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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Our Facebook live video has lots of info regarding the Kickstarter bags and the schedule of them!

    2. O'Boogie on

      I think you'll get a faster response at

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      Pam Crouch on

      Hi Nichole, first I want to say you have been great keeping us updated and responding to questions and comments. I will say we received our first shipment with the Black sash and notice of the caramel, gray and brown. I realize they were in the customs hold and you decided to wait on that shipment until you could combine it with the next one coming in. I have looked for the shipping schedule and see the order of production, but what I am really looking for is a list of shipping dates. If it is posted I can't find it. Several of my ladies are asking if I have heard anything and I feel like I am just putting them off because I can't provide any hope. It is really hard when I see posting on Facebook of really happy sashers that have received their shipments. I expected my Sage, red, rosegold and the free spirit to take a while so I have resisted the temptation to send constant update request, so I am sorry to breakdown and beg for one now. Do you have a shipping schedule with estimated dates you can provide? Or if you have it posted can you let me know where to look?

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      Christine Krueger on

      Thanks for the update. Still anxiously awaiting my rose gold leather.....

    5. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Oh, and Louise, the animal print leathers are the same as our normal leather and we will be showing them in the video today!

    6. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi! If you would like to exchange or return your Kickstarter bag please contact and our customer service team will help you out and give you the forms you need! Yes, we are sending Canadian KS bags to the fulfillment center but do not have an exact date and cannot guarantee anything as far as ETA. If you have any questions regarding specific bags we would suggest tuning into the live tonight with Nichole and Muralidharan on facebook :)

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      Louise Hearn Stinson on

      Just curious, are the animal prints made from the same lambskin leather as the rest of the sashbags? The picture doesn't really give a good indication of how supple the leather will be. Wish there was a video of you holding the leather and moving it a bit. Looking forward to my leopard. Have fun in India, snowing here in Calgary again.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Are you sending directly to canadian distrib centre? Typically how long does it take to get there? Usually it takes about 10 days from distrib to doorstep. So an optimistic ETA for canadians would be March 1? Does that sound right?

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      Dawn Loffler on

      Great update! Can’t wait to see and feel my calico.

      Question: will you be updating us on how to do returns, exchanges, or to purchase any extras?

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      Karen Nicholson on

      Oh my goodness, the pics capture all the positive vibes, and stunning creativity!! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us!!!
      I’m so stoked for my Honey, and although the Gyspy never floated my boat before, that interesting burst of colour among the black and white pattern has me preparing for a new obsession 😬 great job, All!!!

    11. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for your feedback! We're getting so excited to send these out to everyone! To answer a few questions - Anything traveling outside of the US (like to the EU or Australia) needs to come here first then we can ship it out. Faux Leather should be coming soon! If you have any specific questions about your order please make sure to email us at for assistance!

    12. Jen Cohen on

      Thanks for the great update and for showing the dedication of the artisans! It will make my bag that much more special to me!

    13. Catherine Dorval on

      Nichole, the pictures you’ve shared with us are absolutely amazing! It so exciting to see the artists creating the KS bags... the care and attention to detail are so apparent. Thank you for always sharing and for all of your updates. You’re the best! ❤️

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      Joanne Tremblay on

      I agree. Transparent. I love the pics you shared. Say Thank you to all the creative people in India. Merci

    15. Missing avatar

      Kyleen Mullins on

      Absolutely in awe ... so worth the wait. I love the India bags so much more. Great job everyone

    16. Mary Catton on

      Thanks for the updates......informative and transparent as usual. I’m so excited to get my Merlot next, and my honey and free spirit look gorgeous! Get som sleep, girlfriend!

    17. Missing avatar

      Pat Clouser on

      When can we expect to receive the faux leather classic bag in the US?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kelly Lacasse on

      Omg!!! Such beauty!
      On another note? Any idea when us Ottawa gals will receive swag bags, t-shirts and the special gift from Nichole for the 10+ pledges?

    19. Missing avatar

      Beth Singewald on

      YAYAYAYAYAY Thank you for the photo update. I'm looking forward to my honey extra!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Margaret Butler on

      Thanks for the update, and OMG, that Free Spirit fabric! ❤️

    21. Missing avatar

      Lisa Deveau on

      The level of work required to make these bags happen is crazy! Thank you everyone for all the hard work! Very excited to get my two! :)

    22. Panos

      What about EU? When will we get the bags?