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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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      Kelly Swingen on

      Hi all,
      I have yet to receive my faux leather black expandable. I realize it was held up in customs but would think it should have gone through by now. Honestly, I am pretty frustrated that the bags have taken this long. When ordered, several months ago during campaign, we had hope to receive by Christmas at the latest. My posting with great Sash reviews on my first bag of 2 years ago led to four of my friends ordering during the campaign as well. Only one has received 1/2 of her order.
      Kelly Swingen

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      Kate Huffman on

      Hi there, I had ordered a caramel leather Classic Sash bag and the last I heard, the caramel leather ones had already shipped. However, I still haven't received my bag. Is there any way to know if it's stuck in customs?

    3. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi Morena, All of the Kickstarter bags are being manufactured with the standard 34 inch length strap. The 30 inch and 38 inch straps you are referring to are from our classic bags and they are from previous lines. All our bags, classic and Kickstarter, moving forward are being made with the 34 inch length. :)

      Hi Joanne, Thank you for your feedback. We definitely value and are taking note of the feedback we are receiving for these styles. We'll keep everyone updated as we move forward.

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      Joanne Heron on

      With several complaints about the sharp zinner on the expandables, I was wondering if there is a plan or possibliity to replace them with an improved zipper on the sash bags that are still to be produced? No pressure from me about the is a first world problem to be kept in perspective- ha ha! Thanks for being such a great team and amazing business for us! 💜

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      Morena McKenzie on

      Hi Sash, I am also interested to know what length strap are supposed to be on KS bags. I am not complaining just would like to know. I just removed and measured some of my sash bag straps and they vary from 30", 34" and 38". My KS bag came with a 34" strap. Older partial fringes from came with 30" but only one did not fit properly because the studs were in a different position, the rest were all OK. The sage fringe strap that was problematic was replaced with one that is 38". My blue-green from China had a 34" strap. So just a bit confused with new bags going forward. I also posted this comment under the "Comments" section. Thanks.

    6. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Sandi, and everyone else:

      We decided to offer fringe options due to high demand with the caveat that any issues resulting from the fringe is not covered under warranty. During production, Muralidharan thought tucked seams would be a better idea as well, so he moved forward with that. There was a communication breakdown over that. Once the bags were delivered, customers were upset that the edges weren't raw. So we've gone back to the drawing board to come up with a raw edge on this design that works.

      We are working on it and we will offer a beautiful solution, as we always do. And, as always, if anyone is unhappy there are options. Exchanges or refunds are offered for Kickstarter bags just the same as our regular production.

    7. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi Ladies! Sorry for any confusion :) in this instance "design flaw" does not mean these bags are less than perfect or that the bags with the raw edges is compromised in any way. All of our fringe bags come with the raw edges and some fraying is normal and expected as a design element of this style. It was simply a misunderstanding with our manufacturer. All of the fringe bags moving forward will come with the raw edges - as stated in the campaign. If you do not prefer the raw edges please reach out to our customer relations team to request a personal preference return.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Normally your flawed or less than perfect bags are final sale and not under warantee. What about these "raw edge design flaw" bags? Are they warranteed?

      There is also concern re:zipper quality and the floppy, big, pocket (and items falling out of them) in the expandable. What is the return policy on these? Can we return for a refund or is our choice only an exchange? And if an exchange, as these are custom made items, what are our choices.
      Thanks in advance for clarifying!

    9. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      Just a thought...perhaps tuck the fabric lining edges, leave the leather layer raw?? No fraying of fabric?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for participating in our Kickstarter campaign, and I hope this message finds you well :) As you likely have heard, some of the expandable styles were made with finished edges when in production. While the intention had been to make the fringe bags with the raw edges that are typical of the style, our manufacturer was finding that it was a design flaw given the raw edge's tendency to fray and that wasn't exactly compatible with the zippers on the expandables. For this reason, he did indeed finish the seams so that this design issue would not cause a problem. We were unaware until we received the bags that this occurred or we would have made sure to have communicated that. If you do not prefer the tucked edges, he is willing to re-make the bag with the raw edges but it was done with a purpose in mind (that we didn't know would be a factor until they were actually in production).

