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A dynamic hack’n’slash with no class restrictions. Choose your path as 
you level-up and play your character the way you want! Explore this 
shattered and corrupted world to uncover its ancient secrets and hidden 
A dynamic hack’n’slash with no class restrictions. Choose your path as you level-up and play your character the way you want! Explore this shattered and corrupted world to uncover its ancient secrets and hidden truths.
11,141 backers pledged $406,979 to help bring this project to life.

Name changes, Early Access release date and new trailer !

Posted by SolarFall Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone !

The development team is very excited to present you with a big news update today.

 First, SolarFall Games is changing it’s name to Wolcen Studio and Umbra is now being called “Wolcen : Lords of mayhem” We are also proud to announce the game’s Early Access release date : march 24

To celebrate all this we made a cool teaser that you can watch below :

 We hope to see you on the forums as the alpha release is coming in fast !  

Here is the official Press Release :


 Open World Action RPG Developer Solarfall Games Becomes Wolcen Studio 

 NICE, France – March 2, 2016 – Wolcen Studio - the video game development company formerly known as Solarfall Games - has announced that its new open world action role-playing game (RPG), Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, is expected to release on Windows PC via Steam Early Access on March 24. 

 Successfully crowdfunded by over 11,000 backers on Kickstarter as Umbra, the renamed Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’s Early Access debut will introduce players to the basics of its this hack-and-slash gameplay, progression systems and story. At release, players will be able to explore large segments of its expansive open world, which offers different opportunities for environmental destruction. Elemental abilities can react to specific features in the environment - water can conduct electricity, spreading fire can be doused by ice or water, and more. New characters can develop without class limitations, and there are already tons of loot, weapons, armor, potions and spells to discover. 

 Wolcen Studio will update Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem progressively with new mechanics as it advances through Early Access. Shortly after its initial release, players will be able to utilize one of the game’s core combat features, Apocalyptic Form, which lets characters evolve their special abilities and appearance according to each individual’s play style. Other planned bonuses include a fully fleshed out cooperative mode, advanced weapon and armor crafting mini-game, player housing, and the ability to transform player houses into challenging dungeons for the community to take on. 

 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’s dystopian storyline is set in a world of fantasy and intrigue. As a former army officer who goes on the run from authorities after mysteriously developing magical powers, players must survive monsters both human and inhuman to unravel the secrets behind the famine and disease corrupting the realm. For more information, visit Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem on Facebook and Twitter. 

About Wolcen Studio 

 Wolcen Studio is an independent videogame developer located in Nice, France, dedicated to developing deep and rich action RPG games. Wolcen Studio works in partnership with Crytek and specializes in the use of CRYENGINE for game development. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is the first title developed by Wolcen Studio and planss to be distributed on PC and console.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Charles Perniciaro III on

      The new name seems fine, no better/worse than Umbra. The subtitle sounds like what you'd expect from an action game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      I'm sure there's a very logical reasoning for the name change, but, to me, it seems a bit narcissistic (and a bit unoriginal). Renaming the name of the game after the new name of the studio, really? Also, "umbra" has more meaning to it; translated from Latin, it means "shadow". That is, unless, "umbra" really had no meaning to the game whatsoever...

    3. Bram Vandeperre on

      Bit of a missed opportunity to let your backers help and co-create or vote a new name. You have an awesome market research panel available here for free!
      Screenshots and teaser looking great though.

    4. Belisarius

      The name Umbra needing changed doesn't mean they had to use a daft name. The Name is important for impression it leaves and the assumptions people make, and should not be left up to something the guy in charge thought up.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      I don't see how the name change to some kiddie like "super mega hardcore ultra brütal deluxe slayer" is a good thing.
      And seeing this after 9 months into a project let's me wonder how you have come this far. That's the first thing I would do before starting with such a big project, but that's only me.

      And one question: what happened to the drm free version of the game? I only read about a Steam key I don't want.

    6. David Petrocco on

      For anyone that doesn't want to click on the official link
      Name change
      Copyright reasons, simple as that. Turns out Umbra is already taken and our Game Director Daniel Dolui had to come up with a new name. (Personally I'm fine with Wolcen but take out the teflon Lords of mayhem)

      Early access
      The initial ALPHA build will be released on Steam Early Access om March 24.

      SORCERER (35$) and higher rank backers will get a Steam key via Email around the release date.
      APPRENTICE (25$) rank backers will get a Steam key when the game reaches BETA status.
      WARRIOR – CRAZY EARLY BIRD (9$), WARRIOR – EARLY BIRD (12$) and WARRIOR (15$) backers will get a Steam key when Wolcen launches out of Early Access and is considered GOLD.
      Exclusive items packs will be sent via Email when they are ready (probably near the GOLD release launch date).

