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Exploring the Grand Canyon with a process that links modern-historical photography with modern-historical exploration.
Exploring the Grand Canyon with a process that links modern-historical photography with modern-historical exploration.
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Instruction Book finished (B&W version)

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I referred to a possible instruction book at the end of this Kickstarter campaign for the photogravure project (Grand Canyon Gravure).  The book was written over the summer, then lost in a hard drive crash (the backup crashed too), and finally put back together this past October.  Amazon now has copies of the book.  Please share the link with anyone who might be interested.

Thank you all again for your support in the summer of 2012.  It was indeed the kickstart that all of this work needed.


Sepia and Thalo Black editions completed...

I spent the winter pulling proofs, making minor adjustments that improved the quality of the prints over the initial B.A.T. proof made in the Fall.  Now, each plate has an edition of 10 prints in sepia, 10 prints in thalo black, with one artist's proof and one printer's proof for each color/plate.  

Instead of making editions in dark brown and cool black (as per the original plan), I will make further proofs inked a la poupee, which will give each image it's own unique set of colors.  This process is more labor intense, and the plates probably won't last as long as if I just did single color.  But, this will not only make the new prints more special, it will also make the monochrome sepia and thalo black prints more rare.  

The instruction book was started this winter too!  I have an evolving outline that is guiding photo documentation.  While the writing will be thorough, I hope to include enough photographs that will reveal the process as well (if not better) than text is able.  

Photogravure Printing Process Video


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Hurricane Delay

Today is the first day I have electricity/internet.  Everything went out on Thursday instead of Monday.  There was a little pocket, one town north, that had power before everyone else, and their post office was accepting packages.  The process was slow, but everything was scanned and is in the USPS system for delivery.  Sorry for the delay. 

I hope everyone on the East Coast is ok and getting their lives back together after this weather.

All backer rewards are sent (plus Grand Canyon trip #2 planned)

Most of you guys should have your rewards in hand by now.  There were a few cyanotypes that I needed to make again because I am being a bit picky about what goes out.  I want to make sure everything is high quality.

The last cyanotypes are made and ready to go in the mail on Monday morning.

Tshirts will go out then too (for those who are waiting).

If you have NOT claimed your reward; if you have NOT filled out the survey; then this is your last chance to do so.  You backed this project.  You deserve your reward.


I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited on another Grand Canyon trip.  The good folks at LiquidLogic Kayaks asked me to join them on their annual winter self-support trip through the canyon.  We will all be paddling 10' kayaks with all of our gear inside; no raft support.  I call it a "comfortable" minimalist trip, because the boats we will be paddling (Remix XP-10) seem to be able to carry the equivalent of two large mountaineering packs.  It's not luxurious, but it makes winter camping possible. 

Who knows how much photography will come out of this trip (because of limited space). But, getting back into the canyon earlier than I thought I would be able to, is an exciting prospect.

Now for the plug for LiquidLogic Kayaks...

They are a great company, that makes exceptional boats. I have been involved with a few different kayak companies in the past, and have seen many manufacturers come and go.  These guys have made their name by offering good boats, made in the USA.  Their sister company, Native Watercraft make nice boats for still water. 

If I did not like their boats, and the people who make them, I would just say "thank you" and move along.  These guys are special.  If you are in the market for a boat, then check them out.

From this point forward, most updates, news, whatever will move over to my ARTandWATER blogs.  There, you can follow all the art projects (including this one) as well as the whitewater-specific side of this upcoming Grand Canyon trip. 

I want to thank each one of you again for your show of support.