      Let us know if you'd like to explore exchange options or have your specific bag re-made with raw edges, and again-- my apologies for any confusion surrounding this as it was not our intention :) . As this current style has not yet been sent, we have the option of waiting until the new one is re-made.

      Kind Regards,


      Special Projects Manager

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      Sandi on

      I just recieved an email from lesa hudspeth at sash, "... our manufacteror was finding that it was a design flaw given the raw edges tendency to fray and that wasnt compatable with zippers or expandables".
      So do i understand that now you are offerring, going forward... only raw edged "design flaw" bags? Can i request to have the edges tucked to avoid such a flaw?

    12. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Kelly - we completely understand your frustration! The earliest the bags were anticipated to arrive was Nov/Dec. Honestly, we're just as frustrated and trying to offer something constructive in the meantime :)

      Dawn - Please make sure to post on the ISO album in VIP!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dawn Loffler on

      Not sure where to post this (help Sash Team). I am looking for an aqua (classic or expandable) with either partial fringe or silver studs. As this is not a regular production, I am hoping someone may have specifically ordered one in KS and would like to sell it! I live in Canada.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kelly Goldman on

      I find this line of comment insulting-it insinuates that people that spent money on this project are a bunch of impatient, spoiled consumers. I purchased this bag for a very practical reason to use at events for my business January -April with the understanding that I would receive it by December. I understand that things happen but I don't have time to create a "vision board" as I am busy running my business which requires travel and a lot of time spent on my feet. Which is why I ordered the bag in the first place. And it's the most I have ever spent on a bag. The delivery was already later than I had anticipated before the shutdown

    15. Dawn L.G. Moriens on

      What a positive response in a stressful situation, I’m so impressed. I gotta do whatever meditation routine you all are doing. <3

    16. Missing avatar

      Lori Ann on

      Just wanted to comment that Sandi does NOT speak for all (or even most!!) Canadians. I'm please with Sash service. Though I may return my first KS bag received as it's just not for me, I'm anticipating my remaining bag :) And my swag bag and Tshirt :) Canada tracking is fixed. Waiting is not an issue. Just staying in the loop helps.
      Keep up the good work Sash!

    17. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Alesea - we apologize for the delay! Someone should get back to you soon!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alesea Walton on

      I want to say thank you Sash for all y'all are doing!
      I sent an email a few days ago to about needing to change my address but I have not received a response back. Is changing my address a possibility?

    19. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you Leanne!

    20. Leanne Kotecki on

      Nicole, Sorry that people are upset when you have no control over when the bags are delivered. I know that I was hoping to have my bag by February 6th because I am leaving for a trip to the Bahamas. My first time traveling out of the U.S! I was sure that I would have it by then but who knew that you would sell as many as you did, and that there would be this stupid shutdown. It is what it is. Sometimes in life things just don't go as planned. People need to realize this. It is a part of life. You and your team are doing a great job! I don't know under these circumstances how anyone could have done any better! Thanks for all of your hard work!

    21. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Orchid, our invitation to let us know if you needed the bags for something specific was so that we could put your order to the top of the list -- if your bag came in! But it didn't necessarily mean that we could make the bag faster. We still had to stick to the general schedule and timeline. The good news for all those still waiting is that all the "top sellers" have been sent out already, and the remainder of the bags are the more specialized colors, finishes, and styles. So you are in for a treat when your bags arrive!! You're going to have something truly unique and remarkable.

      I am heading out to India on January 28th to suss out the situation and provide real-time updates from the factory. Woohoo!!

      Laurinda, you'd be surprised how little waste there is! But I love where you're thinking.

    22. Missing avatar

      Laurinda Gillespie on

      What I would like is scraps from these bags when they have been cut. Who knows what I can come up with?

    23. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Shana - please message us at and we can update your shipping address!