    7. Justin Schuber on

      So I was right on the copyright XD. I figured as much but hey, what is in a name, right?

    8. SolarFall Games Creator on

      Hi Kickstarter backers,
      There's new info on our website regarding the Early Access for backers and the new name. You can check it out here :

    9. veritanuda on

      Just to be clear. The game looks great regardless how it is called. But still very confusing.

    10. veritanuda on

      Ok now that is prime for confusion where Umbra was simple. Is it pronounced Wolken or Wolsen

      Was this really necessary? Maybe some consultation or market research would have been a good idea.

    11. Che Fisher on

      Oh... geeze! Why the name change? Umbra is such an epic name. It sounds mature, and enigmatic, and... well, epic!

      WOLCEN: LORDS OF MAYHEM (OMG SO many CAPITALZZ) sounds like a title aimed at a much, much younger audience. It also sounds like something that would by F2P and have a bunch of full screen advertisements in it.

      Still a huge fan and early backer, and still really happy to see this project is alive, so in trying to be constructive, my criticism is that this move also creates distance between the title and the original backers.

      If you want to change the name - fair enough! It's your title. But tell us why you changed the name. Tell us, in a newsletter, what caused this change, and why you went ahead with it. That restores trust and keeps us original backers in the loop.

      Aside from that, keep up the great work!

    12. Lavigkaye Kw on

      so we can get early-access key on steam right??

    13. Russell M Lewis on

      So if we backed the get the game will we get a early access key as well?

    14. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      While I prefer the name Umbra, as well - like sdfleischaker below, I won't really care so long as the game is good.
      I am also interested in the decision behind the name change, though. Did you get picked up by a publisher, and they decided on it? Was there some internal discussion that prompted it? Was there a copyright issue pertaining to the original name? Inquiring minds want to know.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ethan Smith on

      Looks great but I liked "Umbra" as the game name better ^_^

    16. Colin Duff on

      At least Wolcen seems like a large commitment. Perhaps this means there will be more Wolcen adventures in the future to flesh out the universe?

    17. G-Sys Rice

      I agree that the name change is not a good one. Some explanation would help. Why Lords of Mayhem? Was Chaos too overused so you swapped it with Mayhem? Please consider changing the game name back to Umbra or something else that isn't Lords of Mayhem. Wolcen as a company name is fine. Looking forward to the Alpha!

    18. 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on

      I agree on the name. Umbra was cooler. Rest in peace, Umbra.
      Arise, Wolcen.

    19. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Tout comme les autres. Umbra est plus original, plus concentré comme titre et le sous-titre est très générique. Un sondage eut été apprécié par les contributeurs.
      A part ça, l'évolution du jeu est enthousiasmante. / Just like the others. Ulbra is more original as a title, more concentrated and the subtite is very generic. A survey would have been appreciated by the backers.
      Appart from that, the evolution of the game is enthusiasming.

    20. Justin Schuber on

      Wolcen?! o.O Ummmm, okay yeah sure....

      I think probably the issue of the Umbra name is probably something to do with some sort of copyright in some country. But hey, as long as the game is good I suppose I can deal with the name. XD

    21. Niezbo

      I am surprised that I'm not the only one who thought Umbra was a better title. I think it's more accessible; easier to remember and pronounce. But all after all - I am still waiting for your game, no matter what name it will have :)

    22. Gwenael Talhouet (Belmont1)

      Early access right for my birthday \o/
      And I also think Umbra sounded better, it had some mysterious and eerie feeling attached to it. But well, the name isn't the most important thing, Titan Quest wasn't a great name but the game was a blast.

    23. Yurt on

      I can't wait to play the game, but seriously? You're actually going with that name?

      Umbra sounded good. It's an evocative name, classy and memorable. A name like 'Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem' won't do you any favours. It's instantly forgettable and just plain silly.

      Hope you guys are able to rethink this move, but nonetheless I cannot wait for the game and wish you every success with the early access launch.

    24. Blarghedy

      I feel obliged to chime in here: Umbra is a much better name. I can easily say it with my English phonetics and Wolcen is a bit harder to wrap my mouth around. Lords of Mayhem doesn't really feel evocative of anything. Doesn't seem like it adds anything that Umbra didn't already have. I really wish you guys had had a survey or something asking people about this, because the answer would definitely have been either "keep the name Umbra" or "pick something that isn't Wolcen."

