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Michigan songwriter travels to Palestine to take part in a musical and cultural exchange with artists, communities and farmers.
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Joshua Davis

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A Miracle of Birds

I hope you're all well and have enjoyed a long holiday weekend! 

Thanks to you, I was able to travel to the West Bank with On the Ground last February for the Run Across Palestine. I was profoundly impacted by my time there and have since been working nonstop on an album based on the experience. 

"A Miracle of Birds" is almost done! 

This is a deeply personal collection of songs that deal with faith, trust, courage, pain and fear. They are honest expressions of my experiences in the West Bank, colored by my own unique history and upbringing. I'm so fortunate to have been able to work with a powerhouse group of Michigan musicians and visionaries on this project, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

I'm humbly asking for your help one more time. We're almost there! The album needs to be mastered, manufactured and released. I'm raising funds for this final process. If all goes well, I plan to release the CD in February, one year after the run began. I'm including a mix of Waiting on the Dove, the first track from "A Miracle of Birds". Enjoy!

Here's the link. Please share it with your friends and family. Thank you again for all you do!

Shalom - Salaam - Peace,


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Back in the States!


I've been back in the States for a bit now and am getting readjusted to life after the mind-blowing journey that was the Run Across Palestine. Expect your rewards in your (e)mailboxes soon!

I'm going to be starting work on the songs for a new record based on my experiences in Palestine and Israel next week! Images, themes, phrases, melodies and rhythms are running marathons in my head. I'll be updating my blog throughout that process. More on that soon!

For those of you in or around the Traverse City area, there will be a welcome home party at Higher Grounds. More info here:

You can see the entire set of short films about the trip made by Aaron Dennis and Jacob Wheeler right here:

Thank you so much for all of your help! I couldn't have gotten there without you. 


In a Few Short Days...


Thanks to your incredible support, I'll be leaving for Israel and Palestine in a few short days! I've got a brand new blog here:

that I'll be updating during and after the trip.

Other ways to stay involved are to "like" the Run on Facebook and, to sign up for our e-newsletter that will give you daily updates, and to share this with your friends.  To sign up for the e-newsletter you can do it from our website: 

Thanks so much once again. This trip wouldn't be possible without you. Stay tuned! 



Funded! I'll be headed to the West Bank Feb. 1st thanks to all of you! I'm so grateful and so very excited to share this journey with you. From 70% to 100% funding in one day. Incredible. More soon!

Go team!



I can't believe the incredible support and generosity over the past couple days! Thank you all so much for getting the word out. 92% funded! Almost there. Here's a great piece on the run and my involvement from Greg Sarafan's Sensible Reason:

I'll also be recording an acoustic version of my song "Holy Land" from the Fool Rooster record for all of you and anyone that gets involved at any level. Look for it soon!