    24. Orchid

      Main thing I was disappointed about was not getting any of my 7 sashes before xmas for gifts. We were told Dec/Jan and you did say if we needed our bags by a certain date to contact you and you would add to calendar etc. Well, I didnt get any of my bags by xmas even though I emailed twice (within week of kickstarter ending) once for my sash order and also my sashmania order. I backed 7 sashes, and none have arrived yet. I have backed many a kickstarter, over 125 actually so its not new to me. Thanks for all your hard work though and am waiting as patiently as I can at the moment :)

    25. Tess Garrett

      I received the first of my two bags—love it! Also, I wouldn’t blame customs entirely on the government shutdown. A friend of mine in manufacturing says they have containers stuck in Long Beach and it’s due to everyone trying to get their stuff in before Chinese New Year.

    26. Missing avatar

      Shana Taggart on

      Thank you Nichole and team for all your hard work. Question, I know you said you hope to have the bags shipped before April. I am moving from Victoria BC to Halifax NS in April. So, in the off chance for some reason I don't have my red and honey by that time, can I update the shipping address?

    27. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Christina - we're so sorry you did not receive your bag before Christmas! In the campaign we did state that the only foreseeable issue is if this campaign goes gangbusters and we sell more than 5,000 bags -- we would need to add another month to the delivery time for the additional backers.

      Louise - Thank you :)

    28. O'Boogie on

      I know you are, too. Sure wish I could block you here, but alas. Byeeeeee.

    29. Missing avatar

      Louise Hearn Stinson on

      Yes JL, you have a good evening too. I know who you are. Please keep me blocked, I was happier that way.

    30. O'Boogie on

      Bless. I’m not being offensive, and I’m not talking about what she’s said here. I think it’s adorable that you think that her own words are “my opinion.” They are factual, not opinions. And if you don’t think her posts are offensive, then I cannot help you. Have a great evening. Bye now! :-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Louise Hearn Stinson on

      O'Boogie, I think you are being a little offensive here. I did not see her threatening anyone and freaking out about anything. Please try to calm yourself down. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including myself.

    32. O'Boogie on

      If you knew some of the things she said, you might not feel that way. But hey, whatever. By all means, please defend someone who is threatening others and freaking out about not getting bags exactly when she wants them. That seems totally rational.

    33. Missing avatar

      Louise Hearn Stinson on

      Thank you Sash, for all your hard work. Dealing with government shutdowns, etc. must be very frustrating for you. I have 3 KS bags on order. They are way at the end of production but that's ok, I have 13 Sashbags to keep me happy until they arrive. Not everyone has the option of being so patient. I would like to defend my group leader, Sandie, as she has done a ton of work putting our groups bag order together and even hosting a party for us last summer. I think there is some pressure on these leaders as they put themselves out there for the group and are having to answer questions as well as potentially dealing with some who may cancel their order. Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there to those that criticized her, you don't know her personally and being "respectful and considerate" is a two way street. Thank you for letting me have my say. And thank you Sash, we do know that these delays are out of anyone's control.

    34. O'Boogie on

      P.S.You can look at your order on Backerkit. You don’t have to remember anything.

    35. O'Boogie on

      Christina, you have clearly never backed a Kickstarter. You didn’t BUY anything. You backed a project, and you received rewards. The bigger the project gets, the longer it can take to get rewards. She estimated manufacturing 5,000 bags. She ended up needing to manufacture 10,000. Please don’t back any more Kickstarters. They don’t work the same way as ordering a product off the internet. That is NOT what you did, and if that is what you expected, you really should have done your research first.