    25. Chris M

      Guys, that name is just awful; Umbra sounded much better.

      That said, the shots looks awesome and I'm excited to see all the hard work!

    26. sdfleischaker on

      Congratulations? fwiw, honestly I'll stop caring 5 minutes into the game and it will live or die based on whether it is a quality product. The screenshots look good. The name change is just ... odd. I think Umbra was a more accessible name than "cough... LORDS OF MAYHEM." Is this game really about mayhem? I hadn't had that impression. But now, whatever it is, I'm trying to figure out what it is in the context of MAYHEM. Now I feel like some cartoon character bouncing around humming, "Amok amok amok..."
      Naming your studio and your major title the same seems to limit you. Cases in point...
      Turbine: Turbines of Mayhem doesn't have the same ring as Turbine: Alderon's Call.
      Bungie: Bungies of Mayhem vs. Bungie: Halo
      Blizzard: Blizzards of Mayhem vs. Bungie: World of Warcraft.
      I could go on. But hey, you guys are talented, it's clear you're enthusiastic about this. Looking forward to Early Release in March.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mazzik on

      Looking awesome! I can't help but see that it's the good old Griswald, standing in front of his shop in the last screenshot - Diablo 1 reference? ;)

      My guess is that the name change is probably due to other products/brands using it. Wolcen stands out more and won't confuse with other products.

    28. Benjamin Walter

      good news, lookinf forward to the Alpha. But i also think that Umbra was the better name. Wolcen sounds stupit, like the german word "Wolken" :D

    29. Belisarius

      Changing a cool name like Umbra to ... Wolcen .. is not news that i would be excited to announce.

      Adding Lords of Mayham to end end makes the game sound like a generic hack n slash rather than a story driven PC game.

    30. Wushu on

      Another voice to the others that Umbra was a much better name. Don't mind the subtitle, however "Wolcen" sounds weird, like the noise a cat makes when spitting up a hairball? Not sure about it. Also never heard of a studio name = game name. Unless decent marketing comes out not sure of reception here in America where mostly sequels sell, unless there is great word of mouth.

      Also want to know if Kickstarters will get Steam Early access key on 24th?

    31. Dirk Eckert on

      "Umbra" was a far better name. "Wolcen" Sounds silly (not only) for german ears because the german word for "clouds" is "Wolken"... Maybe you should reconsider this decision... The Game itself still looks great! Cant wait to play :) Will Backers get a Steam-Key on 24th?

    32. hikaricore on

      Name is meh. Did you get high and pick the new one by chance?

    33. Lyvendel - MJ on

      Good news indeed ! And Umbra was a good name, is there a particular reason behind this change ?

    34. Greg Krywusha

      Just agreeing with others.. the old name was more memorable. The new name just sounds like other games on the market.

    35. Vladimir Chigrin on

      The new names sound a bit stupid, old ones were way better! The game looks great though :)

    36. Jamie Martin

      Will Warrior level pledges get access to early access? That would be frustrating if others could purchase the game to play and we'd have to wait.

    37. magisystem on

      That looks pretty nice.

      On a sidenote: I think the old studio/game names were far better. Why did you change it? (I am really interested in the reasons and the meaning behind the new names)

    38. Juris Storm on

      Guys, why the name changes? Personally, I liked the old studio name, and "Lords of Mayhem" now just makes the game sound silly. But anyway, this is your show. Still happy I backed your KS and looking forward to the game's release. Best of luck!

    39. Game kNight on

      Hey guys! Great news! Can't wait to join the Alpha!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Angel Soto on

      Why the renamed? But the game looks cool like the start ,GL Guys

    41. Gaal

      Wow. Beautiful graphics!

      Looking forward to the day i'll be able to play it! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      cRaZy-bisCuiT on

      1. Will backers get the chance to play the early access title?
      2. Will there be a LINUX version for early access?

    43. Matías Nicolás Caruso

      Early Access is for Alpha or Beta testers?

    44. Missing avatar

      Delfofthebla on

      Old names were way better. Just sayin.

    45. Francesco Natali on

      Any news about beta release?

    46. Daniel Sanchez on

      Will backers get a steam key?

    47. mabec on

      Nooo, Umbra was so good haha. It looks fantastic and iam sure you sell well with this

    48. Radon on

      Will you join GOGs "InDevelopment" program as well?

    49. HaikenEdge on

      Safe to assume Warrior-tier backers won't be getting Steam keys for Early Access?

    50. Pascal aka Kolga on

      Nice. Can´t wait! :)