy Edgar Bandley on

      Is there a link to backerit? Do we need to register?
      And what is the shipping status of US bags from last shipment? Misty blue, Merlot?
      Will the emails be sent retroactively for bags shipped with no emails?
      Anxious in 🍓🍓

    40. Missing avatar

      keri hanselman on

      Thanks for your frequent and detailed updates. This will be my first Sash bag but not my first Kickstarter. I can’t imagine how many hours you all have put in for this.
      Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything. 🥰

    41. Missing avatar

      Jackie Parnell on

      Wow, thanks for this update. So sad we are stressing you out. Love to the whole team, including the fulfillment centre team! 💕🎽🇨🇦

    42. Jillie on

      Thanks to Sarah for her kind replies. I hope to have my KS bags before I leave the US in May for 5 months. I think both the honey and misty blue are what I am waiting for but I am old (75) and I forgot. Lol

    43. Janice Thompson on

      Yabba Dabba Dooooo

    44. Missing avatar

      Connie Southwell on

      Anymore on Misty blue leather ?? It wasn’t on your list. I’m so trying to be patient, but when I read others already have received theirs,I feel disappointed.Anxiously waiting.Love the Sash !!

    45. Missing avatar

      Patricia Myers on

      Wow, good for you and for the overwhelming business. I still do not see my Sage Green bag in this shipment. My 73rd birthday is this week. Just hoping I see this bag before I meet my maker. My other bag was stolen, so anxious to get this.

    46. Missing avatar

      Pamela Mahiai on

      Thank you Sash Team for all the updates and for following up everytime I sent an email! I finally received my order and it was definitely worth the wait! Fulfilling all those orders must feel overwhelming but thank you for working so hard to keep everyone informed!

    47. Robyn Bradshaw on

      Still waiting for my Kickstarter bag and still think you are all awesome! ❤️

    48. O'Boogie on

      You didn’t order a bag. You backed a project on Kickstarter, which is crowdfunding platform, and you will receive a reward. This isn’t Amazon. That’s not how crowdfunding works.

    49. Missing avatar on

      I am so disappointed that an item I ordered many months ago, has not been delivered. I never would have ordered if this info had been available. I feel misled.

    50. Missing avatar

      Susan Risty on

      Thank you everyone on the Sash team!!! I don’t think many of us realized what a Herculean adventure this Kickstarter campaign was going to be. Personally, I have waited nearly a year for others Kickstarter backed products with MUCH less communication than received from you. In my book, y’all are Rock Stars!!!
      Thanks for being you 💜✌🏼🌞