      You have been offered the option to cancel your backing of the project and get your money back. But here you are instead, adding to the complaint in because you don’t understand how Kickstarters work. Get your money back or just wait. But hassling people who are doing everything they can to get bags manufactured is a waste of your energy and time. They cannot magic 10,000 bags into existence because you want it now. You are an adult. You can wait. Or you can get your money back. An easy decision if it is SO upsetting for you to wait an extra month. Good luck. The rest of your life is going to be difficult if this is how you react to not getting a BAG exactly when you wanted it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christina T on

      I do appreciate the update. You stated that you are still getting a lot of comments with sad faces. Well, my sad face is that this was a Christmas present. It had a ship date of December, at the latest. And you had lots of positive reviews and happy customers. So I didnt think I was taking too much of a chance on an established company.
      Now. The good news is that, since it's obviously AFTER Christmas, this is now MY bag. And I'm pretty positive I'm gonna like my bag... whenever I get it.

      But the bad news is that I will probably never back you again. I didn"t get my bag as promised and no amount of let's do a vision board is going to negate that.

      Even now, I have to rely on memory of what my color is in order to guess on an arrival date. I backed you and followed the rules of kickstarter to pay you... ON TIME.

      It's really not too much to ask for the paid for product somewhere around the promised time frame.

    37. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Oh yes, the strip stitch. I have heard of people having issues with that one design. I was thinking our normal fabric.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anjii on

      Alexandra, by any chance, was your fabric bag a denim? My only sash (at the moment) is a denim strip stitch, and it fell apart in under a year, starting with black oily spots, followed by many holes and the strips peeling off. As per Nichole’s question of, did I contact support, I did not, because by the time it had gotten to the holes, (previously, I had thought the oily black spots might be normal and might wash out, if I could take it off for a day, lol), I looked up warranty, and it was JUST past the one year cutoff.

      To be clear though, my only complaint was with the fabric, and I am still very excited about my two expanded KS and the classic I just bought on the Canadian sale, and I u detatand the delays, as much as I want them to be here ASAP 😊

    39. Missing avatar

      Lisa Dupuis on

      Well we love vision boards so hopefully we can make your Jan 27th workshop! (Viv is the queen of vision boards so we have ALL the necessary supplies already in-house). I appreciate all you and your team do for us. I knew when I decided to go for blue indigo and calico that I would likely have to wait until February. Why people think everything was promised for December is beyond me. Everything was very clearly stated during the campaign so I knew exactly what kind of a wait I was in for when I signed up! All the updates have also clearly explained how production is going and I appreciate you and your team taking the time to keep us informed. Anyone thinking they will "never get their bag" or "won't get them until 2020" is being overly dramatic. The bags will all be delivered! Guaranteed!

    40. Lauren Wells Baker on

      By the way, I love the idea of a vision board. Although I won't be able to make it to the live event, I'll watch it post-filming and I am very interested in creating one of my own. Cheers!

    41. O'Boogie on

      Also, well done on force-cancelling abusive sh*t stirrers. It's a waste to time and energy. Maybe they will find something positive to do with their time if they can't come here and harass you over BAGS. I mean, really. I've personally got more important things to do than harass people who are working so hard to deliver a personalized product to every single person who placed any order. You are so appreciated, Sash team. :-)

    42. O'Boogie on

      I have to say this: Sandie is a person with a huge grudge. It's sad to see her lash out at people here and be so rude to people I know are doing their very best to get everyone their bags. Please take EVERYTHING she says with a grain of salt because she has a huge chip on her shoulder, and she has always been nothing but negative Nancy. It's boring and pointless, and I hope she'll keep her nonsense and misinformation to herself.

      Thanks for all you do, Nichole and Sash team! 99% of us get it, and I know we will see the bags as soon as you can get them to us. <3

    43. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      And Wendy! Thank you Wendy. 😘

    44. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Thank you Lauren, Jackie, Bobby, Morena, Mary, Leslie, Jen, Lorene, Leah, Sarah, Cyndi, Heather and everyone else! (Sorry if I missed anyone.) We don’t take your faith in us lightly. 😘

      Lauren brings up a good point about not attacking the team you’re counting on. I am not just a kickstarter creator, I am also a backer. I have backed campaigns that never delivered and some that took over a year to deliver. The thing I notice is that the louder the backers get, the quieter the creators get. This creates a communication breakdown. It’s understandable that creators might retreat and hunker down to just work when their updates are met with negative remarks. It’s harder than it sounds to pull something like this off and most people won’t take the time and exposure to be vulnerable over and over and over with communication. And then eventually one day stuff shows up on everyone’s doorsteps and they’re happy again. It’s just an interesting thing to watch and experience. We hold ourselves to our own communication standards and it’s not always easy. We appreciate y’all making it easier.

