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Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
4,914 backers pledged $1,019,486 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Carmen OKeefe on

      Does anyone know what the final results were?

    2. Orchid

      Results? and when can we pick our final designs? 😁

    3. Shaiha Williams

      Do we have any idea what the final choices are yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sarah Withey on

      I forgot to vote- I know its probably too late but: 15, 25, 31

    5. Orchid

      When will have the results?

    6. Missing avatar

      Clavis on

      What are the final choices?

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Novoa on

      Sorry - voting in the right spot this time!
      IKAT Votes: 10, 13, 27!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kris Curl Johnston on

      9, 31 & 18 are my top three.

    9. Missing avatar

      A. L. on

      I can see that #21 doesn’t stand a chance in popularity as is, but would be a great Sash Team WILD CARD for anyone wanting to add personalized color with fabric paints/dyes/Sharpies+alcohol, etc. It presents the best canvas of all the choices to personalize creatively, imho. Even more perfect with a white canvas reverse side for paint/dye/embroidery/beading/whatever artwork. ...Just sayin’...,

    10. Najia Zarif on



    11. Jenny on

      14 is my favorite by FAR and I'm devastated that it's not getting more love in the comments because that means I probably won't get it!
      At least 25 is getting a lot of votes; I agree it's beautiful. (Although I think I slightly prefer 22 because I really want green in my bag! But I'll stick with 25 since it's getting more votes.)
      I'm really torn, but I think I'll go with 4 for my last choice; it fits nicely as a more neutral/subtle look.

      Honorable mention to 31 and 15, because choices are HARD.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrea G on

      I have 2 ikats ordered, so doing two sets, take from it what you will!
      Vote 1: 2, 22, 26
      Vote 2: 2, 3, 15 (yes voted #2 twice, because it is SO awesome and needs some love!)
      (hon mention #10 but I also did a Free Spirit which is similar, so if votes are low on that one, that may be why).

    13. Missing avatar

      colleen fauvelle on

      9, 31, 32
      tough to choose. so many nice ones

    14. Missing avatar

      HLSBurns on

      18, 25, 31 (but they are all beautiful!)

    15. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Hanna on

      I’ve been trying to figure out how to edit my vote with no luck. I somehow made a mistake with my last number. My vote should be:

      18, 9, 25 (It was a tough decision between 22 and 25 though)

    16. Missing avatar

      Serena Pettyjohn on

      it's tough but narrowed to: 32, 1, 13 &/or 18 ( i know but couldn't decide between those both look similar with different colors )

    17. Jacqulene Davis on

      One of my bags ordered was the free Spirit now do we vote if we ordered the free spirit (gypsy) bag??? Thank u

    18. Missing avatar

      Maureen Reay on

      7, 17, 3
      Any chance we can see the Free Spirit Ikat?

    19. Missing avatar

      Anne Marie Nadeau on

      Voting for a member in my sashmania grp
      Marie France Thompson

    20. Missing avatar

      Marion Molloy on

      22, 25, and 13. If I may be so bold, would love to see an aqua backside! Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Gildelatorre on

      Tough choice! 25, 31, and 32

    22. Missing avatar

      A. L. on

      Pledged for 2 ikats, voting 2nd time:

      11, 21, 28

    23. Missing avatar

      Anastasia Blesener on

      so much pressure! its like the campaign all over again!!!
      19, 32, 33