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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Make sure to follow our Facebook page… for updates while Nichole is in India!

    2. Marla Nelson on

      Anxious about the Honey and Calico bags . Will it maybe be possible to see the leather once you have decided on a final choice if it is close to the original Sash Bag shade you’re trying to recreate ?

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      Susan Schwenk on

      Nichole, I am in awe of you and your amazing team. I cannot even imagine what the last few months have been like for you. Thank you for all of your hard work and for always being upbeat and FUN with your devoted (and newbie!) customers. The wait for my bag will make its arrival even sweeter. Have a safe trip!

    4. Lauren Wells Baker on

      Great update as per usual! Have a great trip!! 🤗

    5. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you all so much for your feedback, support, and understanding!
      Wendy - A Sashmania leader is someone who is managing a pledge for a group.
      Dawn - Thank you for your suggestion!
      Barbara - We have to send international orders from our US store so all of the U.S. updates will apply to you too :)

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      Debbie Hummel on

      Have a safe trip to India. I hope you get the things you want done in India! Before the presidents shuts it down again.
      Cant wait for my new bag.

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      Debbie Hummel on

      Have a safe trip to India. I hope you get the things you want done in India! Before the presidents shuts it down again.
      Cant wait for my new bag.

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      Deborah Block on

      When I signed on for the Kickstarter program, I was not "buying a purse" - you can easily do that on the Sash or sites. I am supporting a great company run by an amazing entrepreneur who has a wonderful product that I am happy to be a backer for. AND as an investor bonus, I will get a purse (okay, two)!!!! Thank you Nicole for all the candid updates!

    9. Wanda L. Anderson on

      Barbara, if you are not in Canada, U.S.updates apply to you, too.

      Susan, well said. It's bizarre, isn't it? 😳

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      Susan O’Dell on

      Nicole and team. I have been appalled by the negativity I have read from my Canadian sash sisters. It has disturbed me that people can be so caught up in their own wants and likes that they bad mouth a business like yours that has gone above and beyond to be so honest, transparent and accommodating!! Shame on them. Good luck in India and stay safe and positive.

    11. Missing avatar

      Barbara Kendal on

      Bit concerned I've not been hearing anything for those of us not in the US or Canada. Hoping there's some progress there too.

      (And that receiving a goody bag won't increase the customs ransom I'll already have to pay on receiving my long-waiting for bag!!)

    12. Missing avatar

      Keely Vickers on

      You guys are doing great!! I know Kickstarter is a "risk," to some degree like the stockmarket. I backed a project 5 years ago....only a handful of backers have gotten the product and I wasn't one of them. At this point, for me it was a loss. The Sashbag is one of two projects I liked enough to try the risk again. The other one is in the mail right now (it was also delayed because of the back up at customs). You guys have been so awesome at the updates and staying connected with your community, that I have no doubt you'll fulfill. Life happens, why stress about it? Do I want my purse, like right now? Of course! Cause I love getting boxes in the mail, and opening it, and getting out an amazing product that is going to be useful (I love beautiful and practical in one product!). But I'll have that same pleasure whether I get it today or in another month or two. And the anticipation build up just makes it sweeter! :) And I don't want you losing money on this cause you need to keep making bags!! So you do you, hold & consolidate shipments where needed, whatever works for your business without burning out your employees!! You guys are awesome, you are rocking the updates, you are keeping the enthusiasm, you are great!!

    13. Wendy Weiner on

      I got one expandable....and am loving it! whoooo...and I guess I was lucky to get that! Who knew or could have ever predicted a government shutdown? Sash can’t be the only company hurting! I am seeing big empty spaces at different stores, ALL OVER THE PLACE! Chill Nichole, one step at a time....take a deep breath.
      what’s a shamania leader?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dawn Loffler on

      Loving the expandable - great design. The only input or question I have for your manufacturer is: is it possible to use the same zipper (bigger teeth of course) for the expanded portion as the rest of the bag. (Thinking the nylon may not have been strong enough.)

    15. Missing avatar

      Linay McDougall on

      This has been a fantastic experience for me......and I’m sure all your SASH followers on line for years.....and wanting one or two or....
      Nicole we love you..... your design.... and your incredible staff in the USA and India....we will all wait patiently for for this to come to tuition.....don’t panic.....relax smell the coffee...enjoy your families...

    16. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      You are all awesome-- thank you so much for the support! It is appreciated more than you know :) So many amazing backers in this project!

    17. Janna Marks on

      Thank you so much for all the updates. You are doing great! This Kickstarter has given way more and more thourough updates than any other project I have backed. I am confident you are doing your best to get us our bags.