      So much ❤️❤️❤️.

    45. Lauren Wells Baker on

      Sash Team, you guys are AWESOME. I completely understand that delays happen and things that are 100% out of your control will happen. All you can do is exactly what you're doing... take in the new information and new circumstances and make a decision on how best to move forward. Nobody but you can know just how many factors play into each and every decision. And I have no doubt that your decisions are being driven by a desire to produce a quality product and get your backers their kick-ass bags. Everyone complaining... just be patient! You'll get your bags--its obvious the team is doing their very best and their hearts are in the right place. And this goes out to those of you complaining: Unless you've manufactured a product with countless variations for thousands of people and you did it with no mistakes and without a single delay yourself... I suggest you keep you keep your negativity to yourself and instead be encouraging and supportive to this awesome team. Attacking the team does not get the product out faster, it simply harms internal morale which is definitely not what you want to do to the team you're counting on. Sash Team, I'm looking forward to getting mine, but take all the time you need. Love and cheers and great work!! <3

    46. Missing avatar

      Jackie Parnell on

      Two things :-) one is a great post with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, that says "One day we're going to die, the other says Until, then, we're not." In other words, let's live while we're alive! The other is that the FB event date is correct, the 27th :-) Love your focus on what we can do!! 💕🎽💕🎽💕🎽

    47. Missing avatar

      Bobby OBrien on

      I got one of my Kickstarter bags. Love love love it. Although I am wishing I hadn’t ordered the square. But it will be fine. I love the extra roominess. Can’t wait to get my second bag. Also thank yo thank you thank you for the swag bag. I wasn’t expecting it a sweet surprise. Great company!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘

    48. Missing avatar

      Morena McKenzie on

      By the way, I am in Australia.

    49. Missing avatar

      Morena McKenzie on

      I must say all this negativity and misinformation is upsetting. I think Nichole and the team have done a GREAT JOB and continue to do so. People should really read all the updates and keep informed before making disparaging remarks and negative comments. It is not that hard to keep up to date. Looking forward to receiving my KS bags and also the next KS campaign.

    50. Nichole MacDonald 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone. I feel the need to put things into perspective.

      First, this is a crowd funding campaign of pre-orders with ESTIMATED delivery dates, which we estimated in December and January. If you read the campaign, it states estimated delivery of December unless we surpass 5,000 bags in which it would be January. It’s still January and we HAVE delivered thousands of bags.

      While we’re going to wind up over our estimation on some of the bags into February, and possibly certain designs in March (maybe), there has never been talk of waiting until 2020. That is just totally off base.

      Lastly, there are major benefits to us waiting to ship all of the bags together. It’s way more cost effective and we broke up so many shipments earlier in the campaign trying to get bags out for Christmas. That is not ideal however from multiple standpoints. It’s more expensive and puts more of a strain on our resources internally, on our vendors, and on the planet. The shutdown forced us to pause and consider doing it a smarter way. As mentioned, we’re looking at different options.

      We value our customers more than you know and we trusted that you were going into this project with the expectation that there would be a wait. The minimum wait was going to be four to five months. If waiting six months pushes anyone over the edge of not wanting to be part of this, you are totally welcome to cancel your order. No hard feelings! With that said, abusive comments and messages will resort in forced cancellations. We are human beings working really hard and deserve compassion. I just will not tolerate or subject my team to malicious communication based on misinformation.

      To all of our supporters, thank you for your kindness and patience. We will do our best to get the Canada bags here ASAP. And we will continue to keep everyone posted on the status, as we always do. Gonna focus on the positive!