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Nimbus Dome takes perfect product photographs with an iPhone, Android or other smartphone easy. No glare-no harsh shadows-never blurry.
Nimbus Dome takes perfect product photographs with an iPhone, Android or other smartphone easy. No glare-no harsh shadows-never blurry.
66 backers pledged $15,707 to help bring this project to life.

2012 Consumer Product of the Year Award for Nimbus Cloud Dome

Cindy Lichfield and Dave Burchett, with Cloud Dome wins the Consumer Product of the Year Award from the DaVinci Institute with their invention of the Nimbus Cloud Dome.
Designed to make you a better and faster product photographer using a Smartphone.
“This is a well niched, great well priced product. Good luck!” -DaVinci judge

About the DaVinci Inventor showcase:
Inventors are the lifeblood of our country and economy. The strength of our nation has been due in large part to the ingenuity of inventors. In tough economic times, inventors bring hope and inspiration to everyone they touch and have the potential to bring exciting new jobs along with them. That’s why the DaVinci Institute is proud to acknowledge and award the inventors of 2012. More information:

About the invention:
The Nimbus Cloud Dome is a very welcome addition to jewelry designers’ studios. It takes a special product to help artisans get their products to market quickly and easily. The jewelry is placed under the Nimbus Cloud Dome, which is designed to eliminate hot spots and harsh shadows and steadies the camera. It works with a Smartphone camera so excellent photos can be sent for instant distribution to the web, social media or a client.
The Nimbus Dome has been used to take pictures of insects, frogs, fur, fabric, nuts and bolts, coins, gems, jewelry, stamps, artifacts, flowers, plants, bruises, fishing flies, the list is endless...
People are amazed with the quality of the images taken with a Smartphone and Nimbus Dome!

We are in full production of the Nimbus Dome and having fun inventing new products and accessories. Please check out our website.

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Final count down.....

First off, we want to thank everyone whose backed the Nimbus Cloud Dome. We appreciate the support.

We over 52% funded and need your help to reach our goal.  Please back our project and tell your family and friends about the Nimbus Cloud Dome.

The good news is we will be ready to ship in July!

Nimbus Cloud Dome–it takes perfect product photographs with an iPhone, Android or other Smartphone. This is a cool new way of pre-ordering a new invention. Our $79 retail price is discounted to $60 a 24% off the retail price reflecting a $19 savings.


Cindy and Dave

You can use the Nimbus with your IPad or tablet for photo backgrounds

Here are some examples of photos using my IPad as the backgrounds.

You can even use movies as a backgrounds. Take a look.¤t=file-76.mp4

New Jewelry, Gemstone, fossil and flower photos

I have added a number of new photos  that I took using the Nimbus Dome and my IPhone 4s.  You can see the entire collection at:

We are coming down to the wire, so tell your friends about us and have them take a look.  

Thanks, Dave

More uses for the Nimbus Dome and Smartphones

Working with an iPhone, Android and other Smartphones in combination with the Nimbus Cloud Dome many other items can be documented clearly and excellently like:

• Business Cards
• Documents
• Serial Numbers
• Bar Codes
• Collectable Cards, Baseball, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yokio
• Coins

We’ve also added a Premium Level to our Kickstarter funding please check it out.

Premium Level $999

Order up to 20 Nimbus items either the Nimbus Dome or Nimbus Studio Stand in any combination and receive the premium price of $50 per item. Mix or match your Nimbus Dome with a Studio Stand or order all Nimbus Domes (25 total items). You can specify your selection after the Kickstarter is funded, just make the commitment before the expiration date of June 22nd, 5pm MST. Thanks for joining our team at the Premium Level.

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