    18. O'Boogie on

      Well said, @Wanda! :-D

    19. Wanda L. Anderson on

      Nichole, thanks to you for this and all the other updates. I think most of us know that we will receive our Sash bags as soon as it is possible to send them to us. I have back MANY Kickstarter campaigns, and nearly all of them eventually sent the item that I supported as a backer. But some of them took much, much longer than was anticipated. That happens. One of the key components of backing a Kickstarter campaign is that there is no guarantee of receiving the product or service backed. I am always just glad to get the backed product!
      I am sure that some newbie Kickstarters didn't or still don't understand the process, and I think you have done an excellent job of trying to help them understand. Those that still don't seem to be able to comprehend the process have a personal problem that no one can help them with.
      Once again, thank you! I enjoy all of my Sash bags and have carried no other bag since I received my first Sash. I am looking forward to adding to my collection, but there is no hurry. Being impatient and/or rude does not help any situation. Life goes on.

    20. Missing avatar

      Amy Jensen on

      THANK YOU!! I will happily wait for my second bag! It will be like a sweet surprise gift. I appreciate you as a business woman and I love, love, love my Sash Bags! I have 8 now! ;)

    21. Barbara Krause on

      And just a note for those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter....When you "back a project"(ie, order something) , you are backing the people who are creating the product. You are telling them that you believe in their product and you support them, with your money, hoping that their project will come to fruition. There is no guarantee that you will receive that product. So,.,for me, I have backed products that I thought were innovative, fun, quirky or just cool. I received all but one of them, and all took longer than anticipated, Some to the point that knock-offs were made before they could get theirs delivered. But they took the time and energy to research and developed their product. One of the products I backed over a year and a half ago. Great idea, and would have been great , but they ran into many unforseen production problems. But it was a great team of young entrepreneurs who developed a great product...the problem came in mass production...but even if I never get the product, I was glad to "donate" to their research and development. It's not as easy as we all might think...
      So...again...thank you Nichole and team for your hard work. I KNOW you have a great product....and I KNOW I will get a great CUSTOM bag! Win-win! And I love supporting your company. Woo hoo!

    22. Missing avatar

      Christine Jones-Leavy on

      Thanks for the update, Nichole. I so appreciate the transparency as well as the long hours and hard work you and the staff have put in on our behalf. I've received 1 of my 3 bags and love it! I'll be thrilled to get the other 2 whenever they arrive. Travel safely and please tell all those in India who are working so hard to accomplish this major task that we're really grateful.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christine Jones-Leavy on

      Thanks for the update, Nichole. I so appreciate the transparency as well as the long hours and hard work you and the staff have put in on our behalf. I've received 1 of my 3 bags and love it! I'll be thrilled to get the other 2 whenever they arrive. Travel safely and please tell all those in India who are working so hard to accomplish this major task that we're really grateful.

    24. Barbara Krause on

      Thank you, Nichole and team! You are awesome! I have backed many kickstarter campaigns, and all have taken much longer than anticipated. It's just the nature of the beast, so to speak. It is those who are not familiar with how a new business or product commes to market that are upset. I think they just assumed they would order and it would be available. The sheer magnitude of this campaign is amazing. And you all are doing a great job of keeping it moving and keeping everyone informed. We are getting CUSTOME bags! That is awesome! I, for one, am willing to wait patiently for my new, awesome bag! 😊👍...and since I am in Hawaii (with my classic Sash!) I'll also give a big..🤙....(that's "hang loose"...for those not familiar with island time 😎😁)

    25. Missing avatar

      Kristie Wall on

      Nichole...The more money that was raised and the more options that were available told me (good old common sense) that this is going to take awhile. Please do not let the negative people and naysayers get you cannot make everyone happy (a lesson I learned the hard way lol). You are a phenomenal businesswoman and an inspiration and role model for girls/boys all around the world. I have much respect for you. Keep up the good work!!

    26. Leah Werner on

      Nichole and team, you are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work!
      Patiently waiting 🤩

    27. O'Boogie on

      Gemma, your bag will be shipped from the U.S., so those updates apply to you, too. :-)

    28. O'Boogie on

      @Lori Ann Corey, she’s not a Kickstarter backer anymore. When it clicked through earlier, it showed one backed project. ;-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Gemma Zebedee on

      Sorry to be a pain but wondered if you could give any idea of when you might start tackling European orders? We've get updates on the US and Canada but really not sure what to expect as a UK backer. Not complaining, just interested. We Brits excel at waiting in queues.... 😁

    30. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Dakin on

      Greetings from the Frozen North (Canada :))! I enjoy reading all the updates and can not imagine what Nicole and her staff are going through. Communications is the key and I have not been disappointed. I decided, when I saw (communication again) that there was going to be a Canadian Lash Live, that I would order a Sash, just to get me through the waiting process and I thought "I am going to go out on a limb here and order a studded Turquoise Sash" as this is one plain Jane - only black, brown or grey purses for me! I just received it a couple of days ago and I am so glad I ordered it. This new, funky Sash will get me through to when I receive my EE gray (haha, wink, wink). I hope you have a safe, rewarding trip to India and keep the lines of communication open.

    31. Alexandra Langstaff on

      I appreciate the updates and know that when my bag arrives it will be a pleasant surprise! You all should be very proud of coming up with a great product and I’m glad to be a part of it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Lauren Jones on

      Unnecessary negative comments are not helpful in this situation or in this world right now. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed I don't have my bags yet. I knew it would take a while. I was hoping by Christmas and am now hoping by my birthday in February. However, I'm not upset with Nicole or her team at all. They are working their tails off. I own my own business and I can understand the stress and pressure they are facing to make everyone happy and keep her business going. My feelings are because the bag is something I am looking forward to, I need a little pick me up right now and getting my bag would help, and I need more room in my current sash bag. I am being patient. :) I appreciate all of the updates and all the hard work. Please don't stop the communication based on the negative comments. You can't please everyone. Lastly, none of us had any control over a month long government shut down, that may or may not happen again, and how that permiates into everything. Imagine not getting paid for a month or longer. There is so much going on in this world, a bag is so small in comparison.

    33. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you all again!! I am excited to share updates from India. It's a magical place!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      FYI if you click on Aissatou Sunjata it says they have backed 0 Kickstarter projects. So not worth your time. And if it is a fake account solely to post crap...shame on her.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      Thank you Nichole! Canada appreciates you & Sash. You are tireless it seams! And you and your team very graciously respond to all our questions and concerns. You certainly don't find that level of service & caring everywhere!!
      I'm (Lori Ann) not a very patient "waiter" lol. But knowing Canada's tracking is fixed is a big help.
      Safe travels!

    36. Missing avatar

      Gena Hess on

      Thank you ALL, for ALL YOU DO! I just wait patiently for the day when my KS bag shows up in the mail! I've forgotten what I even ordered, so will be SUPER excited to find it someday! Lol
      I have a couple others and those are each new to me when I switch them up! So it's ALL good with me!! My husband waited 11 months for a smoker/grill from kickstarter and they just had to pick it up and take it back for more trouble shooting! He's only used it half dozen times and it worked iffy at best and the paint is chipping! JUST SAYING.... ya'll are doing great, the India connection is doing great, the wearers love the bags!! Sorry some sash sisters are impatient! Thanks for your heart, Nichole MacDonald!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jackie Parnell on

      Thank you sooo much, from Canada! Really appreciate the logistics your team is working out for us all. Fantastic that almost 3000 folks joined Kickstarter for Sash bags for the first time. Thanks for the momma rules on us as needed! Travelling mercies!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Sylvie Lefebvre on

      Thanks for the update! Your product is worth the wait! Have a safe trip! 🤗 from Canada

    39. O'Boogie on

      Thank you for all you do, Nichole. The vast majority of us get it, and we appreciate you and your amazing team. Sending love. Safe travels. ❤️

    40. Missing avatar

      Katie Weinkein on

      Nichole you and your team are doing a phenomenal job! Thanks for the updates and safe travels!

    41. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and support. We will continue working hard to earn your support!

      Aissatou Sunjata, we produced over 50,000 bags last year. Custom orders are different and it was hard to determine when setting up the campaign (which was required before even one dollar was raised) how long it would take to deliver. We're doing our best. If you do not wish to receive updates, you don't have to read them. We figure it's helpful to most people. This is the second time you have lashed out at us, so I am going to assume you are an unhappy and disgruntled and we are happy to cancel your order.

    42. O'Boogie on

      Wow, Aissatou. you rally cannot help yourself, can you? Good lord. I’ve never seen a more miserable soul. Bless your heart.

    43. Aissatou Sunjata on

      Dream big and provide nominal in terms expectations. Already purchased other purses in the Malay of delays so at this point whenever and whatever. It is not the workings of Kickstarter confusing or mistaken which accounts for how some feel. The explanation is sort of condescending to provide at this point. Simply, the sheer number of those believing, backing and paying seems to continue being overwhelming. Given the initial Kickstarter request and subsequently, the number of times and additional choices as a result of goals met the bar kept raising and the more choices offered. There are some who question whether Sash has, in fact, bit off more than it can chew. Sharing the process is of little interest or importance, that is not the slightest issue or relevance to those who backed this particular Kickstarter. Safe journey to India and even safer return. Namaste!

    44. Brenda Craig on

      You go girl!! Safe travels. Looking forward to seeing all the updates. Great job Sash team!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Sherry-Lynn Zwaan on

      It's allll gooood. I got one bag and my daughter got one bag! We are thrilled with them, we can wait :) Our next bags will be Valentine's gifts maybe? Or Easter presents? My birthday is in May, maybe one will come for that, or just to make a cold and windy day happy :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Susan Goring on

      Thank you for you being open & honest about this process Nichole. I am learning when you share. While waiting for my Sash extra from KickStarter I got in on a LashLive sale & purchased a beautiful eggplant Sash! My first Sash was a purple which I have used so long it is a pinkish colour. I love the Sash bag & will never purchase another purse. So Thank you again from a snowy Owen Sound ON Canada! Safe travels!

    47. Missing avatar

      Gayla Milledge on

      I'm waiting patiently because I know it is going to be so worth it! You guys Rock and I love that you never go silent on us!

    48. Diane Melotte on

      Thanks Nichole!!! Safe travels!! And YES I totally agree about the Ikats! Totally excited to see how they look!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sonja Bjork on

      Thank you Sash Bag Team - you are all doing a great job & having patience just makes the end results sweeter!😉